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10 Best Internships for High School Students

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20 Internships for High School Students: Are you a senior in high school seeking internship opportunities? You are virtually to the conclusion of your quest. We have compiled a list of the Best Internships for High School Students. There are also paid and unpaid summer internships available to students at all academic levels.

Internships for high school students throughout the summer are an excellent method for students to obtain work experience, learn about opportunities in a professional setting, and network within academic and professional disciplines. This post will focus on discussing what an internship program is and how to find them, and will conclude with a list of the 15 best internship programs for high school students.

World scholarship Vault is not only committed to providing students with scholarship information. Also, our team is dedicated to giving global possibilities to students who may be interested in any of them. Thus, it is essential to check back frequently to see what academic possibilities we have available, including scholarship chances, internship opportunities, and other opportunities that may be of interest to you.

What exactly is an Internship?

A summer internship or a regular internship is related with initial job experience in a highly professional subject. It is occasionally compensated, though typically at the lowest end of the pay scale, and it is also unpaid.

The fundamental objective of an internship program is to provide The Intern with expertise and knowledge in a particular subject in exchange for accomplishing a few practical tasks.

For instance, if you have the option to participate in an internship program in a research facility, you will likely begin by cleaning the lab and perhaps entering data into spreadsheets.

Yet, this may be tedious. Benefits include the opportunity to engage with current employees, gain insight into the everyday operations of the workplace, and ultimately determine if you should pursue a career in that industry.

Can I Get Internships While in High School?

The response is YES. In an effort to provide high school students with the opportunity to get experience in their desired field of study, numerous companies offer summer internship programs. As evidence, we have investigated and compiled a list of the greatest internship opportunities for high school students.

Internships are an excellent method to enter into seemingly difficult industries. Internships are an excellent method for students interested in getting experience in research, law, medicine, and other professions requiring an advanced degree to gain insights and experience without committing to a degree.

It will help you understand what the field entails and establish crucial relationships with those who may ultimately suggest you or maybe offer you a job. If you have free time, I believe an internship is a fantastic way to get experience.

Advantages of Internships for High School Students

Traditionally, internships are viewed as opportunities for college students alone. Yet, they can also be an excellent chance for high school graduates.

These are some perks of completing a high school internship program:

  • You will gain more knowledge about a career (or careers), which will help you consolidate your future plans. This learned knowledge can be utilized in future courses and employment.
  • You obtain practical experience that future companies may find helpful.
  • Being able to identify your strengths and shortcomings in the workplace can provide you with a head start on your personal and professional development.
  • Networking with employers and professionals in your desired career field enables you to develop relationships that will propel your career in the future.
  • Not only is an internship program beneficial to potential employers, but also to colleges and universities. This demonstrates your motivation, dedication, and passion in your chosen field.
  • If it is a paid internship, you will be compensated. You can utilize the cheque for additional spending money or even college savings.

Not all internships are ideal. This Best Internships for High School Students allow you to explore various career options and observe how you respond to different management styles.

List of the Internships for High School Students

The following is a list of the Internships for High School Students:

1.  Student Leaders Program from Bank of America

Supporting a Student Male teacher helping student with construction in STEM lesson. Internships for High School stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Through the initiative of the Student Leaders Program, 225 community-minded juniors and seniors in high school are efficiently matched with paid summer internships at local NGOs.

Attendance at a national leadership summit in Washington, D.C., is mandatory for selected interns.

If you are a leader or pacesetter with a passion for community development and improvement, you may be an ideal candidate for this internship.

Applications are available in the fall before the summer for which you are applying.

You will need a letter of recommendation from a High School tutor, teacher, headmaster, counselor, or administrator.However, it is the first Best Internships for High School Students on our list.

2. Microsoft Internship for High School Students

This Internships for High School Students allows kids to learn computer science and programming.

If you wish to join in this program, however, you must:

  • Familiarize yourself with email and Microsoft Office
  • Have a working understanding of HTML
  • Ten weeks of full-time (40 hours per week) employment.
  • Include a recommendation letter and a CV.
  • Live in Western Washington State or be able to relocate there.

If you are interested in a STEM-related Internship and have a passion for computers, Microsoft may be the perfect company for you to investigate.

3. High School Internships at NASA in the Autumn, Spring, and Summer

The NASA internship program is, perhaps, an even more interesting prospect for those interested in STEM fields. This Internships for High School Students provides students with “unique research opportunities and operational experiences relevant to NASA.”

It offers the opportunity to work with a mentor and contribute to the operation of a NASA facility, therefore furthering NASA’s missions.

Interns at NASA must:

  • Be at least 16 years old when the internship begins.
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0

Internships are now available for the summer, fall, and spring.

4. Student Research Internship Program at the Scripps Institute for Translational Science

Students in high school who are highly motivated and interested in translational research and genomic/genetic studies are eligible to apply for internships at the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI).

Interns study from and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of expert scientists, including “internationally known investigators in computational biology, genomics, and health research.”

The objective of this Internships for High School Students is to prepare young scientists to become future leaders in the field of translational science.

Based on your interests, you will be given a mentor in a laboratory.

You will attend lectures each week, conduct independent research, and finally submit your findings.

To qualify, applicants must:

  • Be 16 or older
  • Do a background check and drug test (if 18 or older)
  • Commit to the program for at least eight weeks.

5. Aristotle Circle Internship in Marketing and Communications

Cheering african male student with group of african american students Cheering african male student with group of african american students outdoor in the summer Internships for High School stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

If you are interested in a career in journalism or marketing, you may want to consider Aristotle circle’s internship program.

Interns produce frequent blog posts and articles, suggest ideas and themes, update social media, and collaborate closely with the marketing manager. Interns who perform well are typically requested to create full-length films, and their work will be advertised in the company’s newsletter.It is also another Internships for High School Students.

The majority of the blog’s topics are scholarly in nature. You will also have the uncommon opportunity to learn from and interview admissions officials from a variety of universities.

Candidates must:

  • Be a junior or first-semester senior in high school.
  • Provide information about where you attend high school, your current grade, the days you are available, and why you are interested in the internship.
  • Give sample writing

6. Junior Fisheries Biology Program at Hutton

This Internships for High School Students is a paid summer mentorship program that aims to teach and motivate high school students about fisheries science and management.

Sponsored by the American Fisheries Society (AFS), this program pairs high school students with mentors who provide hands-on experience in freshwater and/or marine fisheries research.

Those who successfully finish the program will receive a $4,000 grant.

Interns will be paired with appropriate mentors in their region and will conduct fish population surveys, build fish habitat and aquatic vegetation, assist with snorkeling and children’s education programs, test water quality, and analyze specimens under a microscope, among other tasks.

Women and minorities, who are underrepresented in the profession of Fisheries, are of particular importance to the program.

Candidates must:

  • Be willing to work 40 hours weekly
  • Participate in the program for at least eight weeks.
  • Provide transcripts and a recommendation letter.

7. Smithsonian internships for high school students during the summer

Regular and summer internships at the Smithsonian are available to high school students in a range of fields, including art history, public administration, natural history, visitor services, human resources, and many others.

You may apply to a specific opportunity or the Generic Smithsonian Internship Pool (if you don’t know someone to select).

This Internships for High School Students is exceptionally competitive. Thus, only apply for opportunities in which you are interested.

Interns receive hands-on training under the supervision of a mentor and may be appointed for up to six months.

If this Internships for High School Students is successful, the employer may offer you extra employment.

Candidates must:

  • be 14 or older
  • Students under the age of 18 must written permission from a parent or guardian to participate.
  • The interns must reside in or be able to relocate to Washington, D.C., as this is where the internship will take place.

8. The Constitutional Rights Foundation

The Constitutional Rights Foundation offers this Internship program in an effort to instill in our youth a deeper understanding of Citizenship through the values expressed in the Constitution of our country and the bills of rights and to educate young people to become responsible and active members of our society.

Through the CRF’s Expanding Horizons Internship program, college-bound, first-generation high school students in the Los Angeles area are placed in paid summer internships with local corporations, law firms, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

This Internships for High School Students is not subject-specific; rather, interns are placed according to their individual skills and interests.

Candidates must:

  • Send two letters of recommendation and a transcript
  • Compose an essay
  • residing in the Los Angeles region
  • Proof of participation in the Reduced/Free Meals Program is required.
  • Perform interviews
  • Students who are selected for this internship will also receive free SAT preparation and college admissions counseling from specialists.

9.  South Middlesex Opportunity Council 

If you reside in Massachusetts and enjoy working in social/human services, you may be interested in interning with the SMOC.

SMOC is located in Framingham, Massachusetts, and its mission is to “raise the standard of living of low-income and underprivileged individuals and families by advocating for their desires and rights and by providing them with services.”

educating the community, developing a support network, joining in coalitions with other advocates, and seeking new resources and collaborations.”

Students in high school can apply for internships in a variety of fields, including behavioral healthcare, nutrition services, child care, homelessness and community services, and others.

Generally, interns work five to twenty hours per week, but more hours are frequently arranged when necessary.It is also among the Internships for High School Students.

Candidates must fulfill the following requirements in order to be accepted into the program:

  • Be accepted by their secondary school
  • Get points for your participation.
  • Conduct a background investigation.

10.  New York Historical Society 

Joyful laughing afro american male college student Joyful laughing afro american male college student at library of university Internships for High School stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The chance is available to juniors, seniors, and sophomores.

Interns meet with knowledgeable staff members to learn about careers in the museum, library, and history areas, develop their public speaking and leadership abilities, and engage in hands-on work that enhances their knowledge of American art and history.

It is accessible during the entire school year and Summer

Candidates must:

  • Attend school and reside in the NYC metropolitan area.
  • Have parent/guardian consent
  • Send applications, letters of recommendation, and, if requested, an interview.
  • Internships are unpaid; however, candidates who qualify for free or reduced lunch at their school may receive a stipend.
  • This is a wonderful chance for high school students who are interested in art, study, and history.
  • Eligible students will get community service hours or school credit for their unpaid work.

FAQs On Internships for High School Students

What are the best internship websites for high school students?

Chegg Internships: Largest student-focused internship marketplace. Idealist: Well-known site for volunteer opportunities, internships, and nonprofit jobs. LinkedIn: Popular professional networking site has many internship listings.

Can a 17 year old do an internship?

Internships do not have age limit specifically for all the organisation. Some organizations accept interns age 16 and older, while others set the minimum at 18.

Does Google accept high school interns?

While Google only offers internship positions in various fields like business, engineering, and technology to undergraduate and graduate students, CSSI has a summer program at Google open to high school seniors entering a four-year undergraduate program.

Which year is best for internship?

Most students begin searching for an internship during the spring semester of their junior or senior year of college. However, if you are passionate about your career path, it is never too early to begin applying.

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