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Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program

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The Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program fosters international research partnerships that expand knowledge of the Internet and its benefits to all.

Programming Goals:

  • Encourage cutting-edge approaches that produce answers to problems relating to the Internet.
  • A varied and cooperative collection of scholars and institutions should be found and supported.
  • Make it easier for people to obtain intersectional research that can be used to inform decisions in business and government.

The research must address a practical issue and be openly published in order to be freely available to the scientific community. Such research is the focus of this program. When a study has been approved as ethical and in accordance with local legislation by an appropriate organization, the Foundation will finance research involving human or animal subjects. The project’s principal investigator is in charge of acquiring these qualifications.

  • Type: Research
  • Organization: Internet Society Foundation
  • Application Deadline: May 31, 2023
  • Target: International: (Open to all).
Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program
Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program

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The Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program: Goals and Benefits

The program includes two financing tiers:

  • Independent researchers can submit grant requests for up to $200,000 USD. Grant management, including all reporting obligations during the grant’s life, shall be the sole responsibility of the person named as the primary investigator on the project, to whom grants will be directly awarded.
  • Institutions and organizations are eligible to apply for funding of up to $500,000. Depending on fiscal year financing, one or more awards in each of the theme areas are anticipated.

Qualification Standards for the Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program

  • In addition to peer-reviewed publications, patents, academic or independently published work in the pertinent field, independent researchers should hold a postgraduate research degree (PhD, Masters).
  • Public research organizations should have 501c3 status or something comparable, and they should share the Foundation’s goals. Private institutions are ineligible for funding (entities).
  • Here are the additional prerequisites for every Foundation award eligibility. These fundamental standards must be met by all applicants. Applications from underrepresented groups in science are strongly encouraged.

The things that the foundation does not sponsor:

  • Non-Internet-related initiatives that support the goals of the Internet Society
  • Projects that result in financial gain for the individual
  • Voter registration, lobbying, and other tactics to sway legislation during political campaigns
  • Buildings, endowments, or capital campaigns
  • Projects that are only done for religious reasons
  • Costs expended or actions taken prior to the award that were not approved in advance
  • Education support
  • The Internet Society Foundation’s conflict of interest policy, bylaws, or other governing documents may forbid certain transactions or awards.
Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program
Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program

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Selection Criteria & Dates

It is advised that researchers submit a complete application for the Independent Program Review Committee to consider. The following criteria will be used to choose the winning entries:

  • Is the research relevant to a theme that the Foundation has?
  • Is the research novel?
  • Is the research put to use?
  • Is the research team-based?

Two application rounds, in April and September, were added to the procedure in 2023. Applications will be accepted for the April cycle between April 12 and May 31, 21:00 UTC.

The statement of interest was also eliminated from the procedure. Applicants must now use Fluxx to submit a single application.

Staff members analyze applications to make sure that plans are in line with qualifying standards and theme areas. Staff will contact applicants using the provided contact information if they have any queries.

Those who are in agreement will proceed to the Independent Program examination Committee’s (IPRC) examination of the ideas in a later stage. The IPRC advises the Program Officer on which proposals should be taken into account for financing. The program officer negotiates and makes the final decisions on grant awards with successful partners. It will take roughly two months to complete the process.

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How to Apply

Are you capable and interested? To apply, visit the Internet Society Foundation at
Only submissions made through the grants administration system of the Foundation will be taken into consideration. Submissions that are incomplete or do not meet the qualifying standards will not be taken into account.


Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program
Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What function does the Internet society serve?

It is a worldwide nonprofit organization that equips users with the knowledge and tools necessary to keep the Internet open, globally connected, secure, and reliable.

Internet Society is owned by who?

Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn, and other early innovators who oversaw the technological advancement of the Internet founded the Internet Society in 1992. Many of the technological Internet's forerunners, trailblazers, and champions are among the leadership and members, and they are all committed to the idea that the Internet is for everyone.

Is there a fee to join the online community?

You may participate in the global drive for a universally accessible Internet by joining the Internet Society. Anyone from anywhere can join, and it is free.

What is the ISOC’s purpose, and where is its main office?

The headquarters of ISOC are in Geneva, Switzerland, and close to Washington, USA. The goal of ISOC is to create and maintain an open Internet that is developed, used, and evolved for the benefit of all members and users globally.


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