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HotSchedules Login Comprehensive Guide 2023

HotSchedules Login: How to Reset Password, contact Customer Support and how to install the HotSchedules Application.

About HotSchedules

The web-based shift management tool HotSchedules was created to satisfy the requirements of businesses in the hospitality sector.

Because it’s the quickest and most convenient method to manage your calendar and interact with your team, HotSchedules is the leading employee scheduling app in the business.

Because they can swap, pick up, or release shifts with just one click, team members adore it. With automated shift pickups when you desire more hours and time off requests when you don’t, work-life balance is simple to manage. Schedules and the roster are automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes thanks to calendar sync and notifications.

Managers value the one-click approvals for shift changes and the 75% time reduction when creating schedules. They are kept out of the back office since it is possible to check on company performance with sales and labor snapshots from any location. Most importantly, maintaining communication through broadcast and one-on-one messages fosters a positive and effective work culture.

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HotSchedules Login
HotSchedules Login

HotSchedules Login

If you already have an account, fill in the needed fields with your username and password. Before using the service, you must first register an account if you are a new user.

HotSchedules Login Instructions:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  • In order to successfully log into the system, click the Login button at the end.

Password Reset for HotSchedules

HotSchedules Login
HotSchedules Login

Please use the forgotten password function to change your account’s password if you are experiencing difficulties logging in. If necessary, you can also resend the activation code to your email address using this tool.

HotSchedules App Sign In

You’ve just begun a new job, but you need help setting up your account so you can see your schedule. To set up your HotSchedules account, follow these instructions.

  • You can visit
  • Use the username and password listed on the welcome sheet to log in.
  • On the setup screen, where you must create a new login and password, you will be taken.
  • In addition, you will respond to 3 security queries.
  • Email and text alerts are opt-in options.

Users can access their accounts by downloading the HotSchedules mobile application to their smartphone. This is a quick and simple method to send messages, check your schedule information, and use a number of other functions.

HotSchedules Customer Service and Support

Visit the HotSchedules support center to quickly find articles that address your question or start a chat with a representative.

New to the site?

  • Ask your manager for a welcome sheet with your log in if you have never used HotSchedules previously.
  • User returning without having an email address connected to your account.
  • Ask your manager to change your password and send you a new Welcome Sheet if you’ve previously used HotSchedules but didn’t provide your email address in your profile. Please ask your manager for help if you think your user name or account name is incorrect.


  • To set up an account on HotSchedules, a new employee will require their initial login and password.
  • By printing their welcome sheet or sending an email invitation from the Staff tab, managers can provide this.
  • Simply pick the Welcome Sheet button after checking the box next to the employee’s name(s).

Steps to Take as an Employee:

  • People occasionally forget their login information and/or password! A message stating “invalid username or password” will appear if a user enters either of these incorrectly.
  • The Forgot Username or Password feature on the website or in the mobile apps can be used by the user if a verified email address is associated with the account.
  • Lost your username? The employee is required to be aware of the email address listed in their user profile. As a manager, you can review this or, if necessary, add an email.
  • Lost your password? The employee needs to be aware of their login; once more, as the manager, you can send them this information.

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HotSchedules App Download

Because it’s the quickest and most convenient method to manage your calendar and communicate, HotSchedules is the leading employee scheduling app in the business.



HotSchedules Login
HotSchedules Login

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hotschedule cost?

Despite the fact that HotSchedules has Android and iOS apps, they are not free, thus how the website appears is crucial. They must be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play for $2.99, either by the employee or their company.

How does the app HotSchedules operate?

Employees may view their schedules, request time off, swap shifts, manage availability, and send messages using the HotSchedules mobile app. Every shift request needs to be approved by a manager.

Is there a monthly fee for using HotSchedules?

Your monthly purchase entitles you to use HotSchedules as much as necessary for the following full month after your free trial has expired.

Is it possible to use HotSchedules for two jobs?

Unfortunately, at this time, your accounts cannot be connected if you work for two distinct businesses that both utilize HotSchedules. To view your schedule data, you must log into the two accounts separately.



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