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How to Email a Professor about Grades and Vivid Samples 2023

Do you ever find it difficult to know what to write in an email to a professor? Sending an SMS to a buddy doesn’t require as much consideration as sending an email to a professor.

It’s crucial to conduct contacts with your teachers in a responsible and adult manner. Your teachers will be more willing to assist you if you do that. Additionally, you’ll show them that you can handle yourself professionally, impressing them and making them think of you for opportunities, giving them favorable things to say about you in recommendation letters, and more.

The start of college is typically when students begin to take their grades seriously. You run the danger of losing your scholarship or perhaps being asked to leave college if you perform poorly in your classes. For this reason, you must learn how to email a professor about grades.

There are several reasons why a student might speak with a professor regarding a grade or a grade request. You might be curious about your average or feel that a certain grade was unfair. You can successfully communicate your issues to your lecturer via email.

Even when you put in your best effort, learning can be incredibly hard, and you may receive grades that are unfair. This can be the result of an emergency or subpar work. However, in these circumstances, you might submit a note to the lecturer regarding the grades.

You can find instructions on how to email a professor about grades as well as Sample Templates in this article.

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What Should I Know Before Getting in Touch with my Professor?

You’ll likely need to communicate with your lecturers frequently when you’re a student. Probably more frequently than you’d like. There is no need to feel afraid, but there are a few things to think about before getting in touch with a professor.

The most crucial thing is that you write every email you send to your professor in a formal tone.

Addressing may make a choice that significantly affects your education. Your professor, a subject-matter authority, has access to the data you require and may even be able to steer you in the correct career-related direction.

You may avoid asking for your grades in the wrong way by learning how to email a professor.

You can draft a better email by using these examples of emails to professors regarding final grades.

Every time you get in touch with professors, it’s crucial to make a good first impression because it could determine if they look for internships or assistantships or other chances for professional development.

Know the many email formats your professor accepts for various purposes. For instance, if you believe you could have achieved a higher score in one of the topics where you received fewer marks.

You should send an email to your professor asking them to review the work and provide feedback. You must therefore learn how to email a professor to request a higher grade.

how to email a professor about grades
how to email a professor about grades

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Can I get a Grade Increase from my Professor?

Your bond with your lecturer will determine whether or not you get better grades. One option to get more points is to request a paper or assignment from your professor. However, keep in mind that many lecturers do not grant additional credit.

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How can I handle a Difficult Professor?

Here are some tried-and-true strategies for dealing with a challenging lecturer;

  • Lower your standards.
  • Be tolerant and flexible.
  • Demonstrate to your lecturer your excellence as a student.
  • Ask your advisor for assistance.
how to email a professor about grades
how to email a professor about grades

Tips for Contacting a Professor

Consider carefully why you are writing and what you want to write about before you start an email. A professor’s time may be constrained since he may have to teach many portions of the same class or whole distinct courses.

So that you don’t squander his or her time, be sure to be ready. Include the subject of your email, the name of your course, and the section you are in in the subject line.

Your lecturer will then understand exactly why you are writing. Even if you are close friends with your professor, it is still vital to address him officially and with respect. Start with “Dear Professor Smith,” for instance.

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How do I Address a Professor about my Worries?

Introduce yourself at the beginning of the email. Include your full name, the name of the class you are writing about, and its ID number. Add a nice request in there.

“I would be extremely pleased to hear from you regarding something that affects my mark in your class, for example.”

Describe your concern in a few words. Be specific. You could say, “I don’t understand why I received a D on the paper I prepared, which was themed “Music in the Classroom,” for instance. Make sure you treat them with respect and are courteous.

Change your professor’s preferred course of action. You can ask, “Could you kindly explain why I earned this grade? Please let me know if you’d prefer to talk about it privately. I’d be delighted to speak with you during business hours.

Give your contact details, such as your phone number and email address. End on a gracious note by expressing your gratitude and goodwill. I appreciate your time and attention, so you may say something like, “Thank you.

I hope that by communicating with you, we can work together to help me succeed in your class.

Add a phrase that sounds like what you would write in a letter, such as “Kind regards” or “(your first and last name).”

how to email a professor
how to email a professor

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How to Email a Professor about Grades

Be polite and avoid blaming the professor in your letter to the professor regarding grades. Always be kind and friendly when making requests, and don’t forget to include information about your class so the professor can assist you quickly.

Refrain from addressing the professor as your buddy or using causal language without appropriately admitting it.

There are a few things you may use to boost your confidence and fix errors if you’re worried whether you can write professionally. For instance, the free browser extension provided by the text editing service Grammarly enables users to write clearly while checking their sentences for syntax, spelling, punctuation, and style.

You can decide how to adjust your final design based on the explanations provided by the corrections and revisions. Every student should use tools like grammar, which provide real-time editing for all types of writing assignments, not only emails to professors.

Advice on how to Address a Letter to the Professor Regarding Grades;

  • Be kind, succinct, and concise.
  • Give the proper login details to your tutor.
  • If relevant, include your name, student ID number, class, and section.
  • Give a good reason.
  • Never put the professor at fault.
  • Be willing to make changes or find a solution.
  • If you don’t hear back, write a follow-up letter.

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Emailing a Professor Templates & Samples

Requesting Advice on How to Get a Better Grade on a Task or Exam:

Here is a template you can use to ask your professor for advice on how to improve or if there are any opportunities for additional credit if you’re not happy with your grade on a recent assignment or exam. Despite the fact that you are undoubtedly upset about your grade, be sure to email your professor in a kind and respectful manner.

Subject: Extra Support on______

Dear Professor, _______

I hope everything is good and that you had a good weekend. I noticed that you shared the results of our most recent reports. My grade startled and demoralized me a little.

I was wondering whether you provided any chances for extra credit, allowed modifications, or had any suggestions for how I may enhance a future assignment. Are you accessible to talk about my report and a plan with ____ or ? Tell me what functions for you.

I anticipate hearing from you.

Best, _____

Letter to the professor Asking him or her to remove one Assignment’s Grade

The greatest method to receive a decent reaction from your professors is to learn how to email them regarding grades.

If you want to enhance your chances of getting a good outcome, you must do it correctly.

Take a look at this example email to professors about grades:


[Full names]




[Full Names]



[State, city, zip code]

Sub: [Request to take out the grade of an assignment]

Dear Mr. /Ms. [last name]

This letter is in reference to a task you provided on January 2, 2018 about the reasons behind the First World War, which you _____ I suffered food poisoning and was unable to do the task efficiently. Consequently, the work I turned in was lacking.

I have previously done well in all of the course work, so I would appreciate it if you will remove the grade for this assignment because it decreases my final grade. I apologize for not being able to give my utmost effort.

Please call me at [00000] or shoot me an email at [E-Mail] if you need more information. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Sincerely, (Complete names)

The Student ID


Asking for the Replacement of the Most Recent Assignment

From [Complete Name]




[Complete names]



Zip code, state, and city

Sub: [Request for the grade of the most recent assignment to be changed]

Dear Mr./Ms. [Last name]

I humbly request that you replace my most recent assignment, which was turned in on April 20. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to understand the situation or complete the task.

If given another chance, I believe I will perform better. I apologize for any trouble and ask that you consider substituting another makeup task in place of my note.

Please get in touch with me at [contact information] for more information. I appreciate your help and your patience.


[Complete names]

[The Student ID]


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how to email a professor
how to email a professor

Frequently Asked Questions

How may a professor be requested to write an email review?

Request comments on a paper or exam that you have previously submitted. Simply send a polite email to the lecturer. If the professor holds office hours, you are welcome to stop by or schedule a meeting. "Dear Professor Smith, I didn't perform as well on my exam as I had hoped," you can say.

How do you make a request by email?

Put the receiver first. Keep in mind that the significant individual should be the subject of your letter.
Sell your advantages. It's obvious that you are attempting to market yourself here.
Make it impossible to say "no."

How can I ask for a performance evaluation?

The ideal moment to meet with your manager to ask for feedback is when they are aware that's the subject of the conversation. Email them. Inform them that you are checking to see if you are meeting expectations and that you are searching for strategies to boost your performance at work.

What should you do if a professor ignores your email?

Give your professor a reasonable amount of time to respond, especially if the email was sent at 1 in the morning. If the professor doesn't respond to the first email within a week, it would be more considerate to send a second one to follow up.


Learn how to speak with your professor when you have concerns about your grades or anything else as a college student. If you want your professor to take you seriously, you must write to him or her skillfully and professionally to ask for help sorting out concerns relating to your grades.

That is why you require quick access to these guidelines on how to email a professor concerning grades.


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