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How Much do Coding Bootcamps Cost in 2023?

How Much do Coding Bootcamps Cost?

A four-year college or university degree has long been the most frequent route to a career in technology. Coding bootcamps have come in to fill the void left by degree programs’ inability to produce the number of graduates required to fill the growing number of IT jobs over the previous ten years.

By providing students shorter, more focused programs meant to teach current skills and land graduates well-paying employment, in-person and online coding bootcamps can give students an alternative path to a new career, a career change, or a promotion within the technology sector. Graduates of bootcamps have obtained jobs at Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and other significant technology firms.

Bootcamps also have lower tuition fees than conventional degree programs, which helps students reduce or avoid student loan debt. You might be curious about how much do coding bootcamps cost if you’re thinking about applying. You may find information about average bootcamp costs, ways to pay for your course, and financial benefits that many coding bootcamps offer in this guide.

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Financial Benefits of Coding Bootcamps

Students may receive financial benefits from coding bootcamps that are not often offered by college degree programs, such as money-back guarantees and the opportunity to begin learning without paying a deposit. Bootcamps now frequently include financial aid or housing support.

Cash-Back Promise

The potential for lucrative employment in the technology industry following completion is one of the attractions of coding bootcamps. Many coding bootcamps support their career development programs by offering complete tuition refunds to students who are unable to find employment in the IT sector within a predetermined amount of time.

No Down Payment

Coding bootcamps with income share agreements or deferred tuition options frequently do not demand that students pay any money down before beginning their training. Some programs require a modest deposit.

Living Support

A full-time coding bootcamp often prevents students from keeping a job, but some programs, like Thinkful, provide stipends to cover living expenses. Devmountain offered lodging to full-time, in-person students before the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Much do Coding Bootcamps Cost
How Much do Coding Bootcamps Cost

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How Much do Coding Bootcamps Cost

Costs for rigorous, full-time, multi-month coding bootcamps that provide complete career preparation typically vary from $10,000 to $15,000. According to information gathered in 2020 from approximately 620 bootcamp programs provided by over 130 bootcamp providers, the median tuition for bootcamps was $13,500, and the average price was $13,579. The most expensive bootcamps cost over $20,000, while the most affordable ones are only a few thousand dollars. In comparison, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that the cost of undergraduate tuition for the 2018–19 academic year was approximately $16,300. That amounts to roughly $65,000 when multiplied by four years to pay for your education.

Since part-time bootcamps’ average tuition in 2020 was $12,265, students may be able to save some money by selecting a part-time program. Not all part-time programs, meanwhile, are less expensive than full-time choices.

Some bootcamp providers offer brief introduction courses for people looking to dip their toes in the water before committing to an intense program in addition to intensive, career-focused programs. For seasoned programmers, bootcamps may also provide professional development courses that concentrate on a certain skill or programming language. The normal cost of these courses is between one and a few thousand dollars, with $2,250 serving as the 2017 median.

If you are asking how much do coding bootcamps cost, note that the costs differ according on the technical discipline as well. Data science and software engineering bootcamps often cost approximately $15,000, while web development and UX/UI design bootcamps typically cost around $12,000. Additionally, certain university-affiliated bootcamps could be less expensive than those provided by other service providers.

Prospective students thinking about attending coding bootcamps should also evaluate additional costs, such as opportunity costs, technology costs, and living expenses. While bootcamps often cost less and let graduates enter the field sooner than regular degree programs, degree-holders typically earn higher earnings, therefore there may be an opportunity cost to choosing a bootcamp over a traditional degree program.

As students typically need to purchase necessary equipment on their own, technology fees for the hardware and software required by a bootcamp may also be a considerable price.

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How Much do Coding Bootcamps Cost
How Much do Coding Bootcamps Cost

Do Free Coding Bootcamps Exist?

Several bootcamp providers, such as Flatiron School, General Assembly, and Fullstack Academy, do offer free initial courses, though you probably won’t be able to locate a free rigorous job preparation bootcamp. Furthermore, several bootcamp providers give scholarships to people from underrepresented groups in the technology industry.

Bootcamp Payment Options

Because coding bootcamps lack the necessary accreditation, students who attend them are not eligible for federal student financial aid. To help control the costs of coding bootcamps, students might benefit from additional possibilities.

  1. Advance Payment: Students who can pay their tuition in full at the start of their bootcamp are exempt from interest charges. Some bootcamps do, however, provide interest-free payment arrangements.
  2. Deferred Tuition: Deferred tuition means that students pay little to no upfront tuition and then begin making set-dollar-amount payments as soon as they land a job.
  3. Income-Share Agreement: Income share agreements are agreements where a student, as long as they satisfy a minimal income criterion, agrees to contribute a portion of their future salary to the bootcamp for a predetermined period of time.
  4. Loans: Students might go to private lenders that offer loans exclusively for coding bootcamps, such Skills Fund.
  5. Scholarships: Students in bootcamp may be eligible for scholarships. These grants cover all or part of the cost of attending bootcamp. Certain student populations may be the focus of scholarships, including women, veterans, and members of other underrepresented groups in the tech sector.
  6. G.I. Bill: Veterans may be eligible for a housing allowance in addition to using this assistance to pay for their tuition at approved coding bootcamps.

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How Much do Coding Bootcamps Cost
How Much do Coding Bootcamps Cost

Understanding How Coding Bootcamps Work

One of the most crucial professional skills of the twenty-first century is coding. You can qualify for a variety of well-paying and in-demand positions by having strong coding skills. Web development, software application development, computer systems engineering, and computer programming are just a few of the fields you can work in.

Even outside of web development, analysts, designers, and marketers may find use for programming abilities.

One of the most rigorous routes to a new career is through coding bootcamps. They provide you a shortened version of the program that would typically take four years to complete in order to earn a degree. Additionally, compared to standard bachelor’s and master’s degrees, coding bootcamps are more affordable.

Even though they are less expensive, coding bootcamps still require a significant time and financial commitment. You’ll need to invest a significant amount of effort, time, and money regardless of whether you select a part-time or full-time bootcamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth it?

Many students consider coding bootcamps to be valuable because employers are becoming more interested in recruiting bootcamp graduates and because they offer benefits like money-back guarantees and reduced tuition expenses.

Does a Coding Bootcamp Guarantee Employment?

While some coding bootcamps do so, the majority do not. Nevertheless, a recent study found that 79% of coding bootcamp graduates who were asked about their employment status in 2021 said they were programmers.

Why do Coding Bootcamps Cost so much Money?

Bootcamps provide students with job tools, hiring opportunities, knowledgeable instructors, and cutting-edge technology. The high expense of these programs is also a result of their high demand.

Are Coding Bootcamps Online more Affordable?

The price of both physical and virtual bootcamps varies greatly from program to program. While some online choices are more affordable than in-person classes, they are frequently comparable in price. Due to COVID-19, several physical coding bootcamps have been forced to migrate online, and some bootcamps now provide scholarships to students who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.



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