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Job Curriculum Vitae Creation

Job application should have been easier if only they were no criteria and contenders present. Over the years, the need to evaluate job applicants competency and qualifications by employers has birthed a lot of criteria which include some documents, among these documents is the CV (curriculum vitae).

What is a Job Curriculum Vitae?

Job seeking CV is different from that of academic scholarship, although they share almost similar features. How to create an academic scholarship CV was posted previously in case you missed it. A job CV (curriculum vitae) is a summarized details of your work experiences, education qualifications, personal details, awards and certifications that tells employers about your proficiency and suitability for a particular position.

Why do You Need a Curriculum Vitae?

The purpose of job curriculum vitae include;

  • To evaluate job seekers competency
  • Identify lacking qualifications.
  • Placement and selecting best applicants in case of contenders (base on merit).
  • Self-esteem builder

How to Create a Perfect Job seeking Curriculum vitae

Your job seeking curriculum vitae may not get you an applied job immediately but most of the times guarantee interviews with employers. If you meet the job’s specifications and requirements, it is left to the employers to decide if you are to be employed for that dream job. So, why not create a curriculum vitae today? Not just a CV but a unique and well structured one.

A perfect Job application CV should possess these following Information;

  1. Personal Information
    Your identity which include address, contact number, email and social media accounts links should be provided in your CV. The main purpose of this is to receive feedbacks and updates from your employers.
  2. Work Experiences
    A job applicant who has a lot of work experiences or the work experiences that fit the employer’s target has automatically edged other applicants. You don’t have to accumulate many work experiences in your CV especially if it is not what your job requires. They gruesomely make your CV littered.
  3. Academic Qualifications
    School attended and certificates earned should be part of your Curriculum vitae. A merited qualification is good for your resume building. Example, “Bsc degree 2014”.
  4. Hobbies (Optional)
    Although this may not be necessary, it gives an impression about your personal behavior which may determine your contribution to the employing company or organization.You may be trapped and implicate yourself by providing an unprofessional hobby that does not give a good impression about you. Example, “I do hunt and shoot birds at my leisure time”, a pet care setup may frown at such hobby.
  5. Skills and Competencies
    Your special skills should be highlighted in your CV. Example; “I.T expertise”.
  6. Volunteering Works
    A boost is when you include in your CV about the selfless contributions you have made in your community both remotely and at large. It places you as a goal driven person who is greatly concerned about the development of others.
  7. Honors and Awards
    Some services or action must have been rendered before you can be awarded or honored. These lists of honors and awards forces your employer to pique interest in having such a worker in his own set up.

A job seeking curriculum vitae should have the following features;

  • Short and precise
  • Simple format
  • Relevant and up-to-date.

Mistakes You can Make

  • Overemphasizing
  • Using a complex format
  • Going off the topic
  • Lying about your qualifications (you do not have to)
  • Not proofreading after creating your CV.
  • Using unacceptable fonts. (The recommended font is the Times New Roman Size 12, titles and subheadings are exempted).

On this page is a format for a professional job application curriculum vitae.
Please, note that your information supplied should be yours and pertain to your career, this is just an example.

Job CV Template Example

The details should be in the following order;

  • Address.
  • Personal details.
  • Career history.
  • Skills and talent.
  • Field of expertise.
  • Hobbies.
  • Academic certifications and qualifications.
  • Reference.

Yellow lake
Maybeach avenue
34 Yellow street
Ruzinov G56 5FH
Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel: +421 123 456 7890
Email: info@maybeach12345609.com

Personal Details
(Your first name) is a competent person who ardently delivers organization’s or company’s goals with ease. Proved to his affiliated employers in recent years how he can function in line with laid down objectives and work passionately to achieve towards driven goals. He is a valuable asset to any employer, his previous work experiences stamp his possession of confidence and ability to deliver under pressure. A ready to learn worker who is open to new trainings, corrections and adapt to changes both in the internal and external set up. He confidently believe that he will positively contribute to your company’s/organization’s input and output if given a suitable position. Along this is an opportunity to build and advance his experiences and skills.

JOB TITLE – Translator
JOB Position – Head of language translator
START Date – 5th of April, 2018
END DATE – present
LOCATION – Czech republic

Performed the following duties such as…

  • Translating indigenous languages such as Spanish and Portuguese to standard English language.
  • Conducting researches on customers satisfaction.
  • Customers engagements content creation.
  • Discharging duties ordered by the executives
  • Alternating for other needed staff/employees when absent.
  • Social media managing which include reaching out to potential customers and drive traffic towards the company’s website.
  • Performing the role of intermediary between the company and the audience/clients/customers.
  • Motivating other members of staff positively.
  • Timely participates in the company’s decision making.
  • Customer/client/audience care client.
  • Sending mails to partners or clients.
  • Responding to clients inquiries both via email and calls.


  • language and communication skills
  • Multitasking
  • IT expertise and ability to use Microsoft office, spreadsheet, PowerPoint,
  • Excel and WordPress including many other administrative assistants.
  • Able to deliver under pressure.
  • Standard grammar construction, spelling and rules.
  • Numerical data skills.
  • Always ready to collaborate with members of staff irrespective of their position.
  • Impressive oral communication skills.
  • Report collating. (Inquiries, complaints and observation).
  • Social media networking

Other personal skills include;

  • Possession of good sense of humor.
  • Always punctual to duties
  • Tolerant of other personal or social background.
  • Able to concentrate in a place of interruptions and unrest.
  • Hitting targets.



University                                                                  Dates
University of Maryland                                        2008-2012
Course: English language                                  Certificate: Bsc

College                                                                  Dates
Maryland high college                                        2001-2007
Course: Languages

Other Education                                                      Date
Maryland elementary school                             1996-2001


  • Spanish and Portuguese language training. (2010)
  • Certified Volunteer (2020)
  • I.T and computer expert.
  • Video and graphics designing (2016)

On request (you are to provide recommendation links from guarantors).

Your qualifications should be in line with your career. If you are a remote freelancer looking for courses or training you can take to earn more qualifications, check our next post to get acquainted with certificates you can add to your portfolio and boost your job securing chance.


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