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10 Best Ways of Increasing Enrolments at Private Schools

Finding a balance when it comes to enrollment numbers is one of the main problems of running a private school. You’ll always keep those numbers in the back of your mind, trying to keep them at a comfortable level. That is why marketing for private schools is so crucial. One approach to achieve this is through SEO for preschools and private schools, as it is vital to ensure that your institution can be found on Google and the other major search engines, particularly by individuals conducting local searches. There isn’t just ONE secret trick that will increase enrolment at private schools, though. We’ve included a few marketing ideas for colleges that could keep you on course.

Increasing Enrolments at Private Schools

Ways of Increasing Enrolments at Private Schools

While there are various ways of increasing enrolments at private schools , one of the most useful methods is to support current students and their parents as ambassadors for the institution.

Encourage Curriculum Exchange

The sharing of the upcoming year’s curriculum with the parent community for a brief period of time prior to the start of the school year is one tactic that has been effective in increasing parental involvement. As a result, parents may anticipate what their kids will learn, give limited input, and perhaps review quadratic equations in order to assist with homework! The framework makes it easier to share specific curriculum outlines with parents and offers ideas for how to incorporate opportunities for parent feedback into the process.

Additionally, curriculum sharing is a great chance to highlight areas where your school goes above and beyond what is required by the district, such as a coding project, a comprehensive study of world history, an upcoming field trip, or sports instruction provided by coaches with NFL or NHL experience. Whatever your school’s advantages, distributing curriculum maps gives parents a chance to become enthusiastic about — and to discuss — the distinctive opportunities that your school offers with friends, family, and coworkers. For an optimal curriculum results, learn how to use the Bloom’s Taxonomy in curriculum planning.

Use social media to share school projects

Encouragement of open communication between parents and what their children are learning in the classroom through both conventional and technological ways is another tactic for increasing enrolment and involvement.

A Facebook Live video stream of an elementary school play can be provided by the school, or high school students can record Boomerang videos of science experiments to incorporate lessons about how to use social media and lab equipment safely (where a video clip of a few seconds plays normally then in reverse on a loop, capturing, perhaps, the brilliant burst of combusting magnesium then its return to an inert state.) These are just a few examples of how technology courses can be used while sharing projects in a safe manner with interested families without having to register them as visitors or cram them into a scientific lab.

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Take part in community outreach activities

Having said that, it is important to make in-person connections when it is possible. After school hours, think about joining your community’s Doors Open Day or other similar event as a school. Doors Open is a city-wide event that originated in France in 1984 and has since spread to the USA, Canada, Australia, and Scotland. It encourages residents to learn about their neighborhoods by offering guided tours of places that are typically inaccessible or require a fee to enter.

In addition to potentially reaching future students’ families who might not have been interested in or able to attend the school’s open house, it’s a great way to involve enthusiastic students and parents in addition to teachers or other school staff who are stationed strategically throughout the school as tour guide teams.

Sharing stories from your school

Even though it seems corny, brag about your school’s students if you’re proud of them! In order for students and parents to quickly discover the information they need, make sure your school website is up to date (with recent images of actual students, not stock stand-ins, if possible). On the path to growing enrolment in private schools, this is a simple step.

When anything extraordinary occurs, such as lessons using 3D printers or taking part in a forest clean-up, make sure to contact your local TV or print media.

Starting or reviving a school blog on your website is a wise next step in advertising your institution. In addition to providing classroom activities, sports season updates, and student success stories, teachers, students, administrators, and parents can all contribute to the blog.

What kind of content belongs on a school blog?

1. Teacher/Admin Posts 

A great way to hear from a range of voices within the school community is through blogging. Use blogs based on interviews to introduce new instructors to the student/parent community, or promote an upcoming topic or initiative that is particular to your school.

2. Student Positions

When building their written portfolios, students’ blogs can be an invaluable testimonial for the school. This is particularly important for students applying to post-secondary programs with a creative or communications focus.

3. Parental Section 

Spending time with children can serve as a potent reminder of the value of creativity, wonder, and simple play in our daily lives. This is especially true for parents who have volunteered with class trips or projects at the elementary and primary school levels. The experiences of parents may inspire other parents to get involved in the school or to spread similar tales among their networks, which may draw new students to your institution.

Participate in Prominent Contests

Entering contests centered on the initiatives at your school is another way to stand out in neighborhood events. A good local news story is always produced when students compete in math leagues, sports contests, musical performances, or other events. This is a fantastic approach to get the name of your institution in front of many parents. This strategy works well for boosting enrolment and gaining public exposure.

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Highlight Teachers in Your Marketing Initiatives

Parents and guardians are very interested in the qualifications of your teaching team. They are curious about who will be educating their child and whether or not they are truly excellent instructors.

Therefore, it’s crucial to highlight and advertise the top instructors at your private school. Parents will have more confidence choosing your school over the competition as a result. Children are inspired by excellent instructors to be responsible, enjoy learning, and grow up to be wonderful adults.

Offer Restricted Content

A webinar, downloaded ebook, whitepaper, or other asset that provides knowledge that parents will find useful is typically considered gated content, also known as a content offer. By offering potential parents useful information in exchange for personal details such name, email address, phone number, the ages of their school-age children, and other crucial information, it is used to generate leads.

In order to further your interaction with families in the future, it helps to collect their contact information.

Increasing Enrolments at Private Schools

Commence Utilizing Email Marketing

Email marketing is currently one of the most effective marketing strategies for schools. When there is a school event or other activity you want to promote, this tool helps you communicate with parents and other community members. Additionally, you can ask recipients of the email to pass it to other families who might be interested in enrolling their children, or you could even send parents periodic surveys.

You can attract more potential students to your school by using email marketing, make sure to have an email signature.

Construct an Annual Survey of Family Satisfaction

Asking parents might sometimes be the most effective way to determine whether they are happy with your school. Have you recognized their sources of annoyance and are you making improvements to your school? An annual satisfaction survey for your school is an excellent method to find out how parents feel about it.

This will provide you with correct information and provide a line of communication for families to provide you with feedback. With this knowledge, you can create a strategy for reacting and implementing the necessary modifications. Parents will value your listening to them!

Remain Relevant

For your private school to see a rise in enrolment, you need satisfied students, parents and a good parent-teacher relationship. Families frequently pick private schools for their children because they offer flexible teaching techniques, a sense of security, and a calmer learning atmosphere.

It’s crucial to realize that modern technology and the usage of it in all professional choices are essential to the future, though, more than ever. Some students are interested in learning how the most recent technological advances are being used in fields including science, agriculture, astronomy, communications, and medical.

Therefore, it’s crucial to include a technology lab in your lesson plans and learning facilities, as well as instructors that are tech-savvy. Although it doesn’t usually take the role of textbooks and lectures, technology is probably a part of the school’s relevant programs and procedures.

Increasing Enrolments at Private Schools

Frequently Asked Questions on Private Schools

Why is enrollment so low?

Fewer people have focused on the potential long-term repercussions of the enrollment decline than on the factors that contributed to it, such as dropping birthrates, broad immediate employment availability, and increased public skepticism about the value of higher education.

What elements influence student enrollment?

The demographics of your neighborhood, the location of your school, and the cost of tuition will all have a big impact on how many students enroll. Can the families in your neighborhood afford the school's tuition?

When should a child start private school?

It is advised to hold off until your child is a little older and has started to develop their own interests, which often happens at around age 10 if there are no major concerns about academic performance, learning difficulties, or desire.

Do private schools merit the expense?

Whether or whether attending a private school is worthwhile will depend on your individual circumstances and the kind of learner your child is. Private education can help some students succeed academically and gain admission to a prestigious university. It can be a waste of time for some people.


We wish you well in involving your students and parents in meaningful ways and in developing a supportive, creative school atmosphere that inspires others to attend. Which enrollment-boosting tactics for private schools have you found to be effective?



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