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How To Get A Basketball Scholarship UK

How To Get A Basketball Scholarship In The UK

The majority of players that the research team spoke to in the study were not aware of the options to study at university and play basketball within the UK. That included youth level players (age group 11-15 and 16-19) and older players who had chosen the American route. To address this lack of awareness, the research team surveyed various universities and sought information about their support and sport scholarships that are available to basketball players.

Basketball Scholarship UK

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Below is a detailed list of Universities that offer performance Basketball Scholarship UK;

  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Birmingham City University
  • Bournemouth University
  • University of Brighton
  • Buckinghamshire New University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • UCLan
  • Coventry University
  • University of Derby
  • Durham University
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of East London
  • University of Essex
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Loughborough University
  • University of Manchester
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Newcastle University
  • Northumbria University
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Plymouth Marjon University
  • Solent University
  • University of the West of England
  • University of Wolverhampton

Basketball Scholarship UK

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What is the Basketball Scholarship UK Criteria?

  • Undergraduates must have played to a high standard in (EABL/ABL)
  • Post Graduates must have played to a good standard in (BUCS Prem / NCAA / NAIA)

Please note that each institution involved in the Basketball scholarship UK program has the exclusive eligibility criteria.

Let us discuss the aforementioned universities that offer Basketball Scholarship UK;

  1. Anglia Ruskin College

The high-performance Basketball scholarship UK program of Anglia Ruskin University is centered on the Cambridge campus.
The organization is looking for driven. Talented and motivated student-athletes who could thrive as a part of the university’s basketball team and contribute to its long-term success.

2. University of Birmingham

At BCU, they want to encourage their academic success while you pursue their athletic goals, and they appreciate the dedication dual-career players put forth. Students who excel in their sport can apply for their Sports Scholarship, which will help them reach their full athletic potential while still pursuing their academic goals. This include the basketball scholarship.

Qualifications for the Scholarship:

The scholarship is intended to help athletes who are currently competing at a performance level but have the potential to become elite competitors. They can also help students who might be succeeding in sports in other capacities, like coaches and officials. You must already be enrolled in a BCU their or have an offer of a spot in one to be eligible. Not just those taking sports-related courses, but anyone taking one of their courses at the undergraduate or graduate level may qualify.

Basketball Scholarship UK

The BCU Basketball scholarship UK program has the following objectives:

  • to offer a premier athlete support program located at a university.
  • to offer customized resources that are centered on the requirements of the athlete
  • to help athletes advance their knowledge of and comprehension of high performance sport
  • to aid athletes in achieving their goals of excellence

What is provided by the scholarship?

The standard support package provided consists of the following:

  • support from strength and conditioning
  • support for athletes’ diets
  • assistance for sport psychology
  • expert instruction (dependent on sport)
  • sports medicine
  • anti-doping advocacy
  • Support for performance-based lifestyle
  • sport equipment
  • Up to £500 in performance support grant for athlete development

Please take note that there is no tuition cost savings offered by the scholarship.

3. University of Bournemouth

Courses beginning in January 2023, September 2023, and January 2024 are eligible for entry. Scholarships are not transferable.


  • Anyone who wants to enroll in a full-time undergraduate or graduate ctheirse at BU
  • Be a highly accomplished athlete who aspires to advance both academically and in the sporting world.
  • 45–50 available people
  • Required to complete an application
  • The deadlines for submission are 31 August if their ctheirse begins in September and 30 November if it begins in January.
  • High-level athletes can apply for the BU Sport Scholarship if they want to enroll in undergraduate or graduate studies at BU. The scholarship is intended to give you the resources you need to advance their athletic progress and develop them further.

You are eligible to apply for funding of up to £5,000, which you can use for coaching, equipment, competition registration fees, travel costs, or support services.

You must compete at the Regional, National, and/or International levels, exhibit proficiency in their chosen sport, and be a member of a squad at those levels. The ideal scenario for university of Bournemouth scholarship UK recipients is for them to represent both themselves and/or their club at regional, national, and international levels in addition to BU in the BUCS program (League and Individual). Additionally, individual athletes will need to compete against the best members of the BUCS program.

In order to receive a scholarship, you must agree to attend 75% of training sessions, meet with the Sports Performance Manager to discuss how the funds will benefit you throughout the year, and represent BU in competitions whenever possible in order to increase awareness of SportBU’s initiatives and be highlighted in marketing materials.

4. College of Brighton


  • Free use of the athletic facilities of the university
  • Support for the cost of the academic year, up to £500
  • Efficiency T-shirt
  • Workshop accessibility (nutrition, fitness training, technique analysis and sports psychology)
  • assistance for strength and conditioning
  • Support for sports science
  • testing of physical performance
  • Access to physiotherapy services at a discounted rate
  • Access to sport massage sessions at a discount
  • A guide for good lifestyle management
  • access to the sports coaches at the University of Brighton (where available)
  • Links to outside clubs via their vast partnering network.

Who may submit an application?

  • You should have competed at the national or regional levels of their sport, or be able to show that you have the capacity to do so (please note county representation is not a sufficient standard).
  • You should have been admitted to a course at the University of Brighton or currently be enrolled there to be eligible for the Basketball scholarship UK program.

5. Buckingham New College

BNU is one of only 33 locations in the UK with accreditation to provide financial support for athletes nominated for the TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) program. The Human Performance, Exercise and Wellbeing Centre, which houses their Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) and their Sports and Wellbeing Clinic, provides this assistance.

6. University of Cardiff Metropolitan

The institution selection of Performance and Elite Sports Scholarships is intended for domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students who excel in sports.
Students who match the requirements outlined in the eligibility section below may apply for the prize, which is based on athletic accomplishments and the ability to support Cardiff Met.

Schemes and Qualification Standards

They are offering six distinct scholarship programs that are exclusively open to candidates who are now enrolled in or about to start a full-time or part-time degree program at Cardiff Met. The Basketball scholarship UK program is included among the sports scholarship offered by Cardiff University.

7. UCLAn

The Basketball scholarship UK program at UCLan has more than 50 members and offers possibilities for players of all skill levels, including recreational, 2nd team, and high level competitors with the Men’s and Ladies’ First Teams.

The Men’s First Team has spent five years competing in BUCS Northern 1A, placing third in 2015 and 2016 and second in 2014, respectively.

To support and draw committed basketball players, the university has developed a comprehensive training schedule and Basketball scholarship UK program for assisting interested students.

For further preparation and play in National League tier 2, the men’s basketball program also has a direct connection to Preston Pride Basketball’s Men’s National Basketball Team.

8. University of Coventry

Do you possess talent in a certain sport?
The Coventry University Basketball scholarship UK program provides you with the opportunity to succeed!
You may receive financial aid and support for your sporting endeavors through a Coventry University sports scholarship.

This Basketball scholarship UK program program provides you with a network of support that enables you to combine the rigors of competitive sport with academic study, enabling you to excel to the highest level in both arenas.

9. Derby University

The University provides basketball-related assistance services like;

  • voluntary preseason
  • two weekly court sessions with the school’s head coach
  • There are more court reservations available for athletes
  • Two sport-specific strength and conditioning sessions in the high-performance gym
  • Individual pre-season and post-season testing
  • Therapy sessions in physio
  • Performance sport seminars on the value of slumber, time management, and nutrition
  • Analyzing team performance

10. Durham University 

The University provides about 12 sporting scholarships each year, with the winners receiving £2,000 each year for the duration of their undergraduate studies.

They sponsor more than 50 capped internationals annually and are the top team sport university in the United Kingdom (rated No. 1 in the UK by BUCS since 2013).

Few universities successfully and regularly integrate athletic and academic achievement as they do. Their sporting philosophy is to provide outstanding people the chance to do exceptional things. Durham is a First Class County Cricket, British Fencing, Tennis Foundation University, Basketball scholarship UK program, and English Lacrosse High-Performance University Performance Center, as theyll as a British Rowing Performance Center.

11. East Anglia University 

The men’s club of the UEA basketball scholarship UK program offers a variety of social and competitive playing possibilities, as they’ll as one team in National League Division 3 East, two teams in British University competition, and two teams in local league.

The National Basketball League and the British Universities competition expose athletes to top-notch basketball competition in addition to numerous training, video analysis, and strength and conditioning sessions spread throughout the week.

This year, all first team players will get developing excellence basketball scholarships, access to free gym and swim memberships, strength and conditioning sessions, physiotherapy, and nutritional courses, building on the success of recent seasons and the expansion of both the men’s and women’s squads.

12. Eastern University of London

One of the top collegiate basketball scholarship UK programs today is UEL’s program. In the previous five years, the men’s team has won their BUCS Premier South championships, and both teams qualified for the BUCS Championships in 2019.

The growth of players while they are at UEL is crucial. The comprehensive program’s delivery allows players to participate in daily team and one-on-one training sessions, maximizing their time with their coaching and support personnel. Along with the collaborations with the London Lions (BBL), NASSA (NBL Division 2), and BA London Lions (WBBL), these leagues offer high level competition each week to support ongoing player development.

Players are now steadily moving forward in the program to establish lucrative professional careers both in the UK and abroad.

13. University of Essex

University of Essex’s goal is to assist you in reaching your full potential on the field, court, or track by getting you faster, fitter, and stronger. Though they’re devoted to promoting a dual career track where academic and athletic achievement are equally vital, they won’t let you neglect their studies. The university have a team of knowledgeable coaches and support professionals available to help you succeed in the future.

14. School of Hertfordshire

An outstanding basketball scholarship UK program was established at the University of Hertfordshire to support gifted athletes who are enrolled there. Applications are evaluated on an individual basis, and athletes will receive a variety of awards, with BUCS sports receiving preference.

Student athletes who receive awards may also receive a variety of benefits and services, including:

  • memberships to the campus gyms at The Sport Village and The Oval
  • Performance Herts offers strength and conditioning instruction from top instructors in the field.
  • workshops for athletes’ education on subjects like anti-doping, sport psychology, and nutrition
  • physiotherapy
  • Competition costs for BUCS
  • Team attire with the University of Hertfordshire logo
  • Academic flexibility for athletes pursuing two careers (around national training camps and competition)
  • To aid with an athlete’s growth and capacity to balance sport and degree studies, lifestyle support from a TALS licensed practitioner is recommended.
  • Award for Financial Sport Scholarship (these payments contribute towards training, competition and living costs).
  • Athletes who compete at the national age group level or higher are recognized (or equivilent where pathways differ).

15. Loughborough University 

We are aware of the stress involved in juggling elite athletic competition with academic education.

Their unmatched support and sporting development philosophies help all student athletes in their performance programs.

Members of the sport performance program receive support valued at thousands of pounds, including coaching, strength and conditioning, sports medicine, sports science, nutrition, psychology, lifestyle counseling, and academic flexibility. Their sports scholarships inclusive the basketball scholarship UK also offer direct cash assistance in addition to this fantastic support.

Up to £5,000 annually.

  • Free access to Powerbase, one of the biggest strength and conditioning facilities in the nation
  • free membership to the Athletic Union club
  • parking permit on campus
  • Athletics, badminton, cricket, cycling, football, hockey, netball, rugby union, squash, swimming, tennis, triathlon, and women’s wheelchair basketball, basketball scholarship UK all feature performance-oriented programs. The institution would also think about supporting outstanding summer Olympic and Paralympic applicants with sport scholarships.
  • You can find up-to-date details about each scholarship, its requirements, and how to apply on the website dedicated to sports scholarships.

16. University of Manchester

Students ability to compete in sports at The University of Manchester need not be adversely affected by their financial situation. You can be qualified for assistance and financing through their Sport Manchester Scholarship Program if you’re engaged in national competition.

University of Manchester will assist you in juggling the demands of their rigorous training and competition schedule with the stress of degree-related coursework. Depending on their level of capability, there are many levels of support.

17. Metropolitan University of Manchester

This institution is confident in their program’s potential to help athletes pursuing multiple careers and are delighted to be a part of a world-class athletic city.

Their program takes into account and caters to the unique needs of each athlete.

The complete package has a yearly value of up to £7,000. Exceptional applicants may be eligible for additional University funding.

Tuition fees can be reduced by up to 20%; additional fee reductions will be given to exceptional applicants.

  • Gaining access to the privately financed Performance Sport townhouses
  • Financial support for expenses
  • access to world-class athletic facilities within a ten-minute drive or on campus
  • Individualized sport science assistance
  • individualized dietary support
  • Athletic massage and physiotherapy
  • Take a tour of their performance sport science suite.
  • Customized programs for strength and conditioning
  • Team athletes receive free membership to sports clubs.
  • Lifestyle assistance
  • The program can help dual-career athletes, and they will be happy to be a part of such a renowned sporting city.

The athletic scholarships are given out on an individual basis, with preference going to those whose sport is part of the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) program. The University’s Sport Scholarship Committee will decide the award amount, and each application is evaluated on its own merits.

18. Newcastle University

Every year, they provide funding and sports scholarships to students who:

  • Having had success in sports
  • Continue to succeed and represent the University


You have to:

  • Be a present-day student in any academic year, or
    either a postgraduate or undergraduate
  • Candidate who was offered a spot at Newcastle University

You have to:

  • In the previous 12 months, earned senior or age group representative honors at the national or regional level, and/or
  • Be a part of the performance squads of the National Governing Body (NGB), or anything equivalent.

You have to agree to:

  • Getting better at their sport
  • Representing the university when appropriate in BUCS (British Universities Colleges Sport) competitions


Within the recent 12 months, a regional, national, or international standard. A National Governing Body Performance Squad or something comparable should be comprised of students.

Financed up to £10,000.

Received services:

  • Small-group or individual strength training sessions
  • Availability of healthcare treatments, such as physiotherapy and sports massage
  • Professional instruction
  • Coaching and lifestyle assistance
  • Sports physiology, nutrition, psychology, screenings, injury prevention and management, and lifestyle management are some of the topics covered in the athlete workshop program.
  • Support for sports science
  • Availability of training resources
  • Examination of performance videos.

Applications for sports scholarships are now available. The deadline for applications is Sunday, October 2, 2022.

19. Northumbria University 

A top university for sports, Northumbria University provides a wide range of possibilities for students wishing to participate in a top-notch competitive program. More than 60 teams from Northumbria Sport are competing in the British University and Colleague Sport Leagues this year (BUCS).

Through their specialized sports scholarship program, Northumbria Sport assists about 150 student athletes annually across a variety of disciplines. Northumbria Sport provides scholarships to help athletes pursue a dual profession, allowing them to improve their athletic progress while earning a high-quality degree.


  • Financial assistance
  • sporting goods gear for students
  • Specialized strength and conditioning instruction and resources.
  • Support for rehabilitation and physical therapy treatments
  • Unlimited use of the swimming pool and fitness center at Sport Central
  • Support and workshops for anti-doping
  • Support for performance-based lifestyle
  • Assistance for sport psychology
  • Dietary guidance
  • Support for dual careers and academic flexibility

20. Leicester University

High-achieving student athletes from a variety of sports can apply for a number of scholarships from NTU each year to help with their undergraduate and graduate studies. Each award is customized to the athlete’s requirements in order to make sure that everything is in place to support their success in both academics and athletics while attending NTU.


  • Free access to the NTU fitness center and sports clubs
  • Training for strength and conditioning in small groups
  • Athletic nutrition
  • Athletic psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Support for performance-based lifestyle
  • Student athlete kit


NTU awards sport scholarships on a case-by-case basis. Individuals whose sport is part of the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) program are given preference.

You must: in order to be eligible for a sport scholarship.

  • Be enrolled at NTU right now in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, or be in the application process to enroll there for the upcoming academic year.
  • Compete at a regional, national, or worldwide level in their sport, or provide proof of having a promising future in it.

21. Plymouth Marjorn School

There are three different levels of scholarships. Each offers the athlete performance assistance of up to $2000 a year. Depending on how you perform, you can also qualify for financial assistance of up to $2000 annually.

Tiers include:

  • Tier 1: Senior National/International Athlete, In the past 12 months, you have competed at the Senior Level for their country or are currently doing so.
  • Tier 2: Member of a national development squad or Age Group National Athlete. You have competed at that level in the last 12 months, have been a member of a National Development Squad, or have represented your country at the age group level.
  • Tier 3: Step 5+ (for men) and Step 4+ (for women) standard or equivalent; Regional Representative; Member of National League Team/Academy. You currently compete at that level or have competed at that level in the previous 12 months.
    Support for international athletes will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

22. Solent University 

A complete sports program of the highest caliber is provided by Solent Sport. The curriculum is tailored to their athletic ability and potential and created to assist you in juggling their academic career with competition on a national and international level.

23. Western University of England

Throughout your stay in the program, you will receive professional performance-level coaching along with training facilities tailored to your chosen sport. You can use the “Shootaway” basketball shooting pistol whenever the sports hall is open as part of this. Up to 1,000 shots can be obtained in less than an hour, giving you access to a training tool that few UK programs have.

Basketball is one of UWE Bristol’s performance sports, therefore there is a chance to get extra assistance to help you succeed.

24. Wolverhampton University

WLV Sport Scholarships are given out on an individual basis, with preference going to people whose sport is part of the British University and Colleges Sport program, who compete in regional or national competitions, and who have the ability to perform at an elite or international level.

For a sport scholarship to be granted, students must;

  • Compete in their sport at the regional, collegiate, or professional levels.
  • Be dedicated to obtaining or possessing a Level 1/Level 2 match official qualification, or its equivalent, in the sport of their choice (Match Official Scholarship)
  • Possess or be actively pursuing a Level 1/Level 2 coaching certification in the sport of their choice.

Coaching Fellowship:

  • Become a “Let’s Move” Wolves Sport Activator for the WLV (Leadership Scholarship)
  • Be enrolled at the University of Wolverhampton for an undergraduate or graduate degree.


You need as much exposure as you can get as a basketball player to develop your abilities and become a better player. Scholarship offers are a fantastic method for athletes to gain exposure and build connections with prestigious coaches and universities.

If you’re committed to playing at the top level, start by looking into local scholarships and paying each school a visit. You never know; you might just stumble onto the ideal scholarship!



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