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15 Highest Paid Police Departments In Tennessee

Highest Paid Police Departments. Do you have a lifelong fascination with law enforcement that may have started when you were a child? Are you interested in learning which Tennessee police agencies receive the highest salaries?

You’re in luck if so. We were able to determine the top 15 police departments in Tennessee using data from the BLS. Along with the typical pay for a police officer in the department, we have also included the chiefs of each department.

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What Is The Job Of A Police Officer?

A police officer is someone who upholds the law by issuing citations for violations including moving violations and by testifying in court. Police officers provide first aid to a victim of a traffic accident or crime before paramedics arrive.

Ranks for officers are determined by their training, education, and prior employment.

What Are The Responsibilities Of Police Officer In Tennessee?

Listed below is a brief summary of Tennessee police officers’ duties.

  • One of a police officer’s responsibilities is to make arrests, process criminals, and carry out sting operations in drug and criminal dens.
  • Patrolling predetermined regions to uphold order and help people in need.
    Interviewing potential suspects and victims of crime
  • Carrying out raids on drug and criminal hangouts, making arrests, and putting them through the legal system
  • Maintaining order and providing support to people in need while patrolling specific regions.

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Who Are The Highest Paid Police Departments In Tennessee?

1. Murfreesboro Police Department

Highest Paid Police Departments In Tennessee

The Murfreesboro Police is ranked first among Tennessee’s police agencies in terms of pay. This department’s officers make an average of $89,000 a year.

David Griffith serves as the department’s chief of police, and Capt. Steve Jarrell serves as his deputy.

Officers: With approximately 400 officers on staff, the agency is one of Tennessee’s top police agencies.

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2. Brentwood Police Department

Police officers in Brentwood make an average of $89,000 annually. Health insurance and a retirement plan are part of the department’s excellent benefits package at Brentwood. It is not surprising that it is one of the highest-paid police agencies in Tennessee given the benefits that come with a high wage.

The Brentwood police department has 72 sworn officers and 36 civilian support personnel.

Richard Hickey, the fourth chief of the Brentwood Police Department, is the current chief of police.

Despite having a fairly small number of officers, the Brentwood police force does an excellent job of defending the city.

One of the best paid police forces in Tennessee is the Brentwood Police Department.

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3. Mount Juliet Police Department

An officer in this department makes an average of $85,000 annually.

In the Tennessee city of Mount Juliet, the Mount Juliet Police Department is in charge of maintaining the law.

Number of police: There are more than 100 police in this department.

Chief of Police: James Hamrick is the Mount Juliet Police Department’s director of police services.

Benefits: This department offers a variety of benefits, including health insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan.

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4. Franklin Police Department

Tennessee’s William County is the location of the Franklin Police. This department’s police officers make an average of $84,590 a year. Which makes it one of the highest-paid police departments in Tennessee and is $40,000 higher than the national average.

There are 165 policemen working for the Franklin Police Department. They are in charge of patrolling a 40-square-mile area. The police department also features a mounted patrol squad and a K-9 unit.

Thomas J. Lynch is the Franklin Police Department’s chief of police.

A wide array of police services are offered by the Franklin Police Department.

These services include traffic law enforcement, investigation, and patrol.

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5. Jackson Police Department

The Jackson Police Department makes more money than the majority of Tennessee’s police agencies. One of Tennessee’s top paid police agencies is Jackson, which pays its officers an average annual salary of $75,000.

Officers: There are now 192 police officers working for the department.

Jackson Department’s website allows residents of the state to request rapid assistance from nearby police. On this page, information about criminal acts that can have an impact on citizens is also updated.

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6. Smyrna Police Department

Police officers in Smyrna make an average of $74,874 annually. The department’s budget for the fiscal year 2022 is reportedly more than $11 million, per public sources. It makes sense that it is one of Tennessee’s best paid police departments with such a large budget.

Smyrna Department has 103 officers, which is the highest number.

Chief of Police: Chief Kevin is the force’s top law enforcement official. He started out in law enforcement, joining the University of Tennessee Department in 1990.

The Smyrna Police Department is situated in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Since the early 2000s, Smyrna has had a reputation as one of Tennessee’s premier police agencies.

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7. Fairview TN Police Department

In this department, a police officer makes an average yearly income of $74,310. With only 2.3 reported offenses per 1,000 residents, this department likewise boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the country. It is one of the highest paid police agencies in Tennessee due to its track record, which has led to increased funding from the state.

Police Chief: The head of the Fairview, Tennessee, police force is Chief Jeff Hughes. The department’s third chief is Hughes.

The Fairview TN Police Department is a great illustration of a police force dedicated to maintaining neighborhood safety. It is doing a terrific job of luring and keeping outstanding officers with its high salary and low crime rate, as seen by these facts.

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8. Bartlett Police Department

A Bartlett police officer’s beginning pay is $40,560 year, which is a respectable amount given that pay increases as experience increases.

The Bartlett Department has more over 200 sworn officers, making it a sizable agency.

Chief of Police: Chief Cox currently serves as the organization’s top official. He completed high school at Bartlett. In January 1989, he began his career with the department.

Police officers in Bartlett, Tennessee, make an average of $70,000 a year, making the Bartlett Police Department one of the best paid in the state of Tennessee.

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9. Nashville Metropolitan Police Department

One of Tennessee’s top police agencies and one of the most well-liked to work for is the Nashville department. It’s important to note that the beginning salary for a police officer in Nashville is $48,000 annually. The Nashville Metropolitan Police Department is one of Tennessee’s best-paid law enforcement agencies.

This department has about 1300 police officers, making it one of the biggest in the country in terms of police force size.

Police chief: The department’s chief of police is John Drake, who is assisted by Michelle Richter as his deputy. They are both the department’s highest-paid police officers.

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10. Chattanooga Police Department

The community has been served by the Chattanooga Police Department for a very long time. One of the state of Tennessee’s oldest police forces is this one. With an average yearly compensation of $74,490, this agency has some of Tennessee’s highest-paid police officers.

Over 600 policemen are employed by the Chattanooga Department.

Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Administrative Services, and Support Services are the four divisions of the Chattanooga department. In addition, a SWAT team, a bomb squad, and a K-9 Unit are there.

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11. Knoxville Police Department

One of Tennessee’s best compensated police forces is the Knoxville Police Department. When they first start working, police officers in Knoxville typically receive an annual salary of $40,000.

Over 400 police officers are employed by the Knoxville Police Department.

The agency also runs a training program where brand-new police officers can pick up the abilities they need to succeed in their careers.

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12. Ashland City Police Dept

In Ashland City, Tennessee, a police officer makes $66,375 a year. A commissioner’s pay typically ranges from $71,000 to $80,000, depending on the person’s level of experience and skill.

There are now 11 sworn police officers and 1 civilian employee working at this department. Joseph Stanford is the Ashland City Police Department’s chief of police.

Therefore, the Ashland Police Department would be an excellent choice if you’re hoping to work in Tennessee. In addition, it is one of Tennessee’s best-paid police forces.

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13. Memphis Police Department

The National Association of Chiefs of Police Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement is only one of the accolades that this agency has received. The average annual compensation for officers with the Memphis Police Department is $65,000.

With over 2,000 officers and a budget of over $200 million, Memphis is the largest department in Tennessee in terms of the number of officers. It’s noteworthy that the department continues to compensate its employees well despite its enormous size.

Chief of Police: Cerelyn Davis is the Memphis Police Department’s director of police services in Tennessee.

Fast forward to today, and the Memphis Police Department is one of Tennessee’s best-paid law enforcement agencies, with a competitive benefits and compensation package.

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14. Clarksville Police Department

A police officer in Clarksville can expect to make $61,400 annually. This is significantly more than the $43,290 state average.The Clarksville Police Department has established itself as one of Tennessee’s best-paid law enforcement agencies.

There are 52 police officers employed by this department, including 25 reserve officers and 9 active employees.

The high cost of living in the region, Montgomery County, with a typical home value of $142,600, is the cause of the high salary at the Clarksville Police Department. This suggests that the majority of the money officers earn is used to pay for the high cost of living in Clarksville.

The two police officers with the highest salaries in the Clarksville Police Department are Chief Crockarell and Deputy Chief Stalder Richard.

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15. Johnson City Bureau of Police

The city in which a police officer works and the amount of overtime they put in are only two of the many variables that affect their salary.

This is true for the Johnson City Police Department, which receives salaries that range from a low of $40,000 to a high of over $60,000.

When compared to police agencies like the Mount Juliet Police Department and the Franklin City Police Department, it is neither too little nor too much.

There are 153 officers working for the department at the moment.

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