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Journeyman Electrician Salary in Colorado & 28 Benefits

The expected yearly Journeyman Electrician Salary in Colorado region is $69,974, with an average wage of $62,094. These figures show the median, or the midpoint of the ranges, from our unique Total Pay Estimate methodology, which is based on data about wages gathered from reliable sources.

The expected annual increase in wages is $7,881. Cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing are all possible forms of additional compensation. The values in the “Most Likely Range” fall between the 25th and the 75th percentile of all the pay information that is currently available for this role.

Journeyman Electrician Salary

Who is a Journeyman Electrician?

After the apprentice stage, journeymen electricians represent the second significant career milestone for an electrician. Ten percent of all electricians, according to data at the national level, are self-employed, while the remainder work for large electrical companies. While some choose to learn through an apprenticeship, others might choose to go to technical school. The everyday work they undertake leads to their graduation as master electricians, however at this point in their training, they typically focus more narrowly on one of three specializations: residential, commercial, or industrial.

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Journeyman Electrician Categories

Residential Electricians:

The most straightforward electricians to understand are probably residential ones. In a residential structure, these experts install, check, and maintain the wiring, electrical systems, and other components. Installations both inside and outside are possible. Basic responsibilities for this position include:

  • Analyzing technical drawings and blueprints
  • Replacing malfunctioning parts
  • Interconnecting home electrical systems with the stronger grip
  • Installing new wiring or lighting fixtures
  • Finding and resolving electrical issues that their customers mention.

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Commercial Electricians:

An electrician for a business is a little different. These specialists typically work either on a construction job site on an as-needed basis or in the service department of a company, rather than being a member of a business or an independent contractor who provides their services to residential clients. As a service worker, your primary responsibility is to complete little projects at the request of the customer.

This implies that you might work two quite different occupations every day. For instance, you could need to do a repair at the company’s headquarters one day and construct a new electrical system at one of their other locations the next.

This position’s duties also include:

  • Being aware of and abiding by state, city, and local laws
  • Acquiring the tools and supplies you need for your everyday chores, occasionally by yourself
  • Setting up various systems, such as lighting control, security, and energy management, in structures
  • Analyzing and fixing systems as necessary

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Industrial Electricians:

Industrial journeymen electricians are the last group. These occupations place a strong emphasis on the knowledge and expertise needed to install and maintain electrical equipment in industrial environments. These specialists frequently work in the maintenance divisions of facilities like:

  • The factories
  •  Power stations
  •  Mines
  • Oil rigs
  • Ships’ yards

Industrial electricians may also require additional qualification and training, depending on their location.

Journeyman Electrician Salary

Journeyman Electrician Job Description

The journeyman electrician makes sure that all work is properly examined and complies with all safety regulations,  electrical systems, machinery, and equipment are examined, repaired, installed, and maintained. Having at least two years of electrical experience at the journeyman level qualifies one to be an electrician.

A Journeyman Electrician uses a number of tools or equipment, including power construction equipment, testing equipment, measuring instruments, and power tools. Additionally, a high school diploma or its equivalent is often needed to become an electrician journeyman. The Journeyman Electrician reports typically to a manager or supervisor and typically needs a state-issued electrician license. A journeyman electrician has become proficient in a variety of job-related skills.

They work independently within the boundaries of standardized protocols related to the individual job function. A journeyman electrician normally needs three to five years of relevant experience, although they can also have two years of experience and an associates degree, as well as further training or certification.

Journeyman Electrician Salary & Benefits

The expected yearly Journeyman Electrician Salary in Colorado region is $69,974, with an average wage of $62,094.

Most common benefits for Electricians:

  1. AD&D insurance
  2. Company truck
  3. Continuing education credits
  4. Dental insurance
  5. Disability insurance
  6. Employee assistance program
  7. Employee discount
  8. Flexible schedule
  9. Flexible spending account
  10. Fuel card
  11. Fuel discount
  12. Health insurance
  13. Health savings account
  14. Life insurance
  15. Opportunities for advancement
  16. Paid sick time
  17. Paid time off
  18. Paid training
  19. Parental leave
  20. Pet insurance
  21. Professional development assistance
  22. Profit sharing
  23. Referral program
  24. Relocation assistance
  25. Retirement plan
  26. Travel reimbursement
  27. Tuition reimbursement
  28. Vision insurance

Journeyman Electrician Salary

FAQs about Journeyman Electrician

In Colorado, how much money does a Journeyman Electrician make?

In Colorado, a journeyman electrician makes an average yearly pay of $62,094. Salary estimates are based on 3684 anonymous salaries posted by Journeyman Electrician employees in Colorado to Glassdoor.

What level of Electrician is the highest?

The highest degree of electrical certification, Master Electrician, has criteria that differ from state to state. The fundamental requirement for the majority of states is roughly 4,000 hours of journeyman-level electric work, followed by a license exam to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the National Electrical Code.

What does the term “Journeyman Electrician” mean?

An electrician with training and experience who can work independently while still receiving general direction from a master is known as a journeyman. A master plans projects, obtains licenses for building and installing things, and supervises the work of journeymen and apprentices.

Do Journeyman Electricians earn 6 figures?

Since the proper functioning of the planet ultimately depends on energy. A skilled electrician can make six figures in addition to that. As a journeyman, you will surely need to put in a lot of effort and devotion during the entire process.



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