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How to Become a Digital Nomad

How to Become a Digital Nomad. Imagine being able to choose your lifestyle and getting to wake up in a new nation every few months. More and more people are wondering how to become digital nomads as the need for remote employment rises.

People posting pictures of their laptops in front of the Caribbean’s emerald waves while they are traversing the world can be seen on Instagram. You may be aware that several nations are introducing digital nomad visas to entice remote employees. Only recently has the phrase “digital nomad” entered the vocabulary!

People would want to know how to get engaged with the digital nomad lifestyle given the hoopla around it, but how do you get started? You’ll be well on your way to being a digital nomad if you use the materials and advice from my seven-step plan, which is supported by my own experience.

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Who is a digital nomad?

An individual who works from home while traversing the globe is known as a digital nomad. They are mobile and can use their laptop to generate a living wage or passive income.

The distinction between digital nomads and remote workers is important to keep in mind. You have to move about and travel frequently to be a digital nomad.

How To Become A Digital Nomad 

There is no specific recipe for becoming a digital nomad; each person’s route to embracing this way of life is unique.

However, with our support, you may attain your goal in seven simple actions. The ideas behind this article are things I wish I had known and accomplished before starting my three-year journey as a digital nomad.

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Step 1: Are You a Good Fit for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

How tough may working from your laptop while going to a distant nation with lovely weather and amazing surroundings be? more challenging than most people realize!

You must decide whether becoming a digital nomad is something you want and if it fits with your objectives and hobbies before starting your adventure. It is vital to know that being a digital nomad will present challenges such as discomfort, loneliness, and traveling outside of your comfort zone.

If being a digital nomad is genuinely what you want to do, you will be able to overcome these short-term difficulties and come to appreciate your way of life even more.

Set goals for yourself.

Right now, the most crucial self-reflection question to pose is, “Why do I want to be a digital nomad?”

There is no correct or incorrect response!

Simply said, the answer to this question can help you better understand your reasons and goals for working remotely while traveling, and it can also help you plan your travels and way of life as a digital nomad in accordance with those aims.

Learn for Yourself

Just as you do when thinking about geographical independence, you should do your study before altering your diet, choosing a different professional path, or making any other major life decision.

Join online groups for digital nomads, read about other people’s journeys, get into podcasts, or sign up for online classes.

Step two: Start earning money online 

As a digital nomad, you can make money in one of two ways: by working online or by having a passive source of income. We’ll concentrate on working remotely and seeking remote employment in this article.

Jobs for Digital Nomads: Types

You merely need to be aware of your passion and abilities because different skill sets are catered to by various professions.

The most sought-after digital nomad jobs include:

  • Graphic designer and web developer
  • Investor in bitcoin
  • Digital coach and assistant
  • Manager of online sales Author of content

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Essentials for Digital Nomads

Working from home as a successful digital nomad requires a few specialized talents;

Management of time

Because you don’t work in an office, no one is watching you when you’re a digital nomad, therefore you need to be good at time management. Instead, you might get emails and texts from customers or coworkers, but ultimately it is your responsibility to finish your tasks.

Individual Branding

Build your personal brand and let everyone you know that you are a freelancer if you wish to work for yourself. Share your work on social media, and occasionally, your loved ones might serve as your best sources of new customers.


You won’t need to be an expert in technology to operate as a digital nomad, but you should be comfortable using a computer, especially when it comes to using a VPN to protect your data, which we’ll cover later.

Incredibly organized

In the life of a digital nomad, many things happen at once, so maintaining organization is essential for meeting business deadlines and organizing travel and transit.

Discover Productivity Science

To master the art of productivity, follow the maxim “work less, earn more.” Developing your productivity knowledge and skills is one way to avoid getting into the rut of working nonstop, day after day, which is fairly easy for independent contractors and remote employees to get into.

Step 3: Decide where you’re going.

If you had the freedom to travel anywhere, where would you go? Unfortunately, being a digital nomad makes things more difficult. Be strategic in where you go and make sure it has the resources and services you need to operate online. Additionally, think about how challenging it will be to get a tourist visa and how long you may remain in a certain place.

What are you trying to find?

People choose to live as digital nomads in order to create the life they want because they are not required to commute to an office every day and are instead free to spend their lives however and wherever they like.

What benefits do you anticipate from a location-independent way of life? Do you want to check out new restaurants, museums, and cities? Or do you like a carefree tropical way of life where you can bask in the sun all day long?

You can live a variety of lifestyles as a digital nomad, such as taking it easy for a few months in a tropical paradise before taking a stroll through a busy city for the following few.

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You are free to design the life you want.

Spend some time thinking about how you want to live your life; establish a list of the daily activities you want to engage in, the weather conditions you prefer, and anything else that would make you happy; this list will be used to eliminate potential choices.

What to Look for in a Destination for Digital Nomads

Now that you know what you want from a place, let’s make sure it’s appropriate for digital nomads.

  • If a location meets specific criteria, it might become friendly to digital nomads.
  • Secure WiFi
  • The means of transportation are simple.
  • Costs of living are modest.
  • Perfect weather for the group of digital nomads

How do you tell if the place you want to go satisfies these requirements? Inquire of other digital nomads who have experienced it!

To find out about other people’s experiences in such places, participate in an online community or read other postings; first-person accounts are incredibly useful.

Additionally, there are locations referred to as “digital nomad hotspots,” which are excellent places to begin your adventure because they accommodate all of your demands and have sizable populations of individuals who share your interests. Examples include Thailand, Georgia, Portugal, and Mexico.

Visas for District Workers

The most common passports for digital nomads are as follows:

  • Croatia
  • Portugal Malta
  • Africa Republic of South
  • Mexico
  • Estonia

These temporary residency permits are appropriate for mobile employees who wish to settle down for an extended period of time and get to know a place in-depth.

You can travel the world without a visa, though, if you don’t mind moving every two months.

Step 4: Plan the logistics 

Being a digital nomad involves many various things, including working online and visiting other nations. There are many details you need to think about and plan for. You might not know you need to prepare for anything until it’s too late. We must learn from our mistakes in order to live this lifestyle, which can occasionally be challenging. You should make some of these preparations before you leave, and you should make others while you’re on the go.

Establish a Budget

You know how you automatically swipe your credit card when you’re on vacation? We think we have endless resources when we are exploring a new location. It’s easy to fall into this attitude if you lead a full-time nomadic existence, but if you don’t get out of it quickly enough, it might cut your trip short.

Make a monthly budget based on your wage before you leave for your first destination. Decide how much you can afford to spend on travel, meals, entertainment, and lodging. If you require further explanation, utilize Numbeo to get a general estimate of the costs in your new locations.

When visiting particular attractions, take the season into consideration. Popular vacation spots like Croatia and the Greek islands have higher lodging and travel costs during high season, while the greatest deals may be found during low season. Your ability to make a living as a digital nomad might increase when you establish (and adhere to) a budget.

It’s a good idea to have an emergency fund because this manner of living will have unforeseen expenses. Once more, this is a situation where you live and learn. In addition, I advise always keeping enough money on hand to buy a flight home in case of need.

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To protect your data, use a VPN

Think about how uncomfortable and challenging it would be if your wallet were stolen while you were visiting a foreign country, especially if it contained all of your personal data, passwords, and credit card details. Weeks later, you realized it was gone. This is precisely what occurs when hackers steal your computer’s data. There are several ways to prevent having your money stolen, but how can your online personal information be protected? A VPN is the solution.

When connected to a local network, a virtual private network, or VPN, hides your data and location, making it the perfect choice for digital nomads who want to use free WiFi and work from coffee shops. VPN services can help you stay safe while traveling abroad and are reasonably priced (around $2 per month); they can also help you save money and be more productive!

Take part in the insurance program for digital nomads.

Insurance for digital nomads can cover regular doctor visits, tests, and, occasionally, medicines in addition to travel-related disasters. Two of the most well-liked insurance providers for digital nomads are World Nomads and SafetyWing, which provide various levels of coverage at affordable rates.

Don’t put off getting insurance until it’s too late.

Maintain Contact
If you’re planning a lengthy trip abroad, think about how you’ll stay in touch with your loved ones back home. What alternative possibilities are available because getting an international phone plan is typically unreasonably expensive?

The most economical option to stay connected is to get a local SIM card when you get to your location. To use WhatsApp, Telegram, and other social networking apps, get a package with a lot of data. Another wonderful subject to post in an online forum is which company would be the best fit, which you may investigate before you depart.

If you want a phone number from your home country, you can also utilize Google Voice or Skype. Before you depart, let your loved ones know the best way to get in touch with you while you are away; for me, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the most convenient options.

Getting Around Traveling is a skill you’ll develop to an amazing level; you’ll know how to navigate and plan your trip, but first you have to start. There are several top-notch travel apps and websites to choose from.

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Step 5: Get Ready for Your Trip

You will discover some of the preparations you must perform in this section.

Selling your goods

Traveling light is a big aspect of leading a nomadic lifestyle. certain people sell everything they own and lead a purely nomadic existence, while others keep certain items in storage for future use. Once you start living as a digital nomad, you’ll understand how useless material goods are and how to exist with only the things you can fit in your bag or luggage. All other activities become tedious and pointless. Not to mention that you would have more money to spend on travel expenses after selling your items.

Publicize Your Plans

Some people might not agree with your choice since they think it’s haughty and careless. You will face mockery, perhaps even from those closest to you, but try not to let it get to you. Reread the note you made outlining why you wanted to become a digital nomad if you are feeling discouraged. Even though it’s obviously easier said than done, if you’re positive that this is the greatest option for you, go for it!

Organize a Support Group

While traveling, you will undoubtedly have incredible experiences and create priceless memories, but challenges will occasionally arise. When traveling alone, it’s possible to experience loneliness and crave home; this is when you need a support network.

While traveling, you will undoubtedly meet people you may communicate with, and if they are also digital nomads, they might be able to connect to your problems. Having a friend or family member you may call to cheer oneself up is still crucial. Ask two or three individuals if you can call them if you’re feeling depressed or burned out before you leave. Even if asking may seem foolish, it’s important. If you need to talk to someone, you can claim that you don’t want to bother them. If you have their consent to call them, it can make things simpler for you.

Step 6: Go ahead and do it.

This is your current life—get ready, get on the plane, and explore a new place! You could feel anxious and start to doubt yourself as you wait for your plane, train, or bus, but once you get there, I promise it will get better. Planning for the future is the worst thing you can do.

How to Prepare

You might anticipate experiencing a variety of emotions throughout the first few weeks, from intense eagerness to slight nervousness to overstimulation. Enjoy it and take care of yourself. Try a novel approach. Learn a few key words and expressions. Make new friends. See new and astonishing sceneries.

It can also be helpful to keep a journal of your experiences; express your annoyances, share exciting tales, and capture your best moments; you’ll surely want to look back on it in the future.

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Grow and Learn from Your Experience

Everyone who adopts the digital nomad lifestyle never goes back to their hometown the same way because they are now able to see the world. They now strive to constantly better themselves and have new ideals and aspirations. You never know where life may lead you, so take advantage of this wonderful way of life to learn and grow. Also, be open to new experiences and people.

It’s also a terrific opportunity to discover more about oneself. Take advantage of this opportunity to contemplate and get to know yourself since traveling alone for digital nomads frequently entails spending a lot of time by yourself. It’s an undervalued but essential part of living a successful nomadic existence.

Register with Nomads Embassy in step seven.

The crucial and final step is to become a member of Nomads Embassy or other communities.

The Advantages to become a Digital Nomad

1. You can work wherever you want.

You are not reliant on a particular place, thus you can live anywhere in the world. Numerous entrepreneurs or independent contractors that work remotely are digital nomads.

2. Become more content and enjoy life more.

Flexibility in how you structure your workday increases happiness and fulfillment. Many digital nomads pursue careers in subjects they are deeply passionate about and enjoy. Of sure, they have greater motivation to work.

Along with this atypical style of life, a shift to a more conscious manner of living frequently takes place. As a result, a lot of nomads embrace minimalism, yoga, meditation, and good food. They are better able to enjoy life because they are aware of their blessings.

3. Financial Advantages

Although not all digital nomads are immensely affluent, better levels of motivation and satisfaction typically result in increased productivity and a drive to complete more tasks. Numerous folks are allowed to select their hourly fees. With increasing levels of qualification, the revenue rises.

Additionally, a lot of digital nomads live in underdeveloped countries with weak economies, like Thailand or Indonesia, where they may get by on a smaller salary. Tax and residence planning that is prudent also yields considerable cash savings.

Disadvantages to become a Digital Nomad

If you want to figure out how to become a digital nomad, you should be aware of its disadvantages. The top three issues are merely these:

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Doubtful Life

Most digital nomads don’t have a permanent job. The amount of money they can anticipate to make in any given year depends on how well they are able to acquire new clients and how much effort they put in. It’s possible for each month to be different, so you should constantly be ready for a sudden drop in income.

similarly, accomodation. You must continually look for a new place to reside, a place with strong WiFi, new restaurants to try, and new people to meet. Only some people have the capacity to deal with this on a long-term basis.

Work ethic is usually overlooked.

Contrary to what it may seem at times, being a digital nomad is a brief vacation. It requires a lot of work, especially at first. You have to work really hard to become used to your new existence. Holidays and sick days are not paid. Weekends are rarely observed.

Despite working next to a stunning beach, you still need to be extremely productive. Although it can seem unimportant, there are times when it can be harder than you think.

Your social life can suffer.

Get to meet so many intriguing people, traveling the world is enjoyable. But you’ll soon have to bid them farewell once more. To be a digital nomad, you need to continuously create new friends. It’s a challenging assignment for introverts.

Furthermore, you could only see your old friends and relatives a few times a year, if that. You will miss important social occasions because you are on the other side of the globe.

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