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How to Get a Scholarship in Canada in 2023; Top Tips

This article is to answer your question on how to get a scholarship in Canada if you are wishing to study in the country, courtesy of scholarship.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is the second-largest country in the world by land mass, only after Russia, and has a population density of 4 people per square kilometer, which is lower than India’s staggering 416 people per square kilometer.

Canada has many attractive universities for international students from all country of the World. Canada has 96 universities, most of which are highly hospitable to international students, spread out over its urban and rural locations. One unique feature of Canada is that it has two official languages, English in most of the west and French in Quebec in the east. You probably already know this. Canada is the place to go if you want to extend your horizons as an ESL or FSL student! So, find out how to get a scholarship in Canada now!

It’s well known that Canadians are a friendly lot. The country is always on the cutting edge of social structures and technology, making it very accommodating to the open-minded mentality of students studying abroad, in addition to the abundance of incentives for international students to study in Canada.

Top Universities in Canada

If you’re keen on how to get a scholarship in Canada, you may start by aiming your darts at Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal. Toronto and Vancouver are ranked 13th and 17th, respectively, in the QS Best Student Cities 2018 list, with Montréal coming in at number four!

However, the areas in between are home to some of the nation’s most well-known colleges abroad. So you might prefer to study outside of the three major cities depending on your subject of study, preferred location, and level of tolerance for the cold.

Out of the 96 universities in Canada, 26 are ranked in the 2019 QS World University Rankings! You are just about to find out how to get a scholarship in Canada from any of the Universities.

The top 10 are as follows:

  1. Queen’s College
  2. College of Calgary
  3. Western College
  4. University of Waterloo
  5. Montréal University
  6. McMaster University
  7. College of Alberta
  8. British Columbia University
  9. McGill College
  10. College of Toronto

If there weren’t a vast variety of courses to choose from, including courses in business and finance, media and journalism, agricultural science, and computer science and IT, Canada wouldn’t be home to around 572,000 international students each year. You’ll undoubtedly how to get a scholarship in Canada!

how to get a scholarship in Canada

Additionally, there are approximately 150 colleges in Canada that provide certificates and short courses. You might come across one that precisely suits your goals. Even though the application process for a student visa will be the same, you might be able to save some money on tuition overall.

Top courses in Canada

You will have the skills and credentials needed to pursue a profession in your chosen sector or to continue your education for a Master’s or PhD in Canada if you get a Bachelor’s degree. Before knowing how to get a scholarship in Canada, you need to know the courses available and the ones that suit you most.

Regarding the classes you can select within your field of study, the degree structure for undergraduate programs adopts a more open stance. Upon completion of each course, students receive a specific number of credits.

The department that the student is studying in offers a variety of courses that the student can select from. This differs from, for example, the French degree system, where the institute determines which courses must be taken each semester.

Acceptance into the majority of universities is quite competitive. You will have to take a test to prove your English competence if it is not your first language. Any proof of secondary school success (GPA, voluntary work, involvement in student organizations, etc.) will increase your chances of being accepted!

Before you learn how to get a scholarship in Canada, take note of this information below.

The following are the most taken courses in Canada;

  1. Computer science and information technology (IT)
  2. Hospitality
  3. Engineering
  4. Science & Medicine
  5. Forestry & Agriculture
  6. Nursing
  7. Economics
  8. Business Administration
  9. Journalism & the Media
  10. Public relations and human resources

how to get a scholarship in Canada

How to Get a Scholarship in Canada

Paying for higher education can be very challenging even though the course costs for international students may seem like pocket money in comparison to other nations. You’ll probably be seeking how to get a scholarship in Canada to help with the cost unless you have a money tree in your backyard.

Universities in Canada provide a wide variety of their own scholarships, ranging from highly specialized specialty fields of study to academic and athletic achievements. It’s a good idea to do extensive research on domestic organizations that provide study abroad scholarships.

How to Apply for a Canadian Study Visa

The application process varies according on the institution, but generally speaking, you must demonstrate your language competency, produce transcripts from any prior coursework, demonstrate your financial stability, and provide proof of health insurance. One of the most important things on how to get a scholarship in Canada is by having your student Visa, it’s very important.

What you can do to avoid future problems is to make sure you meet all the standards for the institution you want to apply to.

Most universities need you to declare your major when you apply. Do not worry if you are unsure of what this might be. Universities in Canada often allow students to switch their majors at any time.

Language prerequisites

Courses at Canadian universities will be taught in either English or French because Canada is a bilingual nation.

You will need to take a language competence test even if you are a natural speaker of English or French. IELTS is accepted whenever you apply to a university that speaks English. TEF is the most widely approved and utilized language test for French.

Typically, fees are in the $100 range.

Student Visa

Without a student visa, you can study in Canada for up to six months. But if you wanted to work, you would need the appropriate authorization.

how to get a scholarship in Canada

When requesting a study permit, the following papers must be submitted:

  • The acceptance letter you got from your university serves as proof of acceptance.
  • A current passport will work as identification proof.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds: $10,000 Canadian per year plus $833 per additional month
  • The application process is considerably simpler than in most other nations, and it costs CA$150.
  • A letter of justification is also a smart move. This could speed up the approval process because it will make the visa officer more aware of your goals and obligations as a visitor to Canada. All these are prerequisites of how to get a scholarship in Canada.

How to Get a Scholarship in Canada in 2022

Scholarships are non-repayable cash awards that international students can use to assist finance their studies in Canada. They are often given to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic accomplishment, however some also honor volunteer and professional experience.

Some scholarships require an application, while others are given out on their own.

Scholarship financing is scarce, fiercely competitive, and primarily available to postgraduate students from outside who want to study in Canada. Nevertheless, to assist you in investigating how to get a scholarship in Canada, here are some advice and resources.

The following are the procedures on how to get a scholarship in Canada right now in 2022;

1. Commence at home

The initial step for students should be to look into scholarships and other funding options in their own nation. Make contact with the education department in your nation of residence.

2. Speak to the university of your choice

Get in touch with the financial aid department of the university you want to attend to learn more about international student scholarships and any requirements for applications.

3. Look into additional possibilities

Find information about the scholarships offered by not-for-profit institutions, private foundations, and the federal and provincial governments of Canada.

To get you started, consider the following suggestions and Scholarships available now in Canada:

1. The Global Affairs Canada (GAC) International Scholarships Program

2. Vanier Graduate Scholarships in Canada

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is available to PhD candidates from anywhere in the world who are attending a Canadian university. It is worth $50,000 over three years.

3. Funds for Recheche of Quebec Grants and Scholarships

The Quebec government provides grants and scholarships for PhD studies, postdoctoral fellowships, and short-term research or professional development through its research funds FRQNT (nature et technologies), FRQS (santé), and FRQSC (société et culture).

4. Doctoral fellowships from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation at the University of Waterloo

Up to 15 outstanding PhD candidates in the social sciences and humanities who are enrolled or about to enroll in a program receive awards from the Trudeau Foundation each year. Each scholar will receive up to $60,000 each year for a maximum of four years.

Conclusion on how to get a Scholarship in Canada

We hope that this post should have provided you all the information you need to know on how to get a scholarship in Canada.

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