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How to land an apple internship in 2023

How to land an apple internship. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re curious about how difficult it is to secure an internship at Apple or what an intern does there. An Apple computer science internship is an excellent starting point for a lucrative career in the business and technology sectors and will give you useful job experience.

This post is for you if you are a recent college graduate, a current student, or a seasoned professional trying to learn how to land an internship at Apple.

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What internships does Apple offer?

Apple offers internships in a variety of sectors to undergraduate and graduate students. You can anticipate finding jobs in areas like business, software engineering, hardware technology, UI design, and artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some of Apple’s internship positions are completely devoted to a single good or service, such developing Apple Pay or Siri, or designing software or hardware for the Mac or iPad.

These apple internships are offered in numerous places throughout the globe, including “the Valley of Heart’s Delight” in Santa Clara, the bustling and diverse London, and the innovation capital of the world, Shanghai. Interns get experience while working with some of the most creative minds in the world during the 12- to 24-week internship. Benefits include free housing. “You get put on a real project, with real responsibilities, and have a meaningful impact on product results,” as one former Apple intern described it. You have frequent interactions with influential people at the organization, and they value your viewpoint just like they would an employee.

Where are Apple internships based?

It’s easy to understand why the tech giant is regarded as the most valuable corporation out there with well over a billion active iPhones worldwide, fourth-quarter revenue of $90.1 billion in 2022, and the greatest market cap in the globe. But to get this kind of harvest, you need a crew that is similarly amazing. The fact that Apple has built corporate offices in more than 40 places around the world should not come as a surprise.

These locations host many of Apple’s internship opportunities, some of which we’ve highlighted here. Don’t worry if you’re too far away from them; Apple pays for all staff housing and travel costs. Also, don’t worry about being alone. College students who are interning here are placed in apartments with other interns, which is a terrific opportunity for newbies to meet others.

There are apple internship opportunities in more than ten different cities and megacities, including:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Munich, Germany
  • Livorno, Italy
  • Paris, France
  • Shanghai, China
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • London, UK
  • Santa Clara, US

What do Apple internships pay?

Glassdoor reports that Apple interns make about $65,000 per year in take-home pay. This sum includes a bonus that is typically $6,000 every year. Young adults interning at Apple are able to save a respectable amount of money for the future when combined with the corporate housing option. Not bad for a beginner, you may think.

In addition to receiving employee discounts on Apple products, interns also receive travel expense reimbursement (this also applies to candidates for interviews). The software company places a strong emphasis on creating a welcoming work atmosphere for interns, giving them a direct manager, mentor, and fellow intern right away. Together with team-building exercises, this fosters a friendly environment that promotes communication and fosters cooperation among team members. Because of this, internships at Apple are some of the most difficult to obtain in the US.

What Does an Apple Intern Do?

Working alongside full-time Apple professionals, an intern at Apple contributes to important projects. Obtaining an internship at Apple is a fantastic career booster that can assist you in landing a full-time position there or at other sought-after top businesses.

Jobs in manufacturing, engineering, machine learning research, technical project management, customer experience, and cryptography can all be learned through internships at Apple. The philosophy behind Apple’s internship programs is to recruit participants rather than bystanders. This implies that as an intern, your responsibilities won’t be restricted to routine or administrative chores. Within your department, you will play a crucial function. You will also spend a considerable amount of time acquiring lucrative skills from Apple specialists and current employees, as well as gaining priceless experiences.

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How to land an apple internship: Step by step guide

The procedures for applying for an internship at Apple are quite simple and are similar to those for most online job applications. The procedure for applying for an internship with Apple is outlined below. Additionally, you can alter your search to suit your preferences.

1. Search for Available Internship Opportunities

Investigating the various opportunities that are available is the first step. The open internships are advertised on a number of platforms, including the Apple internship website and well-known job-search portals like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. To find a position that meets your location preferences, make sure to set the United States or your home office as your location search option.

2. Apply for the Position 

Applying for the post is the next action. To increase your chances of being selected, speak with your instructors or college advisors for a letter of recommendation. If your ideal internship position isn’t available, you can send an Apple recruiter your resume and portfolio via the company’s Get Discovered function.

Make sure to show that you have a passion for technology and innovation to stand out in the candidate pool among the numerous apple internship applications. A link to your online portfolio that highlights your relevant knowledge for the role and in-demand abilities can also be included.

3. Ace the Interview 

You will receive an invitation to an interview if the hiring manager is impressed with your initial application. An Apple internship recruiter will do a preliminary phone interview with you. You will take part in the following interview round if you are successful. Your team manager will lead this round, which will consist of technical questions to assess your suitability for the job.

You have the opportunity to demonstrate during this section of the apple internship interview process that you are a candidate who wants to work for the tech company in order to learn and advance the business. Depending on where you live, if you make it through the second interview phase, Apple’s E-Verify program may apply to you. Once you successfully complete the verification process, Apple will officially hire you as an intern.

Tips for applying

As you can expect, there is a tremendous demand for Apple internships, so the key is to be well-prepared and to apply as soon as possible. You should find a lot of assistance with the application process from the following advice:

1. Start something

Starting a small business, project, or website will show initiative, entrepreneurship, and a love of technology. Apple gives it a lot of thought when deciding which candidates to hire.

2. Create an online portfolio

It should come as no surprise that an online portfolio is essential if you are applying for an apple internship. Use it to highlight your previous successes. Your online portfolio may be discovered by recruiters, who may then contact you if they find it compelling.

3. Make a short and sweet résumé

It’s a poorly known fact that recruiters hardly ever examine resumes. They peek at them, frequently for no more than fifteen seconds, before categorizing them as “yes” or “no,” according to Forbes. This makes a brief résumé—typically one page—beneficial. It emphasizes your accomplishments without using superfluous words.

4. Tap into your network

It should come as no surprise that an online portfolio is essential if you are applying for an internship with Apple. Use it to highlight your previous successes. Your online portfolio may be discovered by recruiters, who may then contact you if they find it compelling.

5. Practice

Practice whatever you are applying for, whether it be coding, creating, building, or reviewing. In order to succeed in your interview for an Apple internship, practice responding to every question you can think of. Look online to see what prior candidates and interns have said about the interview process on Glassdoor.

6. Admit mistakes

It should come as no surprise that an online portfolio is essential if you are applying for an apple internship. Use it to highlight your previous successes. Your online portfolio may be discovered by recruiters, who may then contact you if they find it compelling.

7. Do some relevant volunteer work

Apple will take attention even if you aren’t compensated for your efforts. You simply need to accumulate professional experience that matters to Apple. Find one of the many non-profits that would do everything to hire IT professionals and offer your services to them.

FAQS on How to land an apple internship

Should I Apply for an Internship at Apple?

If you want to improve your prospects of pursuing lucrative tech and non-tech oriented professions while receiving a top-notch salary package, you should apply for an internship at Apple. You can actively take part in cutting-edge initiatives while working as an Apple intern and gain knowledge from the top professionals in the field. This may be a fantastic chance for you to advance your career.

Is There a Summer Apple Internship Program?

Yes, there is a summer internship program at Apple that calls for a weekly commitment of forty hours.

Is It Hard to Get an Internship at Apple?

Yes, given Apple's reputation and the fierce competition, getting an internship there is challenging. One of the largest tech companies in the world, Apple is used by millions of individuals.

How Much Do Apple Interns Make?

Apple interns earn an average annual income of $90,130, according to Glassdoor, with salaries ranging from $10,167 to $286,108.


For many recent graduates and young students, an apple internship represents the best possibility. They can flourish there and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Working with some of the top developers in the world gives you the chance to strengthen your abilities while working on actual projects and impending releases.

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