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24 High Paying Jobs for College Students

High Paying Jobs for College Students. On a part- or even full-time basis, many firms and job markets are really accessible to prospective employees who have not yet received their college degrees. A college student looking for work will probably be thinking about jobs with a schedule and workload that won’t interfere with their studies. A range of professions that give experience, skill development, and a stable income are available for college students who want or need to work while they are enrolled in classes. This article includes a list of 24 careers you can pursue while going to college.

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High Paying Jobs for College Students

1. Barista

$14.72 is the average hourly wage in the country.

A barista’s main responsibilities include taking orders, preparing drinks, accepting payments, and dispensing finished orders while working at a coffee shop. Greeting new customers, advising them of specials, promotions, and discounts, cleaning the dining area, replenishing supplies, and changing the interior or outdoor signage to draw in new customers are some of the other tasks.

2. Teaching assistant

$15.26 per hour is the national average wage.
A teaching assistant’s main responsibilities include assisting professors with the preparation of lesson plans, the delivery of lectures, and the setup of classroom supplies. Assisting with taking attendance, maintaining class records, calculating grades, overseeing students during tests, and enforcing regulations are some of the other main responsibilities. The likelihood of giving recruiting priority to students who are enrolled in related fields is high.

3. Library assistant

$15,61 is the average hourly wage in the country.
A library assistant’s main responsibilities are to assist a librarian in running a library. In addition to helping readers find books, checking books in and out of the library, registering new patrons, and responding to requests and inquiries, they are also in charge of categorizing, sorting, and shelving volumes by category.

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4. A bartender

National average hourly wage: $15.89
primary obligations: A bartender serves drinks to guests at a bar or restaurant. Their main responsibilities involve dealing with customers, taking orders, and then preparing and serving the food. A bartender can also create drinks, replenish the bar’s inventory, and serve food. Bartenders must check IDs to confirm that customers are of legal drinking age and be able to gauge levels of intoxication because bars provide alcoholic beverages. Many states forbid those under the age of 21 from serving alcohol in open containers.

5. Teller

National average hourly wage: $16.83
A bank teller’s main responsibilities include handling withdrawals, deposits, transfers, money orders, and other cash and check operations. They are responsible for taking money from consumers, filing paperwork, dealing with any customer problems, and checking the information given at the counter.

6. Campus Representative

National average hourly wage: $17.41
A campus representative’s main responsibilities include spreading knowledge about the organization they represent on college campuses. Their responsibilities include writing copy for flyers and posters advertising the goods and services offered by their business to be distributed on campus, giving out samples, planning campus events, and other marketing initiatives. Additionally, managing the product’s website and social media communities may be expected of campus representatives.

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7. Resident advisor

National average hourly wage: $17.44
A resident advisor’s main responsibilities include monitoring the goings-on in a dorm and making sure everyone inside is safe. Their duties include ensuring that tenants follow the building’s rules and regulations, giving updates on new housing policies, and serving as a point of contact between residents and housing officials. Additionally, resident counselors welcome brand-new occupants, register them, and offer assistance as needed.

8. Research assistant

National average hourly wage: $17.38
primary obligations: In a university, lab, or any other setting where research projects are carried out, a research assistant works. They are also responsible for performing research, writing an overview of the results, creating progress reports, creating interview questions, and compiling the results. Budgets for research may also be created by research assistants. The candidates for this role will probably be those who are majoring in relevant sciences.

9. Dog walker

National average hourly wage: $17.93
A dog walker’s main responsibilities include picking up dogs from their owners’ houses and walking them for exercise and socializing. They are in charge of maintaining precise routines, ensuring the safety of the dogs, feeding and watering them, and picking up after them.

10. Delivery service driver

National average hourly wage: $18.41
A delivery service driver’s main responsibilities include picking up and delivering products to customers. Food or retail orders are examples of this. They are in charge of checking orders both before and after delivery, receiving payments, addressing complaints, offering excellent customer service, and keeping records of the delivery, including receipts and delivery notes. A clean driving record is typically required for driving jobs.

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11. Administrative assistant

National average hourly wage: $18.56
An administrative assistant’s main responsibilities include managing routine office duties like scheduling meetings and appointments, setting up meeting spaces, filing paperwork, organizing business trips, and answering phones. They are also in charge of conducting research, keeping minutes, and taking notes during meetings.

12. Blogger

National average hourly wage: $19.37
primary obligations: A blogger writes and publishes blog postings. Researching the subjects they write about, revising and reviewing their work, and posting the finished product on the blog are all their responsibilities. They also carry out search engine optimization for the website, filter comments, and reply to comments.

13. Brand ambassador

National average hourly wage: $19.77
A brand ambassador’s main responsibilities include promoting a brand to raise consumer awareness and sales. Their main responsibilities include developing marketing strategies and plans, informing merchants and consumers about the brand’s products, participating in product launches and other public relations activities, and gathering customer feedback. Additionally, brand ambassadors produce content for websites and social media channels.

14. Transcriptionist

National average hourly wage: $19.92
A transcriptionist’s main responsibilities are to listen to audio recordings and record what they say. They are also referred to as transcribers, and they may work for journalists, medics, and other professions who need audio files converted to text. Other responsibilities include filling up paperwork and keeping records. Online transcriptionist employment are accessible.

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15. Driver (Contractor Independent)

The national average hourly wage is $20.53.
primary obligations: The transportation of passengers from their point of pick-up to their final destination is the responsibility of a driver employed under an independent contractor agreement. They collaborate with ride-sharing services to accept ride requests, find locations using GPS and maps, and collect cash payments as necessary. A valid driver’s license, an insured car in good functioning order, and a spotless driving record are normally prerequisites for this job.

16. Babysitter

$20.92 is the average hourly wage in the country.
A babysitter or nanny’s main responsibilities include watching over infants, toddlers, or small children while their parents are gone. They are primarily responsible for bathing, dressing, feeding, and helping with homework when needed. They also keep the kids amused and safe. Additionally, babysitters may be in charge of putting kids to bed at night as well as keeping the dining area and play area tidy.

17. Bookkeeper

National average hourly wage: $21.29
primary obligations: A bookkeeper is in charge of an establishment’s fundamental accounting procedures. In addition to preparing financial reports, they are in charge of keeping track of all inward and outgoing financial transactions.

18. Freelance writer

National average hourly wage: $22.50
primary obligations: Both print and digital media use the content that freelance writers produce. They must conduct research for writing projects, write articles according to the style preferences and formatting specifications of the customer, take editorial criticism and use it to improve the material, and proofread the work. Since they are not employees of any one organization, freelance writers are able to work on numerous projects at once.

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19. Tutor

National average hourly wage: $24.19
The main responsibilities of a tutor include instructing and supporting students with their academic work outside of scheduled class times. You must create a tutoring schedule that will support your pupils’ academic success. Additionally, you are in charge of evaluating their performance in class, coming up with useful tasks, identifying any problem areas, and coming up with plans to address them.

20. Fitness instructor

National average hourly wage: $25.44
Primary responsibilities: A fitness teacher helps clients accomplish their fitness objectives by giving them physical instruction. The client’s house or a gym can be used for this. Their tasks and obligations include guiding clients step-by-step through various fitness exercises and routines, offering advice on proper form, inspiring them, and assuring their safety.

21. Virtual assistant

$27,43 is the average hourly wage in the country.
A virtual assistant’s primary responsibilities include accepting calls and messages, responding to emails, scheduling meetings, booking travel, and managing social media profiles. Additionally, they are responsible for coordinating schedules and sending out invoices and receipts.

22. Social media community manager

National average hourly wage: $26.34
primary obligations: The social media platforms used by an organization are managed by a social media community manager. Their main responsibilities include coming up with content for social media posts, such as photographs, captions, and posters; interacting with fans and followers by answering questions and comments; monitoring engagement metrics; and putting communication strategies into practice.

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23. Massage therapist

$37.47 is the average hourly wage in the country.
Primary responsibilities: Through therapeutic massages, a massage therapist helps customers reduce tension and pain and improve circulation. They must explain the benefits and costs of the many massage alternatives, assist clients in choosing the best treatment for their needs, set up the spa, and clean up after each session. Additionally, massage therapists sanitize any massage equipment and keep client records and paperwork. Getting certified is often necessary to work as a massage therapist.

24. App tester

$35.51 is the average hourly wage in the country.
primary obligations: A software application is put through both human and automated testing by an app tester to make sure everything works as it should. Analyzing use cases and running tests to validate them are required for this. Additionally, an app tester must find any faults and errors, note them, and provide feedback to the development team.

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