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How to Apply to Notre Dame University in 2023

How to Apply to Notre Dame University 

Thanks to its wildly successful football program, Notre Dame has become a household name. The institution has shared the most Heisman Trophy winners of any college with seven, which is given yearly to the best player in college football. But Notre Dame is renowned for more than just its athletic prowess; the university is highly regarded for its academic prowess and is one of the top Catholic-affiliated universities in the country. Notre Dame gets a huge number of excellent applicants as a result of its widespread fame and great reputation, making admissions extremely hard.

Statistics on Accepted Notre Dame Students on Average

Candidates for Notre Dame often have stellar academic records. 91% of those who applied during the cycle for admissions in 2021–2022 graduated in the top 10% of their class. On standardized tests, these students likewise performed remarkably well; their middle 50% range on the SAT/ACT was 1410-1550/32-35.

Test-free admissions are being tested at Notre Dame for the 2023 and 2024 admissions seasons. This implies that candidates can decide whether or not to include their test results with their application. Having said that, it is often thought to be a wise move to submit test results that are in the middle 50% of those of the enrolled students, particularly if they are towards the upper end of the range.

Strong test scores and excellent grades will probably not be enough to guarantee admission to Notre Dame due to the enormous number of competitive applicants, but they will ensure that your application is taken into consideration. The Academic Index is a technique used by highly selective institutions like Notre Dame to assess a student’s academic eligibility for admission. Candidates who don’t fulfill Notre Dame’s academic standards run the risk of being turned down without having their application thoroughly reviewed.

how to apply to notre dame
how to apply to notre dame

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Financial Aid at Notre Dame University

The majority of Notre Dame undergraduates depend heavily on financial help; in 2021–2022, 70% of undergraduates received some kind of aid. Students are advised to expect annual rises in costs, and the sticker price for Notre Dame in 2022–2023 is $80,211.

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Financial Aid Generosity

Notre Dame employs need-blind admissions and satisfies 100% of demonstrated need, which means the institution will give applicants the financial aid they need to attend the university without taking into account their ability to pay. In the academic year 2021–2022, Notre Dame awarded undergraduates need-based scholarships totaling $183 million. The median need-based scholarship given to incoming first-year students in 2022 was $55,100.

Additionally, a small number of merit-based scholarships are available from Notre Dame to students who exhibit extraordinary achievement, leadership, a dedication to giving back to the community, and intellectual promise. There is fierce competition for merit-based rewards; just 3.5% to 4.5% of pupils earn it. There are also more than 150 Alumni Club Scholarships, and all candidates with need are taken into consideration for these grants.

how to apply to notre dame
how to apply to notre dame

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How to Apply to Notre Dame University

Dreaming of attending college? What you need to know about applying to Notre Dame is provided below.

Application Overview

Both the Common Application and the Coalition Application are accepted by Notre Dame. Fee exemptions based on need are available for the $75 application fee.

Restrictive Early Action and Regular Decision are the two admissions options offered by Notre Dame. Restrictive Early Action is non-binding, therefore applicants who use it are not obligated to enroll in the institution even if they are admitted. Candidates for Restrictive Early Action, however, are not permitted to apply to programs for binding Early Decision at other colleges and universities. Restrictive Early Action applications have three possible outcomes: acceptance, denial, or deferral to regular decision.

Application Components

  • High School Transcript
  • Teacher Evaluation Letter
  • Counselor Evaluation (recommended, not required)
  • Writing Supplement
  • SAT/ACT Scores (optional)

Essays that Go Beyond Notre Dame Two brief essays must be completed by applicants as part of their application. All applicants are required to submit the first essay. For the second, candidates must choose and reply to one of a few suggestions.

Each and every Applicant Must answer: Notre Dame is a catholic university with the goal of educating students’ hearts and minds. It was established by members of the Congregation of Holy Cross. What appeals to you about going to Notre Dame? (200 words)

Each of the four questions below must be answered by applicants:

  • Question 1: Individuals in the Notre Dame community come from a wide range of locations, upbringings, and professions. How does your place of origin influence who you are? (200 words)
  • Question 2: Describe a time when you fought for a cause you believed in. (200 words)
  • Question 3: If you had limitless funds to use to assist solve just one issue in your neighborhood, what would it be and how would you go about doing it? (200 words)
  •  Question 4: What is the best compliment you have ever received? Why did it signify something to you? (200 words)


how to apply to notre dame
how to apply to notre dame

Frequently Asked Questions

What GPA must I have in order to attend Notre Dame?

On a scale of 4.0, the cumulative grade point average is 2.5, and. A minimum SAT or ACT score of 900, or, Evidence of the possibility for academic success as described in an interview with the applicant and on the academic transcripts.

What is the minimum SAT score required to enroll at Notre Dame?

Although Notre Dame doesn't have a strict SAT requirement, they definitely like to see at least a 1400 to be considered.

If you’re not Catholic, is it more difficult to get into Notre Dame?

You won't be forced to accept Notre Dame's beliefs. How much of it you let in is your decision. It is acknowledged that Notre Dame excels at providing possibilities for people to easily engage in practicing Catholicism. They are present and available, but you will never be forced to do anything you don't want to.

Is there a full ride to Notre Dame available?

Ten accepted students will be given the title of Stamps Notre Dame Scholars each year and will be awarded full tuition and fees for up to four years of undergraduate study. Scholarships worth $25,000 are given out over a four-year period.


The best chance for applicants to reveal to admissions staff who they are beyond their grades and test results is through their essays, which are considered a “essential” aspect in admissions decisions. Learn how to write a college application essay.

Student applicants for specific disciplines (such music, art, and architecture) are invited to submit extra resources. SlideRoom entries are the only ones accepted by Notre Dame; physical submissions will not be accepted.



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