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How to Open a Locker in 4 Easy Steps

You are in the final few minutes of the first day of class before the bell sounds when the unexpected happens. You can’t unlock your locker. However, try to maintain your composure; entering lockers when nervous is never a good combination. We can assist you in swiftly regaining access to your locker by showing you how to open a locker with and without combination.

How to Open a Locker with Combination

Make sure you have the right combination before you learn how to open a locker.

The majority of padlock combinations are made up of three integers in the range of 0 to 39. If your lock is integrated into the locker, however, these numbers may be higher—sometimes even reaching 99. Regardless, there will be three distinct numbers in your locker combination.

We’ll be employing the combination 35-9-17 for the subsequent steps.

Each number must be turned and positioned such that it lines up with the indicator arrow on top of the lock.

Step 1. Clear the Lock.

how to open a locker
how to open a locker

Turn the dial on the locker lock three full rotations to the right:

Clearing the internal gates is the first step in unlocking a locker. The dial must be turned three times fully in the clockwise direction (right).

Prior to attempting to input the combination digits, the lock must be cleared. You must clear the combination again if you believe you entered it incorrectly before attempting again.

It helps to select a random number and turn the dial till you pass it at least three times to check that the lock is properly unlocked. You can rotate it an additional turn or two if you want to be safe.

Step 2. Enter Your Combination

how to open a locker
how to open a locker

It’s time to input your combination now that the lock has been opened.

Remember to turn “right-left-right” as a fast reminder!

  • First Number: After opening the lock, turn the dial counterclockwise (to the right) until you reach your first number. It is 35 in this instance.
  • Second Number: Now turn the dial in the opposite direction (to the left), stopping at your second number. It is 9 in this instance.
  • Third Number: Turn the dial in a clockwise direction (to the right) and stop at the last combo number. It is 17 in this instance.

Step 3. Unlock the lock

how to open a locker
how to open a locker

Pull down on the lock body after entering your last digit to unlock the lock.

You can now open the door if the lock is a built-in feature of the locker.

If the lock won’t unlock, try these things:

  • Add a few more numbers to the right on the dial (clockwise). These cheap locks can have misaligned gates.
  • Try again after unlocking the lock and entering the digits.
  • Make sure you are using the right combination by checking twice.
  • Books, bags, or clothing can occasionally impede the internal latch and cause the door to become jammed. Apply pressure to the door from the inside and upward, and then abruptly jerk it open.
  • Request assistance. If none of the aforementioned solutions work, something may be broken or you may have been given the incorrect combination. You are not the only one who has experienced this, so relax!

Step 4. Lock the Locker

Make careful to properly secure your locker when you are through using it; simply shutting the lock is insufficient.

Give the dial a few revolutions clockwise after you close the lock to open the gates and restart the lock.

The internal gates are still appropriately aligned, thus the combination you entered is still active, making it possible for someone to go up and unlock the lock if you don’t finish this step.

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How to Open a Locker without Combination

There are some alternative methods to unlock the lock without the combination if you misplace or forget the combination and have no other way of obtaining it.

It’s crucial to remember that you should only use these techniques if you actually own the lock, which means you paid for it out of pocket.

If the lock came with your locker, the school is the owner of the lock. Tampering with school property can land you in serious legal trouble, and it’s also unethical. Asking your school for the combination is always simpler. Here are few ways to achieve this:

Crack the Combination

You’ve probably seen a movie where the bully from the local high school is being tapered with the hero’s locker. After several turns of the lock’s dial, he is finally able to enter.

Is this magic from the movie, or is it genuinely possible?

The truth is that, although it takes far longer than 2-3 minutes to figure out a locker lock’s combination, it’s actually much simpler than you might imagine.

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Trying and Testing

Have you ever pondered how long it would take you to try every possible combination to find the one for your locker?

A typical Master Lock has 64,000 combinations and 40 digits. You’ll need around 200 hours to test every possible combination.

Trial and error is a great strategy to apply, but, if you’ve only forgotten one number or have a broad notion of your combination. Write down all the combinations you can think of using a pen and paper, then get to work! Furthermore, if you have a broad concept of the combination, the following cracking technique might greatly speed up the process!

Shim the Lock

Shimming is a great lock bypassing method that makes use of a small piece of metal, like a broken soda can!

The locking mechanism that holds the shackle closed is compressed by putting the metal shim into the shackle hole. Most inexpensive padlocks may be easily shimmered with a soda can.

Break the Shackle

You can always choose the destructive option and cut the Shackle of your padlock if all else fails.

Even though you’ll need to pay up front for a new lock, having access to your locker once more is preferable to never having it again. However, if you can’t get to your schoolwork, you can’t complete it. It’s also a far superior justification than your goldfish eating your schoolwork!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Three-digit Locker opened?

Turn the three dials until your lock's side displays the proper combination. Then, to open the lock, pull up on the metal shackle that is bent and located at its top. Use the factory setting of 0-0-0 if you have never changed the combination.

What permutations are there for a four-digit code?

The digits 0 through 9 can be put together in one of 10,000 different ways to create a four-digit code.

What four-digit number is the greatest?

The largest four-digit number in the system is 9999. Therefore, it can be demonstrated that 9999 is the biggest four-digit number.

Who Invented the Locker?

The pin-tumbler lock that his father created in the 1840s served as inspiration for Linus Yale, who created and patented a smaller flat key with serrated edges as well as pins of various lengths inside the lock itself in 1861.

how to open a locker
how to open a locker

Conclusion: What to do if your Lock still won’t Open

Remember that some locker locks are more finicky than others. Restart with three spins to the right if it’s still not opening. Retype your combination slowly to be sure you didn’t omit any stages. There’s also a chance that your locker is jammed. When the latch is obstructed from moving up and down, jams take place.

You will need to exert some pressure to release the latch because it may become tangled in clothing, bags, or other objects. Try pushing up on the locker’s handle as far as you can, then quickly jerk it in your direction. This movement alone may occasionally be sufficient to release the lock. You are neither the first or the last kid to experience locker issues, so if all else fails, don’t be hesitant to ask a teacher or janitor for assistance.



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