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Highest-Paying Jobs in New York City

Highest-Paying Jobs in New York City. How much you can make is a factor in most job searches, and in a metropolis like New York City it’s crucial because the cost of living there is rather high. Although while earning money isn’t the only reason people take on a job, it is a consideration, so you might want to start your job search by looking at positions that pay well.

In order to give you an idea of the kinds of careers you can pursue in New York and whether the wage matches your expectations, we’ll look at these jobs for New York City in this post, listing 30 of the city’s highest-paying jobs.

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Highest-Paying Jobs in New York City

Since New York City is the media, financial, and legal hub of the country, many employment there pay more than the average wage. The disparity can be as little as a few thousand dollars or as much as roughly double the pay for the identical position elsewhere. Here are 30 of the positions in New York City with the highest salaries:

1. Information System Manager

Managers of information systems coordinate IT infrastructures inside an enterprise. They assess the organization’s information requirements, suggest new hardware and software, put those recommendations into practice, oversee the rest of the IT department.

  • Average New York City salary: $79,546 per year

2. General Manager

A general manager is responsible for managing a company’s daily operations, including hiring, training, and allocating duties and shifts.

  • Average New York City salary: $80,409 per year

3. Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager is in charge of overseeing initiatives that enhance the public’s view of their customers’ brands, products, and organizations.

  • Average New York City salary: $82,911 per year

4. Advertising Manager

Finding suitable spots for advertisements in print or online media, evaluating the effects of an advertising campaign, and hiring talent for their department are all responsibilities of an advertising manager.

  • Average New York City salary: $83,699 per year

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5. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for managing all facets of marketing for their company. They design and oversee marketing policies, which include identifying target markets, choosing pricing options, and stimulating demand for goods and services.

  • Average New York City salary: $85,861 per year

6. Sales Manager

A sales manager is in charge of hiring talent, establishing objectives, and managing the sales operations of a group of sales representatives. Sales managers provide reports on the performance of their teams and provide feedback to help individuals perform better.

  • Average New York City salary: $91,176 per year

7. Finance Manager

A finance manager does financial analysis using a variety of methods, which are subsequently utilized to evaluate the company’s present financial situation and project future trends. Financial managers draft reports and other financial documents and verify that incoming paperwork is accurate and compliant with legal requirements.

  • Average New York City salary: $96,455 per year

8. Financial Adviser

A financial advisor assists their clients in making well-informed choices regarding money-related issues, including investments, taxes, pensions, and insurance.

  • Average yearly New York City salary:$101,105 per year

9. Compensation Manager

A compensation manager handles all facets of employee payment and compensation. This comprises standard compensation like a salary or hourly wage, but it may also include benefits like travel expenses, bonuses, and other perks.

  • Average New York City salary: $105,178 per year

10. Attorney

Even though law school is quite difficult, the benefits are great. If you’re a general counsel or other legal professional, New York is a great area to work. NYC is home to many large companies, many of which also have satellite offices there. A company in Europe may choose New York as the location for judicial proceedings involving a company in Japan. Because of this, there are plenty of well-paid positions for attorneys.

  • Average yearly New York City salary:$107,578 per year

11. UX Designer

A user experience designer is in charge of supervising the development of software and products, with a focus on ensuring that they are useful and user-friendly. A UX developer works on every part of a product, as opposed to a UI developer, who focuses primarily on software interfaces. Product research, creating use cases for the product, and considering the target audience are all responsibilities of a UX designer.

  • Average yearly New York City salary: $111,038 per year

12. Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is a member of the medical field. They are only allowed to perform medicine under the direct or indirect supervision of a licensed doctor. A physician assistant is qualified to make diagnoses, provide medical treatment, and write prescriptions. The candidate is better prepared for a fast-paced job in a hospital, medical facility, or other clinical setting by participating in clinical hours coupled with significant coursework while pursuing a degree as a physician assistant. This is a tough yet rewarding work requiring a lot of ability and knowledge, like many other jobs in the medical industry.

  • Average yearly salary: $124,172 per year

13. Pediatrician

A pediatrician is a medical professional with a focus on treating children.

  • Average New York City salary: $131,073 per year

14. Controller

A controller is in charge of numerous managerial tasks, in addition to high-level accounting and financial duties. While in smaller firms, the two responsibilities are occasionally combined, the controller typically reports to the CFO. A controller helps with the creation of budgets, financial reports, and critical payroll tasks.

  • Average New York City salary: $131,888 per year

15. Clinical Pharmacist

To ensure that patients receive the best treatment for their unique conditions, a clinical pharmacist collaborates with doctors and other healthcare providers. In a healthcare setting like a hospital, clinic, or other medical facility, a clinical pharmacist performs their profession. Clinical pharmacists can have a range of jobs and require substantial medical knowledge.

  • Average New York City salary: $134,066 per year

16. Mobile Developer

A software developer that focuses on mobile technology, websites, and applications for mobile devices is known as a mobile developer. They might also create mobile adaptations of already-existing websites and desktop applications. Both a solid foundation in software design and up-to-date expertise in mobile technologies are prerequisites for mobile developers. Mobile solution designers, programmers, testers, and implementers. Also, they will be responsible for maintaining and updating current apps. Not only is the field of mobile programming extremely lucrative, but it is also expanding and offers many new job prospects for qualified developers.

  • Average NYC salary: $139,599 per year

17. Data Scientist

Analyzing and interpreting data from many sources is the responsibility of a data scientist. Both a high level of mathematics knowledge and sophisticated computer science abilities are required for the work. A data scientist must be able to access trustworthy data from a company’s databases and evaluate it well. As a data scientist, you must work closely with other corporate divisions, especially the project management and engineering divisions.

  • Average NYC salary: $140,008 per year

18. Software Engineer

For computer systems, a software engineer creates software. They design and develop new products, test them, and evaluate them using their understanding of software engineering. A software engineer will also be involved in upgrading code for new technologies, resolving problems, and introducing new features as well as managing software solutions after they have been deployed. They might be hired to develop software for a specific organization or work on mass-market product development.

  • Average NYC salary: $144,381 per year

19. Solution Architect

A solution architect is in charge of supervising the development of software solutions, typically in the form of services or applications. You need a blend of technical expertise and commercial acumen to become a solution architect. Considering how closely they collaborate with other departments, solution architects also need to be people-oriented.

  • Average NYC salary: $148,419 per year

20. Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician

A doctor who manages all gynecological issues as well as care for pregnancy and childbirth is an obstetrics and gynecology specialist, or OB/GYN.

  • Average NYC salary: $168,001 per year

21. General Practitioner

A doctor who has received training in preventing, diagnosing, and treating illnesses that are frequently prevalent in the general population is known as a general practitioner.

  • Average NYC salary: $170,663 per year

22. Podiatrist

Every facet of foot health is taken care of by a podiatrist. Podiatrists diagnose and treat illnesses, including infections and disorders like flat feet or hammertoes, that affect the human feet.

  • Average yearly NYC salary: $170,680 per year

23. Engineering Manager

Engineering-related tasks are coordinated by an engineering manager. Engineering in this sense could be mechanical, electrical, or civil.

  • Average NYC salary: $172,143 per year

24. Chief Executive Officer

To make crucial decisions and tackle challenging issues, a CEO needs to have a thorough understanding of their business. Whether communicating with managers, other executives, staff members, or those outside the company, a CEO must do it effectively. CEOs must be specialists in gathering data, effectively directing staff, and ensuring that everyone is motivated.

  • Average NYC salary: $172,157 per year

25. Dentist

A dentist is a physician with a focus on oral and dental health. A dentist can interpret x-rays, develop treatment plans, and prescribe medicine in addition to looking after your teeth and gums.

  • Average NYC salary: $181,373 per year

26. Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse who focuses on anesthesia is known as a nurse anesthetist. Providing care for patients while they recover from anesthesia, monitoring patients while they are under anesthesia, and giving anesthetics and other medications are all part of this function.

  • Average NYC salary: $229,941 per year

27. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is an expert in treating mental illnesses. Patients with mental health issues are evaluated by psychiatrists, who also diagnose disorders, prescribe medicines, and develop care plans.

  • Average NYC salary: $235,823 per year

28. Surgeon

A surgeon is a doctor who focuses on performing surgeries. Surgeons carry out procedures, make diagnoses, and monitor patients’ recovery following surgery.

  • Average NYC salary: $283,259 per year

29. Orthodontist

A dentist who specializes in orthodontic care, such as braces and correction procedures, can ensure that a patient’s teeth are positioned correctly in their jaw by consulting with an orthodontist.

  • Average NYC salary: $301,117 per year

30. Anesthesiologist 

Anesthesia is a specialty service offered by anesthesiologists to patients undergoing surgery or other grueling or stressful treatments. Anesthesiologists provide local or general anesthesia, carry out pain management techniques, watch over patients while under anesthesia, and oversee those who are recuperating from anesthesia.

  • Average NYC salary: $427,873 per year


Many work options abound in New York City. Coming to New York City will be one of the best moves you can make if you just graduated from college and want to move on with your life. To learn more about international law for intriguing prospects in NYC, check out upGrad’s Masters of Laws in International Business and Finance Laws course. A 70% scholarship will also be offered to deserving students who have a strong desire to pursue higher education. To succeed in your work, consider taking upGrad’s Masters of Business Administration programme. UpGrad offers a variety of programs that can advance your career in cities like New York!

In 2022, New York City will serve as the primary employment center. According to study data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job seekers can choose from a wide variety of positions located around the bustling city of New York. Keep reading for unique work opportunities that will meet your wants for maintaining life in New York City if you hope to land a prosperous profession in New York City.

People from all different types of educational backgrounds frequently move to New York City in search of attractive employment possibilities. whether it be in the fields of management, information technology, media, or finance. It offers you a wide range of employment options to jump-start and develop your career. Read on to learn more about the highest paid jobs in New York City that will give your career the boost it needs!

FAQS on Highest-Paying Jobs in New York City

Can you survive in NYC with minimum wage?

Minimum wages in NYC start from $13.20 to $15 per hour. This completely depends on the region as well. But, one can survive in NYC with a minimum wage.

What is a good salary in NYC?

An average salary in NYC is $60,000 per year as per BLS. They have created a census that the average weekly wage in Manhattan was about $3,970 in 2021.

Is living in NYC expensive?

Living in NYC is 129% more expensive than living in any other region of the USA. However, it depends on the rent and utility supplies in rural areas and small towns.

What is a great salary in NYC?

A good salary in New York, NY is anything over $54,000. That's because the median income in New York is $54,000, which means if you earn more than that you're earning more than 50% of the people living in New York. The average salary in New York is $64,741. A good hourly wage in New York is $25.96 per hour

What is the highest paying job at the New York Times?

The highest-paid job at The New York Times Company is a managing director. These professionals earn an average salary of $229,146, which works out to about $ 110.17 per hour.

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