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Lady Who Graduated with 2:2, Beats Over 50,000 Applicants to Win 2 Prestigious Scholarships

Lady Who Graduated with 2:2, Beats Over 50,000 Applicants!

Is it not amazing and jaw dropping? How a lady graduated with 2:2 beats over 50,000 applicants to win 2 prestigious scholarships! Read and discover how she managed to achieve this.

Lady Who Graduated with 2:2

Oluwafunmilayo Oni, a young Nigerian student, has won the UK Government Chevening Scholarship and an Irish government scholarship on the same day, outperforming more than 50,000 other applicants. Oni is one of only 2% of 51,840 applicants to receive the Chevening Scholarship from the United Kingdom in 2022.

She also obtained the Irish Government Scholarship despite having a Bachelor’s degree in the lower second class. She shared her double benefits in a recent LinkedIn post in which she praised her accomplishments after weeks of self-doubt due to her Bachelor’s degree classification.

Nigerian Beats 51,840 Applicants, Wins UK , Ireland Scholarships Same Day - Platformsafrica

Oni wrote: “For years, I doubted my ability to obtain a scholarship for my Master’s degree because many scholarship-granting organizations required a minimum 2:1 grade point average.” She recalled being denied a scholarship despite having “superb and excellent” leadership experience because her 2:2 degree did not satisfy the academic requirements.

She persevered in her efforts to file for multiple scholarships, resulting in positive outcomes. “This year, on the same day, I was awarded the Chevening Scholarship and the Irish Aid Scholarship. See God!” she exclaimed, observing that she must now choose between the two. She hopes her experience will inspire others in similar circumstances to persevere despite the obstacles. “Therefore, if you have a 2:1 GPA like I do, the journey may be slightly more difficult, but the world is your oyster!” Apply!” she exclaimed.

Lady Who Graduated with 2:2

How you can Qualify for a scholarship

Despite the fact that many students believe they are ineligible for scholarships, there are countless, diverse opportunities offered by organizations, colleges, businesses, and foundations for which you may qualify.

There are a number of things you can begin doing immediately to increase your chances of qualification.

Whether enrolling in special programs or performing community service during high school, these measures can help you maximize your funding potential and reduce the financial burden of college.

Steps on how to qualify for a scholarship:

  1. Stop hesitating and begin acting.

It is never too early to begin scholarship research and application. Assess the credentials of recent recipients of scholarships in which you are interested. How does your résumé measure up against theirs? What can you do to highlight your talents as effectively as they did?

Additionally, you should consult with your high school counselor, who has extensive knowledge of what it takes to obtain scholarships. They may be aware of local scholarship opportunities and can help you select classes that will appeal to scholarship committees. A more challenging and nuanced curriculum demonstrates to scholarship committees that you are college-ready and will put their money to good use.

2. Engage in That Which You Are Passionate About

Activities outside of the classroom are essential for making your college and scholarship applications stand out. Rather than joining every club or team your school offers, it is more essential to pursue leadership positions in the organizations you are most passionate about. In terms of extracurriculars, quality trumps quantity.

3. Engage with the Community

Participating in volunteer work is simple, free, and beneficial, and it could be the distinguishing factor in your application. It demonstrates that you care about the world outside of your secondary school. Find a meaningful way to give back, whether you’re an athlete who wants to help with the Special Olympics or a family member who wants to raise money to combat a health issue that has affected your family.

The Senior Assistant Registrar at Indiana State University, Sarah Wurtz, concurs. “Community service is growing in importance,” she notes. Wurtz encourages students to cultivate relationships with community leaders or influencers whose recommendations can strengthen scholarship applications. “Getting to know someone who could write you a personal recommendation is always a plus,” she says.

4. Have Fun While Writing Essays

Who claims that scholarship applications cannot be fun? Monthly, companies such as Unigo grant thousands of dollars for essays on topics such as surviving a zombie apocalypse, which leaves ample room for creativity. To prepare, take advantage of your English classes and essay assignments by requesting feedback from your teachers on how you can enhance your writing skills in general.

Additionally, you can read college essay writing guides such as 7 Ways to Make Your College Essay Stand Out. If you’re still having trouble putting your ideas on paper, try recording them on your phone and then transcribing them so you have a starting point.

5. Go Local

With so many applicants vying for national scholarship opportunities, it is prudent to focus on local opportunities first. Typically, school counselors are aware of local programs, whereas family and friends may be aware of scholarships or assistance offered by local businesses and organizations.

“There are numerous advertisements for national scholarships funded by companies such as Dell and Coca-Cola, but tens of thousands of students typically compete for them,” says Wurtz. “Begin with your immediate community.

There will be less competition, and $500 from your local bank or Elks club can accumulate.” Local grants can range from the Ascend Educational Fund’s grants for immigrants and immigrant children in New York City to the Atlantic Aviators Aviation Scholarship for students in Southeastern Massachusetts.

6. Consider These Online Sources

Even if you continue to believe that you won’t qualify for scholarships, you may locate something online that meets your requirements. Use a scholarship search tool, such as this one from Discover®, to get a notion of what’s available.

If you desire additional assistance and are willing to pay, there are paid options available. Keep in mind that these fees can rapidly add up, consuming funds that could be used for college.

7. Display gratitude

A straightforward thank you (and thank you memo) can go a long way. If you have received a scholarship from a small business or organization, express your gratitude. Not only is this the courteous thing to do, but such small actions maintain you in people’s minds. This can have a significant impact on your ability to apply for future scholarships.




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