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How to Become a Podcaster

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Let’s examine how to launch and manage your podcast as well as how to become a podcaster in general in 2023. Learning how to create a podcast doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise or money. From planning and recording to publishing and promotion, this guide will walk you through every stage of creating your podcast. By the end, you’ll have learned everything you need to know about producing a quality podcast, hopefully quickly and painlessly!

What is Podcasting?

It is a method of digital broadcasting used to inform and amuse listeners about a variety of subjects. This well-liked content includes subjects on sports, crime, history, society and culture, and politics, to name a few.

Many podcasters choose a subject for their show and devote varied attention to it in each episode. Hosts frequently invite guests to their studios so they can conduct interviews with them about subjects related to the program’s emphasis or theme.

For instance, a personal trainer or fitness influencer could be asked to talk about different health-related topics each week on a health and fitness podcast. This benefits both the visitor and your company because it might increase listener engagement and bring in additional clients.

Who is a Podcaster?

A content creator who produces audio shows and offers them as digital downloads to listeners. It resembles running an online radio program. The host releases the files across one or more platforms so that anyone can access them and listen, as opposed to distributing it through a specialized channel.

Podcast hosts talk about a variety of topics in a variety of genres, styles, formats, and lengths, just like broadcasters on traditional radio. You can monetize a podcast and make it a career even without a journalism degree or extensive on-air experience. Not all podcasters, though, are successful in doing this.

How Much Do Podcasters Make?

With every episode that earns 10,000 downloads, the typical podcaster may anticipate earning $500 to $900. A well-liked host might make up to $30 million annually. How much money you may make by producing content for podcasts depends on a number of factors.

The amount of money that podcasters make varies greatly across the industry, despite the fact that podcasting may be a very effective way to make money. Smaller producers might only make a few hundred bucks, while many excellent podcasters earn hundreds of thousands or even millions.

In contrast to those who only occasionally do so and offer fewer in-demand episodes, podcasters who consistently release new episodes and concentrate on a highly engaged niche audience are more likely to be financially successful.

Your marketing and promotion strategies as well as any additional sources of income may have a big impact on your overall income. Effective marketers who test out different monetization strategies frequently earn more money than those who don’t.

How to Become a Podcaster

If you are a newcomer with no audience, you did the right choice by starting a podcast. You don’t have to start one alone, even if it can be stressful.

We’ll take you step-by-step through creating a podcast and expanding your listenership.


One of the best things about creating this kind of material is getting to know your audience well. Finding the ideal listeners and maintaining your show’s commitment depend greatly on the topic you choose for your new podcast.

Plan your objectives.

Consider your podcast recording’s purpose. Among the motives include generating leads for a business, proving one’s subject-matter expertise, and generating passive income. Learn how to start a podcast as a business owner to engage with this growing audience and boost your brand through content marketing.

The purpose of the modern Internet is to persuade people, and there is no better way to do this than by using your voice. You will reach tens of thousands, if not millions, of listeners as a podcaster. To the listener, it’s only you and them.

Whom are you writing for?

Create an avatar of your ideal listener. By doing so, you can interact with listeners by getting a sense of what they are thinking and experiencing. That makes listeners of your podcast feel more relatable and intimate.

What makes them listen?

You must create a catch if you want to increase your audience. Discover how to articulate your individuality, the problem you’re attempting to solve, and the solution you’re offering. People will therefore tune in to your broadcast because of this. Your offering consists of the problem you’re addressing, the solution you’re suggesting, and the unique strategy you use to solve it.

What is Need to Launch a Podcast

  • Being Natural Speakers or Communicators
  • Podcasting success requires a significant niche.
  • You need support before you can start.

Choose a subject that you can handle.

It is easy to become enthused about an opportunity like podcasting, but as we have already seen, you need a plan to be successful.

Take the time in advance to make sure you choose a topic that interests you because podcasting needs some preparation. It occupies more mental space than three episodes. That ought to sustain you over the long run.

Choosing a podcast name

People frequently see the title of your podcast before they even start listening to a single word. This is a significant decision. The name of your podcast should interest both you and your audience. Listeners ought to be able to guess what the podcast is about just from the name.

If you choose to go this way, try to avoid being excessively wordy and lengthy. Keep in mind that you will need to say the podcast name quite a bit while recording your episodes, so make sure it sounds natural.


How long should an episode of a podcast be?

After choosing the type of content you want to offer, it’s time to think about each podcast episode. Most listeners define a short episode as one that lasts less than 15 minutes. Any episode that ran longer than an hour would most likely be considered an extended episode.

The length of your episodes should ultimately be determined by two things, therefore you should be fine with these values.

  • Your writing
  • Your viewers

Your audience will eventually let you know whether they believe your episodes to be too short or too long. To acquire information like this, try to poll your audience once a year so that you can make adjustments.


What Equipment Is Needed to Start a Podcast?

If you want to start a podcast, you’ll need at least

  • A Computer
  • A top-notch podcasting microphone
  • Software for creating and modifying podcasts
  • Podcast cover art
  • Hosting a podcast
  • Software for call recording

How do you make a podcast?

Editing is where the magic happens. Mistakes would be made. Several things will need to be fixed. There will be uncomfortable breaks. And no one needs to be informed. This is where editing’s strength rests. You have two options here:

Click the “record” button, let it record despite all of your mistakes, and then go back and fix those mistakes, awkward pauses, and gasps.
When you make a mistake, keep pressing the record button. After pausing, fixing the issue, and picking up where you left off, press record.

Software for recording and editing

Software is required to record and edit audio when you connect your microphone or audio interface to your computer. It’s great news that there are a few options for this, including software.

An excellent, cost-free audio editing program is Audacity. Most people’s podcasting needs are met by it. The workflow and feature set of Adobe Audition are excellent. It can be obtained by purchasing a subscription.

How to Write a Podcast Episode

Once everything is ready, including a microphone and podcast editing software, you are ready to press “Record,” but what will you say? Scripting is useful in this circumstance.

Words from scripts are recorded for podcasts. Only if you’ve rehearsed a lot can you sound like you’re reading. Listening to someone read from a script is also monotonous. So, it will appear pointless to try to practice until you can eventually produce a whole script.

What to Say Into a Microphone

The hardest part of learning how to start a podcast is this phase. The feeling that you are talking to yourself must be overcome. Instead, focus on having a conversation with only one person. The target audience and listener demographics for your podcast have already been explored.

Discussing with them rather than with yourself or the microphone will seem far more natural and exciting. This suggests that everyone who hears you will feel as though you are speaking directly to them. And as a result, relationships grow through time and become stronger.


Music Selection for Podcasts

In order to give their work a more polished appearance, many podcasters choose to include music at the beginning and end of their broadcasts, if not in between each segment.

How Should You Choose a File Format for Podcasting?

  • An MP3 file is the most popular type of podcast episode upload.


How Can You Host a Successful Podcast?

A good presenter should be inquisitive, sincere, personable, and able to deliver a compelling narrative.

Only occasionally does what you do on-mic matter as well. Running an interesting and educational podcast might involve a lot of research, especially if you plan to have guests.

Audiobook Cover Art

The same goes for your episode titles: initial impressions matter a lot. When your podcast competes with thousands of others on applications like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, having a cover art that stands out is essential.

Platforms for Hosting Podcasts

To make your podcast accessible to everyone, you will need a podcast hosting account, often known as a media host. Companies that host media or podcasts save your audio files on their servers.

By making them available, they enable listeners to download, subscribe to, and enjoy podcasts. Podcast directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify are the best places for listeners to find new shows.


You can reach a large audience by using podcasts, but you should be aware of the costs involved in launching and maintaining a show. Thus, ask yourself: What is the cost of podcasting and how can I reduce it? By using the above advice, you may reduce your podcast budget while still producing a high-caliber episode.

Although it’s easy to start a podcast, there are a lot of things to take into account if you want to produce something of a specific caliber. The outcome is worth the wait even though it can take some time. We hope that this manual will help you publish your first episodes.

FAQS on How to Become a Podcaster

How much do podcasters make?

For example, if someone is using affiliate sales, advertising, sponsorships, and paid subscriptions, they're likely to earn much more than someone who's only relying on one stream. In this case, we'd say that a podcaster can possibly earn somewhere around $300- $5 000 per episode with 10 000 downloads.

What qualifications do you need to be a podcaster?

As a general rule, you don't need a degree to start a podcast. Anyone can start a podcast about a topic they feel passionate about. Demonstrate to your audience that you are a reliable host. This can be achieved through a combination of personality, content quality, and life experiences.

How much does it cost to start a podcast?

Assuming you go with some lower-end equipment, your total start-up cost for podcasting would be about $350-$400 . This includes your computer, microphone, headphones, audio interface, and recording software. Of course, you can always upgrade your equipment down the road if you decide you need better quality gear.

Can anybody start a podcast?

Anyone can start a podcast, regardless of their prior work or life experience. Don't let these common misconceptions hold you back from starting your own show: You Need a Specific Skill Set. The only skill you need to have, per se, is the ability to talk about or discuss something

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