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How you can Convince Parents to Agree with your Decisions in 7 ways

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How you can Convince Parents to say “Yes” to your Request!

You undoubtedly try to convince your parents to say yes to you several times a day as a child. How is everything going with you? You may struggle to persuade Mom and Dad of your wants since you have never been taught how to do it properly.

Social psychologists have recently uncovered shocking discoveries about what actually motivates people to say yes to us. These results are only known to a small number of the top salesmen. Most likely, neither Mom nor Dad are aware of them. And that’s what will help you succeed even more with this.

People tend to relax their guard when they are unaware that someone is attempting to persuade them to say yes and will believe they made the choice voluntarily. Your efforts and sway in persuading your parents to say yes to you will go unnoticed by them. It is a fantastic way to do things and this birthed the article on how you can convince parents.

Why Your Parents Don’t Say Yes To You More Often and Seem Stubborn

It is upsetting to frequently receive a no while requesting something from your parents. They refuse for two basic causes:

  1. Your parents love you and are concerned for your welfare, but they believe they are the best people to advise you on what is best for you. When you ask someone for something, you are putting out an idea. People are inherently prejudiced against viewpoints that differ from their own. They therefore consider excuses to reject you.
  2. Another factor has to do with how most people ask for things. We approach our parents immediately and demand that they negotiate with us. People prefer to dispute and resist when forced to use reason, psychology has shown. This is a significant factor in why Mom and Dad typically say no.

how you can convince parents

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How you can Convince Parents

Never do people do actions based on conscious thought. We act in accordance with our unconscious impulses and thoughts.

Therefore, the key to getting your parents to say yes is to ask subtly. In order to increase the likelihood that they would say yes to you, you must first influence their subconscious thinking in your favor. This is how you can convince parents who are very resistant to change.

To show you how you can convince parents, we’ll go through this in more depth below.

This strategy is strong. Be sincere with your parents at all times. They will continue to refuse some requests. Despite the fact that they sincerely care about you, you must respect their choice. Any misleading use of this will backfire on you.

Follow these guides if you’ve been searching for how you can convince parents:

1. Start by helping your parents.

One of the simplest methods of how you can convince parents or get them to help you even before you ask is by doing this. First, give them something. It doesn’t need to be tangible. But it must be sincere and significant.

how you can convince parents

Build some trust the day before if you intend to ask your parents for a favor one evening. Offer to do the dishes or walk the dog if you see them rushing to get to work. Or simply approach them and express your gratitude for whatever they done for you. Tell them you had to give them a big embrace since they meant so much to you. You may even create them a unique card.

The problem is that when people get a present, they have a deep-seated desire to return the favor. This will encourage them to agree to your request the following day or later that evening. Or at the very least, it will persuade them to consider your argument and give it more of a chance.

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2. Encourage them to contrast your request with something much bigger.

People frequently look about them for cues and direction when unsure about a choice. This frequently manifests itself as a comparison to a recent memory.

Let’s say you ask your parents for a $50 item. They have nothing to compare it to when they assess the product and price. They’ll probably decline you and say it’s too pricey.

Instead, do this. Talk to them first before mentioning any $500+ items. Never say you desire something. Simply bring it up in conversation, making sure to include the cost. After some time has passed, request the $50 item you want from them.

They are now compelled to compare the $50 price to a sum of $500 when they consider it. Now, $50 seems like a tiny sum to them. “anchoring and it uses the contrast principle” is what is meant by this. Your $50 item appeared cheap because you tied your parents to a $500 purchase. They are now more inclined to answer yes.

3. Persuade your parents to reconsider the sale

Making someone more likely to act is a beneficial strategy. Encourage them to consider what it would be like if they had already agreed to work with you.

Let’s say you request a dog from your folks. You want them to consider what it could be like if your family already had a dog before making the request. In light of the fact that nobody is home most afternoons, you could ask your father, “Dad, what kind of dog do you think would be good for our family?” He needs to picture your family with a dog in order to respond. Your parents are more inclined to say yes when they consider what it could be like to own a dog.

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4. Remind Them That They Have Limited Time With You

It doesn’t really matter what you say to someone when you ask them if your goal is to get them to say yes to you. Everything depends on how they feel and behave immediately before you make your request. Most children are aware not to inquire when their parents are agitated or under pressure because of this.

Something that is rare or not likely to last for long is valued significantly higher by people. You are that something in this situation. Remind your parents of their little time remaining with you. They’ll like you more and want to give you more things as a result. Read further to know other ways how you can convince parents.

5. Be Committed And Consistent First, Request Something Small

Your parents may occasionally want to give you something, but they may be a little hesitant. You can use a persuasion strategy known as commitment and consistency in certain situations.

Get your parents’ approval for a smaller, related item first in this case. When individuals become invested in a cause, even a tiny one, they will feel compelled to stick with their decision in similar circumstances in the future.

6. Have your parents believe the concept is their own.

Your parents believe they are the ones who best understand your needs. That is true at times, but not always. As a result, they can wind up rejecting your request mainly because you are the one making it.

Get your parents involved in the strategy itself before presenting it to them. They will see it as coming from the family as a whole, even if they are just little participating. And not just a youngster’s notion.

7. Recognize a mistake you’ve made or a wrongdoing you’ve committed.

This will seem like the worst thing you could possibly do right before you ask for something. However, your parents will actually have greater faith in you if you freely admit to a past error without them becoming aware of it. They will be lot more willing to give you stuff if they are confident that you will come forward to them on your own if you make a mistake.

Your parents may not fully trust you, which is the main reason they might not give you money for a fancy new toy, a car, or a phone. Additionally, they aim to keep you out of harm’s way and safe. They will, however, open all doors for you if you can find a way to let them know that you are honest with them, even when it hurts. The secret to success is trust. Make every effort to earn it.

how you can convince parents

FAQs on how you can Convince Parents

As you are seeking how you can convince parents, there are also many other related quests and these are answers to them.

How can you get your parents to stop ordering you to do something?

Asking your parents if there is a good time to talk will demonstrate your respect for their time. Try to then gently express your feelings. Avoid complaining or disputing because doing so will simply convey to your parents that you lack the maturity necessary to make decisions on your own.

What should you do if your parents refuse?

Thank them for their efforts! Even if they decline, express your gratitude to your parents. Find methods to appreciate your parents for all they do for you despite any disappointment you may be feeling. Your thanks might go a long way the next time you ask for anything because parents love to feel valued.

What should you do if you feel your parents have rejected you?

1. Allow yourself time to think about your emotions.
2. Your emotional journaling.
3. When you're down, keep repeating affirmations that are optimistic.
4. Try your best to avoid thinking negatively.
5. Frame the rejection in a good light.
6. Put yourself first.
7. Look for close connections elsewhere.
8. Talk to a trusted person about how you feel.

If my parents don’t like my friends, what can I do?

1. Find out what exactly annoys your parents or guardians about your acquaintance.
2. Inquire if your parents or other adult guardians might be open to spending a bit more time with you and your friend.
3. Talk about an accommodation.

Conclusion on How you can Convince Parents

Sometimes, our parents do reject our decisions even though they are harmless and seem to be right to us, we can not blame them for acting this way because it is a natural parenting instinct. However, putting into practice all the ways of how you can convince parents given in this article, you may be lucky to have them on your side!


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