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Is IELTS Online Coaching More Helpful for Preparation of Paper Based or Computer Based IELTS exam?

Is IELTS Online Coaching More Helpful for Preparation of Paper Based or Computer Based IELTS exam? Choosing between the computer-based IELTS exam and the paper-based IELTS exam might be difficult for many IELTS aspirants. If you’re having problems selecting whether computer-based or paper-based IELTS testing will benefit you more, read the following information to understand more about the distinctions and make an informed choice.

Is IELTS Online Coaching More Helpful for Preparation of Paper Based or Computer Based IELTS Exam?

What is IELTS? 

An internationally recognized exam of English competence is IELTS (International English Language Testing System). IELTS computer-based versus paper-based. Candidates who want to study, work, or immigrate to English-speaking nations where this examination is required as the only proof of their language abilities typically take the IELTS exam.
It was originally administered in 1989, and since then British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge English Language Assessment have managed and administered it flawlessly.

IELTS: Test of four skills 

  • IELTS Listening Module
  • IELTS Reading Module
  • IELTS Writing Module
  • IELTS Speaking Module

In addition, many people still like the paper based IELTS test to the online version. The IELTS computer-based test, however, is offered in:

  1. Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara)
  2. United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai)
  3. Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)
  4. Australia
  5. China (Guangzhou)
  6. Hong Kong
  7. India (Delhi)
  8. Korea (Seoul)
  9. Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)
  10. Singapore
  11. Sri Lanka (Colombo)
  12. Thailand (Bangkok)
  13. Pakistan (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore)
  14. Philippines (Manila)
  15. Russia (Moscow)

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List of the Top IELTS Study Websites

Candidates can prepare for the IELTS on several different websites. The greatest IELTS preparation website works to raise a candidate’s IELTS score. The top IELTS practice website provides candidates with engaging ways to learn. The top websites for IELTS training are listed below:

  • IELTS Test Preparation Course (Magoosh): One of the greatest websites for IELTS preparation is Magoosh, which offers a variety of training programs and courses. Magoosh provides videos and tutorials online. The website also offers a program for raising IELTS vocabulary. This website is thought to be the best for IELTS practice exams. It also has a blog area where it covers the tricks and suggestions needed to pass the test. Because of these reasons, Magoosh is recognized as the top website for IELTS preparation:
  1.  The course provides thorough video lessons that cover various ideas, hazards, and short cuts.
  2. It provides email support to students who have questions about a specific portion or chapter.
  3. The students can prepare for the test with the aid of more than 600 practice questions and 125 video lectures.
  4. The pupils’ questions are responded to as soon as possible by a group of online tutors.
  5. There is a 7-day money-back guarantee and the greatest, most affordable IELTS preparation course available online for free.

  • IELTS Liz: IELTS The finest free IELTS preparing website is undoubtedly Liz. IELTS Liz was developed by a skilled teacher from the UK. Additionally, there is a YouTube channel with a ton of instructional videos. IELTS Liz offers the following advantages:
  1. Many IELTS Practice Questions
  2. A description of the IELTS exam format in detail
  3. Videos from their YouTube channel are helpful.
  4. Useful advice for test day

  • IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course (Udemy): The Udemy teachers collaborate to create trustworthy and well-known content for test-takers. Candidates frequently consider it to be the greatest website for IELTS preparation. Keino Campbell is the creator and curator of the exclusive IELTS Band 7+ Prep course. He has more than ten years of expertise in the construction of courses and is an expert in the IELTS and TOEFL. The course focuses on the skills and strategies required to achieve high IELTS scores and offers a thorough understanding of the IELTS test. This website is frequently regarded as the best for IELTS practice exams.
  • IELTS Buddy: One of the top websites for IELTS preparation is IELTS Buddy. IELTS Buddy offers grammar hints, a ton of free example questions, and preparation advice. Additionally, it aids with IELTS vocabulary preparation. IELTS Buddy is best known for offering IELTS writing practice questions. IELTS writing problem 1 and task 2 sample responses aid candidates in understanding the format and style of responding.

  • IELTS mentor: For many candidates, IELTS Mentor is the greatest website for IELTS preparation. This website provides academic and general IELTS training advice. Because it offers so many sample questions and sample answers, IELTS Mentor is regarded as the greatest IELTS preparation website. Candidates can also get section-specific advice from IELTS Mentor. Candidates can compare their essays with the website’s sample responses using IELTS Mentor.

  • Free IELTS online course (British Council): Candidates consider this to be one of the top IELTS practice sites. The British Council created the free IELTS course “Understanding IELTS,” which is freely accessible on the Future Learn website. The entire course lasts six weeks, and each week must be attended for at least two hours. Allister Widdowson, an English teacher for many years, is the principal instructor for this IELTS course. Principal draws of this course:
  1. This course includes video tutorials that cover each IELTS section.
  2. The workshop provides practical advice for raising IELTS band score.
  3. The assessment process for IELTS will be thoroughly explained to the pupils.
  4. They get the chance to have their spoken and written English assessments evaluated by other students via online platforms.
  5. The test takers must pay if they want access to the course for longer than the allotted 8 weeks of free access.

IELTS paper-based vs computer based – On the basis of assessment

Both test formats have quite different assessment components; for example, the computer based IELTS test saves the results immediately to the computer before being submitted to the Cambridge server.

The IELTS test on paper requires the examiner to physically collect the answer papers, which are subsequently mailed to the Cambridge grading facility, which reportedly takes extra time.
Now that the distinctions have been explored, let’s talk about the benefits of the computer based IELTS test over the paper version.

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Computer-Based IELTS examination:

The only difference between this test and the IELTS on paper is that you will type your answers instead of writing them down.

The Speaking test will still be conducted face-to-face with an IELTS Examiner because this is the most accurate way to evaluate your speaking abilities. If you choose this option, you will take the Listening, Reading, and Writing parts on a computer (headphones are supplied in some settings).
You will now have additional test dates to pick from with IELTS on a computer, and your results will be ready in 3–5 days.
The Reading, Listening, and Writing parts of the computer based IELTS exam are all done online. In contrast, the IELTS Speaking section is administered face-to-face with examiners.

Paper-Based IELTS examination: 

The Writing, Reading, and Listening components of the IELTS test on paper must be completed on the test paper itself.
But an experienced IELTS examiner conducts the Speaking test in-person.
If you select this option, the Listening, Reading, and Writing portions will be completed on paper, and the Speaking test will be conducted in person or by video call with an experienced IELTS Examiner.

IELTS online training: Is it beneficial for paper-based or computer-based testing?

Regardless of the exam type you are studying for, IELTS online teaching is effective. It’s possible that different pupils have varied learning styles as a result of their prior exposure to particular concepts and ideas. Some people prefer to pick things up quickly, while others prefer to spend more time and effort exploring each idea.

Whether students intend to take the IELTS exam on paper or a computer, online coaching schools provide a number of benefits. With online tutoring, students can attend sessions led by qualified and experienced IELTS teachers at their own pace. You can watch the same class at any time if you miss one because the courses in online coaching are recorded lectures with supplemental exam IELTS preparation advice for future reference.
A detailed study guide, as well as a selection of adaptable courses with crucial practice tests and study materials, are provided by online classes. Online training also acquaints students with online teaching methods and practice exams, which ultimately helps students manage their time during the actual IELTS exam.

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Despite the fact that the computer-based and paper-based IELTS exams have the same exam value, students should select the one that best suits them. If you have reasonable computer skills, enjoy typing, value more privacy, better focus, simpler editing, word counts, and other features, the computer-based format is appropriate for your needs. Both computer-based and paper-based IELTS tests can benefit from and be prepared for with IELTS online training.


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