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Lehigh University Acceptance Rate 2026

Lehigh University Acceptance Rate.  Private research university Lehigh University is situated in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Lehigh University, which was established in 1865, is recognized for both its original approach to academics and its contribution to the field of engineering. Lehigh is regarded as the ideal-sized institution, and admission is seen to be extremely tough but possible for the appropriate student.

In order to give yourself the best opportunity of being admitted and becoming a Lehigh Hawk, it is crucial to learn everything you can about the application process and what the university requires of its applicants before completing your application.

Looking toward the Lehigh building in the late afternoon. Lehigh University’s acceptance rate of 36% may seem extremely high when compared to other elite colleges in the US; nonetheless, admission to Lehigh is a highly feasible aim. However, candidates shouldn’t think that admission to Lehigh is reserved for the best pupils. The university can be considered a bit of an outlier since, at a time when admission rates at academic institutions of comparable reputation have been continuously falling, Lehigh does not seem to be following that trend; instead, its figures seem to be fluctuating from year to year.

Lehigh University accepted 5,507 out of the 15,161 applications it received, or 36% of all applicants, for its 2021–22 admissions cycle. The acceptance rate for the class of 2026 has decreased from the previous year’s acceptance rate of 46% to 36%. However, in 2020, the admission rate at Lehigh University was 50%, illustrating the up-and-down number that has grown to be typical of Lehigh University and showing no discernible pattern.

SAT and ACT test results are taken into account as part of your application, but they are labeled as optional at Lehigh University until at least the cycle for admissions in 2023–24. The average range of standardized test scores was 1340-1460 on the SAT and a range of 31-35 on the ACT for students admitted to the class of 2025 who did choose to submit their SAT/ACT scores as part of the application process (2025 being the most recent official numbers available here).

The class of 2025 also featured 57% of its cohort in the top decile of their high school class and 86% in the top quartile, highlighting once more the excellent intellectual requirements required of applicants to the Brown and White student body.

Successful Applicant Profile

Lehigh University is regarded as a private, elite, STEM-focused academic school that has high reputation both domestically and abroad. Lehigh University offers those who are admitted a top-notch overall student experience that is highly regarded. The university boasts prestigious alumni, world-class education, and a desirable setting, giving degrees from the institution considerable gravitas.

Lehigh University offers academic programs in its five colleges, including the College of Arts and Sciences, the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, the College of Business, the College of Education, the College of Health, and the College of Health Sciences, all of which have outstanding reputations. View of a classroom with pupils using laptops.

Understanding the admissions procedure and making sure you’re checking all the boxes necessary by the admissions personnel are crucial given the erratic nature of the Lehigh University acceptance rate. Lehigh University’s acceptance rate percentages fluctuate from year to year, indicating that the institution does not set out to reach a certain goal but rather evaluates each applicant on the basis of its own merits.

Lehigh University has a wide range of admission requirements, some of which include the application essay as well as character and personal traits, extracurricular activities, academic GPA, and overall rigor of secondary school records. If you have made up your mind that Lehigh is the school for you, it is essential that you present your application in the best possible light. At Worldscholarshipvault, we are here to assist you as you work your way through the application process to join the Lehigh Hawks.

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About the school

Although the university has been working to raise the level of diversity in recent years, Lehigh University’s student body exhibits a respectable amount of variety. In accordance with the most recent statistics made public by the institution for the class of 2025, 54% of its students identified as female and 46% as male. Students conversing in a room.
The following breakdown of Lehigh’s student body for the class of 2025’s racial and ethnic composition was made public by the university:

  • Asian American: 9%
  • Hispanic: 10%
  • African American: 5%
  • White: 61%
  • Two or more races: 4%

In addition to these facts, it is important to know that 8% of Lehigh’s undergraduate students are from abroad. These students are primarily from China, India, South Korea, and Iran, demonstrating a really diverse range of cultural backgrounds. The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Lehigh University is largely focused on ensuring the diversity of the student body on campus. For all students, the office provides a wide range of services, such as anti-racism tools, opportunities, workshops, and activities.

Lehigh University has a dedicated Office of International Affairs (Lehigh Global) that ensures a positive overall experience for students from outside the country by offering a variety of services. International students make up 8% of the university’s total student body. Lehigh Global offers guidance on travel, documentation, and other immigration-related difficulties in addition to assisting overseas students in adjusting to campus life in the US. Lehigh Global also addresses integrating and acclimating to Lehigh culture and living in the US.

Average SAT/ACT Scores of Students Admitted to Lehigh

The “test-optional” policy that was implemented in response to the COVID-19 epidemic has now been extended through the admission cycles of 2023–2024. Accordingly, candidates for admission to the university may, but need not, submit their exam results in order to be taken into consideration. The university concentrates emphasis on your academic and intellectual fit when deciding who to admit, thus choosing not to do so won’t damage your application.

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The most recent scores available for those who did decide to submit them are from the Lehigh University class of 2025. The mid-50% SAT range for this cohort was 1360-1520, and the ACT range was 31-34. While not having such high scores won’t automatically disqualify you (other important factors are also taken into account), they do form a part of your admissions application when determining whether you are a fit for Lehigh should you choose to submit them. This high level of SAT/ACT range accurately reflects the academic standards required at Lehigh.

Entry Requirements

Many aspiring students from around the US and beyond consider Lehigh to be their ideal school due to its continued appeal as a reputable institution with a strong track record. Navigating the application procedure might occasionally be a little intimidating if you’ve decided to apply. Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know about getting into Lehigh and what is expected of its successful applicants for admission.

How Much Will it Cost to Attend Lehigh University?

Cost-wise, the total first-year tuition and fees at Lehigh University for the academic year 2022–2023 come to $57,470. The university, unlike several other prestigious universities, does not charge different tuition and fees for in-state and out-of-state students. The sum above differs from the overall cost of attendance, which also takes into account other fees including the price of accommodation and board, as well as the price of books, supplies, and basic living expenses while attending Lehigh.

Following is a breakdown of the costs associated with attending Lehigh University:

  • Tuition and fees (in-state) – $57,470
  • Tuition and fees (out-of-state) – $57,470
  • Room and board – $15,330
  • Personal expenses & books/supplies – $2065

This adds up to an overall cost of attendance for first-year undergraduate students of $74,865, which unquestionably puts Lehigh in the more expensive category of American universities. In addition to federal aid, the university provides a range of financial aid options to help students offset the cost of attendance while also advancing equality and diversity. These options include university- and program-specific scholarships and grants.

Financial Aid at Lehigh University

Lehigh University’s tuition is undoubtedly among the most expensive for first-year undergraduate students outside of Ivy League colleges and universities in the United States. Even if you meet the academic and personal requirements in your admissions application, it can seem daunting to gain your place at Lehigh with a total cost of attendance of $74,865. However, the university does provide a range of financial aid opportunities to mitigate these expenses and enable students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to attend.

The university notes on its official website that it intends to continue offering this level of financial aid and that 90% of undergraduate families with an income less than $75,000 received grants and scholarships in an amount greater than the full cost of tuition for the academic intake of 2021–22.

Lehigh University provides traditional federal aid choices including Pell Grants and the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), as well as Lehigh Grants that are not returned. Lehigh Grants are need-based scholarships that are funded by university funds and endowments created by philanthropic alumni of the university. They typically cover any remaining, verifiable need.

Additionally, based on your academic standing and the department or program you apply to and are accepted to, merit-based scholarships may be offered. These include the Cutler-Sametz Choral Arts Scholarship, the Lehigh University Merit Scholarship, and the Alice P. Gast STEM Scholarship, all of which offer large awards to recipients.

Various grants and scholarships are also offered, depending on the college and the curriculum. Students can use the Financial Help Calculator supplied by the institution on its dedicated website to get a more thorough and particular breakdown of the financial aid offered at Lehigh.

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The Application Requirements

It is frequently challenging to predict the difficulty of obtaining admission to Lehigh University due to its variable acceptance rate. However, the university can certainly afford to be picky when it comes to choosing its student body given its exceptional reputation as one of the top 50 schools in the country (weighted against both private and public schools).

When determining if you’ll be a suitable fit for the school, the university focuses a lot of stress on your personal traits, accomplishments, and abilities in addition to your academic performance. Due to the small size of the institution, a variety of variables, such as grades, course difficulty, references, academic honors or awards, personal essays, and other information related to your individual experiences and personal traits, are taken into consideration when making admissions decisions.

Program- and department-specific admissions requirements apply, however Lehigh offers a general list of prerequisites for all first-year undergraduate applicants. These consist of:

  • Completed Common Application or Lehigh Application
  • School Report (including counselor recommendation) and Official High School Transcript
  • At least one (1) teacher recommendation
  • SAT or ACT scores (optional)
  • $70 Lehigh application fee or application fee waiver

The university additionally requires official verification of English language ability from international students from non-English speaking institutions, applicants whose first or primary language is not English, or applicants whose secondary education was not completed in English.

Important Dates for the Lehigh Admission Timeline?

The application dates for admission to Lehigh are divided into two portions based on the date that the completed application was submitted: the Regular Decision admissions deadline and the Early Action (EA) admissions deadline.

Your application materials must be received by Lehigh by November 1 at 11:59 p.m. if you want to be considered for Early Decision admissions. Then, by the middle of December, applicants are informed of their admissions choice.

Your application materials must be delivered to Lehigh by January 1 at 11:59 p.m. if you want to be considered for Regular Decision admissions. The Regular Decision decision will then be communicated to applicants by March 31.

Academics Offered

Lehigh University is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s most prestigious private research institutions. It is regarded as a mid-size university with a focus on STEM majors in particular. Lehigh University provides bachelor’s degrees in more than 100 different fields of study for both the arts and sciences. Lehigh University’s five colleges, which are listed below, are organized according to academics:

  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • College of Business
  • College of Education
  • College of Health
  • P.C. Rossin College of Engineering & Applied Science

Given the breadth of the university and its stellar academic reputation, Lehigh views itself as a specialized institution for all of the programs it is pleased to offer. General finance, computer science, mechanical engineering, accounting, general marketing/marketing management, business/managerial economics, information technology, general psychology, industrial engineering, and chemical engineering are a few of Lehigh’s most well-liked majors.

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What Athletic Options are Available?

There are a total of 24 varsity sports teams at Lehigh University, 12 of which are for men and 12 of which are for women. The following is a list of the groups that make up the “Lehigh Mountain Hawks”:

Men’s Teams

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Rowing
  • Soccer
  • Swimming and Diving
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Wrestling

Women’s Teams 

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Rowing
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming and Diving
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball


There are 5,400 undergraduate students enrolled at Lehigh University, a top-50 university in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The vast majority of them wait in line to enroll in the top engineering, business, biology, and computer science programs. Lehigh is fairly exceptional in terms of admissions because of its fluctuating selectivity measures and nonlinear acceptance rate trend. The Brown & White have watched their numbers fluctuate like a Superball in an era where many institutions of Lehigh’s species (private, selective, STEM-focused universities) have witnessed consistently dropping admittance rates.

FAQS on Lehigh University Acceptance Rate

How many people applied to Lehigh 2026?

Lehigh received 15,161 applications for a place in the Class of 2026 and admitted 5,507 individuals. This works out to a 36% acceptance rate, down from 46% the prior year.

How selective is Lehigh?

Lehigh University admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 46%. Half the applicants admitted to Lehigh University have an SAT score between 1325 and 1490 or an ACT score of 30 and 34. However, one quarter of admitted applicants achieved scores above these ranges and one quarter scored below these ranges.

Is Lehigh a little ivy?

Lehigh is considered a hidden ivy league. It is one of the best known research universities in the nation. Lehigh is primarily known for its engineering and business colleges, however many of the other disciplines are also well known.

What major is Lehigh University known for?

"Lehigh is known for engineering, but all programs and organizations are extremely dedicated to what they do." The university explained, "The Center for Career & Professional Development works closely with students to develop multiple career-related experiential opportunities prior to graduating.

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