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5 Tips on how to Compare your Intelligence with your Friends or Colleagues

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How to compare your intelligence with your friends or colleagues.

World Scholarship Vault is aiming to solve your answers on how to compare your intelligence with your friends by giving you some tips. Continue reading to find out!

Height and human intelligence are similar. It is more prevalent in some people than others. However, differences in intelligence are much more difficult to spot than differences in height. The primary cause of this is that, in contrast to height, intelligence is frequently misunderstood. Others define it as having success in life or being literate. Some see it as having people skills. This clarifies the majority of arguments over who is more intelligent than whom. People frequently make reference to various qualities.

You must have wondered how intelligent you are, whether or not you are smarter than your friends, or how to get smarter.

If you want to answer these questions and need tips on how to compare your intelligence with your friends, then carefully read this article.

What is Intelligence?

Actually, one of the most significant questions that scientists have attempted to address is this one.

how to compare your intelligence

We frequently claim that intelligence is what separates humans from other animals. Unfortunately, the answers are not entirely clear, but we all agree that intelligence is the capacity to grasp new concepts and successfully adapt to them.

In actuality, the level of talent you bring to the task at hand depends on how well you can adapt to new problems. It is not surprising that in a world dominated by abstract concepts, intricate systems, and symbolic information, this ability is closely related to reasoning speed, learning capacity, and knowledge.

In other words, intelligence is the capacity to recognize patterns and connect ideas in order to solve problems more quickly and effectively than others.

How can your Intelligence be Measured?

Apart from knowing how to compare your intelligence with other people, what is the most precise measurement technique is now another question that comes to mind.

Fortunately, you can choose from a wide variety of IQ tests. Some of the top free IQ tests are now available online thanks to the Internet, which is fantastic for people who are busy or are in lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic.

how to compare your intelligence

Best IQ Tests Available Online

Here are some of the top IQ tests you can take online:

1. IQ Test

For a variety of reasons, they tout themselves as the best IQ test. They claim to provide the most accurate online IQ test results available.

They are free to refute that they considered each intellectual component of our exams, including each skill, piece of research, question, and piece of logic.

A group of McGill University educators who have worked with millions of children of all mental ages, aptitudes, and capacities make up this group.

Additionally, each question on their IQ tests has undergone thorough investigation and analysis. A team of experts carefully crafted 30 exact questions for their online IQ test.

how to compare your intelligence

2. Mensa

The largest and most established high-IQ society is called Mensa. To join Mensa, applicants must receive an IQ score in the 98th percentile or higher on a monitored, standardized test.

There is an online Mensa practice test even though the $40 entrance exam for Mensa is overseen in person.

The practice test has questions that correspond to the abilities typically measured by IQ tests, as well as a score equivalent that reflects your IQ range.

The Mensa practice test can be completed in just 30 minutes. This test can also be used to predict how well you’ll perform on the official admissions test if you’re thinking about joining Mensa.

3. 123Test

Free sample exams are available from 123Test without having to sign up or become a member. After you complete the test, you will be given your score, the number of questions you answered correctly, and information about which of the major high-IQ societies you may be eligible for.

Although the free demo test has a limited scope, its purpose is to give customers an idea of what to expect from the full testing. Ten questions are posed to you, each with a unique style of enquiry. They test a wide variety of IQ skills since they encompass verbal, numerical, logical, and spatial reasoning.

What does an IQ Test tell you?

Despite the fact that most people don’t like IQ testing, there is a strong link between IQ test scores and academic performance, job performance, and career success. This is one of the well-established findings of psychological research.

Overall, a high IQ score can lead to much better levels of success in all aspects of life. IQ tests can also predict seemingly non-intellectual achievements, such as better, longer, and happier romantic relationships, creative and artistic talents, socioeconomic status, and even health and longevity, based on more than a century of scientific research.

IQ tests have even been proven to predict a person’s life expectancy and personality attributes such as self-control, caution, and risk-taking.

Most of us make quick assessments of someone’s knowledge, skill, or wit within the first few minutes of meeting them and sometimes think of how to compare your intelligence with theirs.

Even though all of these things are influenced by environmental and other factors, and correlation does not imply causation, an IQ test is still possibly the best method for determining a person’s capacity for adaptation (especially in comparison to others in comparable situations).

How does the Environment Affect IQ Growth?

The growth is said to have begun in the 1930s, and in the ten years that followed, there was a three-point increase in average IQ. This increase is known as the “Flynn Effect.”

Although the precise cause of the phenomenon is unknown, experts think it is related to a variety of factors, including better nutrition, increased education, and an increasingly complex and intellectually challenging world.

Consequently, the environment can aid in raising your IQ test score. Read further to find out how to compare your intelligence with other people.

5 Tips on How to Compare your Intelligence


First among the tips on how to compare your intelligence with other people.

Fundamentally, intelligence refers to the capacity for learning as well as the quickness and accuracy with which one can process both concrete problems and abstract ideas. It serves as a gauge of someone’s mental prowess or capacity for reasoning.

While this may come off as a bit nerdy, intelligence has a tremendously positive impact on all aspects of life. Higher IQ individuals typically perform better at work as well as in school and higher education. They tend to act in more open-minded and rational ways, and they are healthier and live longer.


Do people find solutions to challenging problems quickly? perhaps even more quickly than you do? Do they recognize patterns more quickly than others? Do they come up with logical rules that can transform chaos into order? Are they quick learners?

These are the main signs of intelligence, possibly intelligence above your own. Simply exercise these questions on how to compare your intelligence to complete these and other mental tasks consistently either faster or slower than you, using yourself as a benchmark.


Even if a person is intelligent, they may be hardworking, well-connected, emotionally stable, charismatic, fearless, brave, extroverted, and popular in their social circle. Although these qualities frequently help people advance in their careers, they should not be interpreted as indicators of intelligence. Confidence is the biggest ruse of all.


Also among the tips on how to compare your intelligence with your friends or any other person is this.

People would still succeed for reasons other than their intelligence even if the world were truly meritocratic. People can advance in life through hard work, creativity, and social skills, among other things. Naturally, the world is not as meritocratic as it ought to be, and as a result, many intelligent people are not as successful as they ought to be. Those with little talent often succeed, especially if they have the ability to pass for talented.


Reputation is important, especially when it is based on the wisdom of the masses. While your own assessment of your intelligence and that of others may be subjective, unreliable, and biased, combining the perspectives of various observers will typically result in a more accurate profile of someone’s intelligence. This is not to say that you can’t occasionally succeed in fooling everyone, but most of the time, people tend to get the reputation they merit.

Understanding your own and others’ intellectual limitations can be a tactical advantage throughout your career. Simply take the time to (accurately) evaluate it. When you realize that intelligence is not the only benchmark for success, you may need to halt your inquiries on how to compare your intelligence with other people.


Last but not least on how to compare your intelligence with your friends, when attempting to understand the results of your IQ test, you must exercise caution. You can’t judge all of your skills based just on these assessments.

Keep in mind that IQ testing can only measure a limited number of talents and abilities. So be careful not to become excited when reading the outcome.


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