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How does DUI Classes Work? Cost, Schools, and Procedures

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How does DUI Classes Work. Several of my friends have made the vow to never go behind the wheel again after experiencing a car accident. When they acknowledge their mistakes, they frequently leave one with little choice but to blame them for clear reasons. Yet, DUI is an abbreviation for driving under the influence. Almost 1 million drivers are detained and accused of DUI each year according to the claims by Quora. Knowing how DUI programmes operate, their costs, the availability of DUI schools, online DUI courses, and other processes wouldn’t be out of place for this clear reason. Hence, everything you need to know about DUI will be included in this article. For more fascinating information, continue reading.

About DUI Classes

Driving lessons for DUI are designed to educate and correct defaulters. These courses might be instructive for drivers who had insufficient training or broke the law and received a fine. Potential driving hazards, such as drinking and using drugs, as well as planned driving risks that might not be viewed as offenses, will be addressed in DUI programmes. The short class and the extended class are the two options for this court-ordered class. For those who committed the offense for the first time, brief mandatory lessons are required.

You’ll often just need to be there for a few hours for the short courses. You can leave without completing any test or follow-ups after hearing about incidences and learning basic statistics. On the other side, the extended course is for those who have been arrested and have exceptionally high blood alcohol levels. However, this lengthy training will take place over several weeks. There will be frequent drug and alcohol testing in this course. You must also be sober to attend the class. Also, there might be repercussions if you are late. Each of these courses has significant advantages as well as financial implications.

What Is The Cost of DUI Classes?

Most people who are found guilty of a DUI charge will probably need to attend a treatment programme or a drug addiction education course. Treatment costs might differ significantly, and taking lessons can be fairly expensive. A three-month, 30-hour alcohol and drug education and counselling programme for first-time offenders cost around $600. The cost of the SB 38 Second Offender 18 Month DUI Class is between $1,800 and $1,900. This cost might be significantly greater or lower depending on the programme being implemented.

How Many Are DUI Programs Available?

Programs for driving under the influence fall into four categories which are as highlighted below.

  • Wet reckless program: a conviction for “wet reckless” is less serious than a DUI accusation. If you are found guilty of reckless driving while having a blood alcohol level less than.08, you must finish a 12-hour DUI education course.

  • First Offender: you are required to complete a three-month, 30-hour alcohol and drug education and counselling programme that is approved by the state if you are convicted of your first DUI conviction within ten years and your blood alcohol level was less than 0.20.

  • 18-Month DUI Program: in this case, you must finish an 18-month multiple offender programme if you have been convicted of DUI twice or more in the past ten years. This programme calls for:

    • 52 hours of group counseling
    •  12 hours of alcohol and drug education
    •  6 hours of community reentry monitoring
    •  and biweekly individual interviews during the first 12 months of the program.
  • 30-Month DUI Program: several counties provide third- and subsequent-time DUI offenders 30-month DUI programmes. These programmes are only offered in Butte, Plumas, San Joaquin, Los Angeles, and Stanislaus Counties. The program prerequisites include:

    • 78 hours of group counseling
    •  12 hours of alcohol and drug education
    •  120-300 hours of community service
    •  and regular individual interviews.

All You Need To Know About DUI Online Classes

Let’s say you were found guilty of impaired driving (DUI). If so, you will likely need to spend a lot of time studying the law, speaking with attorneys, arranging transportation to and from the courthouse, as well as attending to other relevant tasks. If you are found guilty of the offence, you will have to come up with the money to pay the hefty fine, get a limited use licence, get an ignition interlock device put (if necessary), and maybe even go to jail.

It depends on the specifics of your case, the skill of your legal defence, and the DUI rules in your state. Yet, in many cases, most jurisdictions additionally demand that DUI offenders attend online-only special programmes. Some states adamantly oppose online DUI courses, while others support them. So, you need obtain permission before signing up for the online courses. Here is a list of a few websites where you may take online DUI courses.

  • Online DUI and DWI Classes from Alcohol Drug Class
  • My DUI Class DUI School
  • Online DUI/DWI Classes
  • “DUI” or “DWI” Drinking and Driving Course Online
  • Online Alcohol Class
  • 123 DUI Online Nevada DUI School

Online DUI and DWI Classes from Alcohol Drug Class

Several states now recognise these online DUI courses. Also, their programmes were written and created by certified substance misuse counsellors and registered mental health experts. They make advantage of the most recent available evidence-based research in this online course. Also, appropriate provision is made for accessible, dependable, and user-friendly online DUI and DWI courses. Please obtain prior clearance before registering since certain states do not recognise online DUI courses. At the conclusion of the programme, a certificate of authenticity is given.

Online DUI Classes – 100% Online

These online DUI courses were created by a Registered Alcohol & Drug Addiction Counselor and are recognised by courts and DMVs around the country. Thus, since our classes are entirely online, there is nothing to download. We will send you a link to the class as soon as you sign up so you can access it. At the conclusion of the programme, a certificate of authenticity is given.

Online DUI/DWI Classes

This online DUI/DWI course is designed to be quick, simple, and compliant with educational and legal standards. Also, these courses may be completed using a computer, smartphone, iPad, or tablet and are accessible 24/7. Hence, all you need for studying is the Internet and a comfortable environment. You may even sign in and out of the programme whenever you choose, working according to your own schedule. You will get a free certificate of completion through first-class mail after finishing the course.

National Alcohol School Online

DUI courses are available online through National Alcohol School. One has the option to learn at his own speed during the 12-hour online course. You also need a smartphone, fast verification of payment, and court approval that is guaranteed for this course. At the conclusion of the programme, a certificate of authenticity is given.

My DUI Class DUI School

My DUI Classes, one of the first organizations to provide court-ordered training and assessments, provides 100% online DUI Education, DWI Education, Alcohol Drug Education, Minor in Possession Education, and Victim Impact Education.

123 DUI Online Nevada DUI School

The 12 distinct portions of this mobile-friendly DUI course let students progress at their own pace. With just 8 hours required to get a certificate, 123 DUI Online may be done in 1 day, and the court of jurisdiction will receive a copy of your certificate right away.

How Long Does DUI Classes Last?

Each DUI course, institute, or programme has its own own time frame. For instance, depending on the programme given to you and the overall number of hours needed, if you’re a first offender attending an online DUI class, you’re expected to finish the course in a day. The length of DUI programmes for repeat offenders might reach 30 months. If it is a second or third infraction, the class may be broken up into phases.

The required attendance at the weekly meetings might be the first stage. As the lessons transition to every other week, the second phase begins. No two states may approach this in the same manner. In conclusion, the state chooses the length of the defendant’s DUI course.

What Are The Benefits of DUI Classes?

By teaching the defaulters about the negative consequences of driving while intoxicated and future situations they should be on the lookout for, DUI programmes often serve to prevent a repetition of the behaviour. DUI classes, however, aim to;

  • Emphasize the risks associated with driving under the influence
  • Counseling those who are addicted to alcohol is sometimes essential because someone has offended. For people with addictions, more treatment or therapist recommendations may be required.
  • Evaluations that calculate the likelihood of a repeat driving under the influence violation can be created by experts. One example is when someone makes a single mistake in judgement. There may be a real issue if another individual has committed many offenses. This information makes ensuring that the person is properly educated and that steps are done to help them avoid committing crimes again. Moreover, evaluations might be used by judges to raise or lower punishments.

What Are DUI Classes Like?

DUI Classes courses last 16–36 hours over many weekends, contain instruction on preventing drunk driving, and also examine your drinking patterns. The sort of class that will be assigned to you will depend on the seriousness of your DUI Classes, the severity of your conduct, and the court’s ruling. Whatever the case, you get more knowledge regarding DUIs than you could have ever imagined. It’s lot more fascinating than you may imagine.

Less time-consuming, 16-hour courses provide data on DUI Classes and driving under the influence. Also, you are free to quit after the course without submitting to any exams or follow-ups. For more complex DUI situations, there will be extended instruction sessions as well as random or ongoing drug and alcohol testing. Also, there might be repercussions if you are late.

Also, you’ll learn how to make wiser decisions after drinking, comprehend various alcohol impairment degrees, dispel misconceptions about impairment, continue to consume alcohol responsibly, and avoid thinking mistakes that might result in DUI penalties. Plan ahead! If your licence has been suspended or revoked, you might need to arrange child care and alternative transportation. Keep in mind that you risk probation or jail time if you miss your lesson. It can also be helpful to let you know that throughout the lessons, there will be no tolerance for rudeness, tardiness, or breaking the rules.

How To Sign Up For DUI Classes

DUI offenders who have been found guilty must accept responsibility for their acts and enrol in DUI Classes alcohol education and treatment programmes. Also, DUI school is mandatory for those who have been found guilty of driving under the influence. It’s also crucial to remember that paying for DUI programmes comes at the expense of someone who has been found guilty of drunk driving.

The length of time or number of lessons a person must take at a DUI school vary depending on the circumstances. Because of this, you should carefully review a DUI arrest online that may provide you with information on what to anticipate depending on your specific situation. You will be allocated a mandatory programme and the severity of your drinking issue following a potential DUI Classes examination.

What Happens To You If You Don’t Attend DUI Classes

Any remaining driving privileges will likely be suspended if you don’t take the required DUI classes, as stated in the referral letter. You’ll also be told to provide your driver’s licence to a specific person the court has designated. When you finish the lessons, you can submit an application for a new driver’s licence. For instance, the courts will grant you enough time to finish the course if your state requires you to enrol in a longer-term course.

You won’t always be able to make it to every session, so you’ll probably be given a deadline to finish your DUI Classes training. You could, for instance, have 30 days to complete 12 to 26 hours of coursework.

How To Sign Out Of DUI Classes

After the course, you must officially withdraw from the DUI course. You will receive a free certificate of completion once you have finished the course. This is the best approach to complete a DUI Classes course.

Where Can I Take DUI Classes?

There is a DUI office in every state in the union. So, if you are found guilty of a DUI violation, the court assigns you to a programme run by a company with a licence from the state. Depending on what is available in your state or district, you can complete these programmes either online or offline.

Best DUI Classes

In the US, there are several DUI courses. But, based on ratings, price, and other considerations, the finest classes or centres were chosen. Below is a selection of the most reliable DUI courses.

  • Inglewood Substance Abuse Agency & DUI Program
  • West Area Opportunity center
  • Adapt Aware Zone
  • Safety Education Center
  • Twin Palms Recovery Center
  • The High Road Program

How To Become Certified To Teach DUI Classes

There are various requirements and standards you must meet in order to be qualified to teach lessons on driving under the influence.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A two-year college degree in psychology, sociology, counselling, social work, criminal justice, education, nursing, health, or traffic safety is the very minimum requirement.
  • One of the following conditions must be met by you:
    • Be a certified teacher, licenced psychologist, licenced physician or psychiatrist, licenced social worker, registered counsellor intern, licenced professional counsellor, licenced chemical dependency counsellor, licenced probation or parole officer, licenced vocational nurse, or licenced registered nurse, OR
    • possess a minimum of one year of proven experience in case management or instruction with mental health or substance misuse.
  • A background check for criminal activity is required.
  • You must successfully pass the teacher main training course.

Documents Required

Applying for a new licence requires filling out and submitting the proper application. Application for this certification is free. Together with your application form, you must include the following information.

  • Current resume
  • Proof of credentials in the form of copies of diplomas and licenses (if applicable)
  • Proof of documented experience (if applicable)

A certification is good for two years after it is issued.


Driving lessons for DUI are designed to educate and correct defaulters. These courses might be instructive for drivers who had insufficient training or broke the law and received a fine. Potential driving hazards, such as drinking and using drugs, as well as planned driving risks that might not be viewed as offenses, will be addressed in DUI Classes programmes.

FAQs on How does DUI Classes Work

How do DUI classes work in California?

Program requirements are: 78 hours of group counseling; 12 hours of alcohol and drug education; 120-300 hours of community service; and close and regular individual interviews.

How many times a week are DUI classes in California?

12-hour DUI classes

For this program, you will need to attend weekly two-hour classes spread over a six-week period of time.

How much are DUI classes in California?

First-Time Offenders - three-month, 30-hour alcohol and drug education and counseling program costs approximately $600. Second Time Offender 18 month DUI class (SB 38) - cost is approximately $1,800 - $1,900.

What is a Level 1 DUI?

DUI Level I is a course for first time DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or alcohol/substance abuse offenses in which the court or DHSMV requires completion of the course, evaluation, and treatment if required. The course is only available in the classroom and online registration is available.

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