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High-Paying Jobs in Information Security

High-Paying Jobs in Information Security. Information security procedures assist businesses in defending against outside threats to their consumers, processes, and data. There are numerous occupations that people with a technology and security orientation can pursue because of the significance that many industries place on information security. You can choose a profession that fits your interests, experiences, and talents by learning more about the various career options in information security. This article defines information security, discusses its significance, and examines well-paying careers in the data protection industry.

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What is information security?

Information security, or infosec, refers to the procedures or techniques a business uses to guard its systems and data from unwanted access. This aids a business in reducing the disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction of vital corporate data. To safeguard business operations, companies frequently incorporate data protection into their risk management methods.

Why is information security important?

Information security is crucial because it enables businesses to safeguard their data from unauthorized access. Strong security measures are used by businesses in almost every sector to safeguard their data. Due to the practices’ role in fostering safety and trust, information security can also improve consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

High-paying jobs in information security

1. Information technology security manager

A manager of information technology security is in charge of keeping an eye on a company’s digital infrastructure and operations. These experts additionally support the upkeep of a business’s technology or digital security measures. These managers frequently supervise a group of IT specialists who carry out and strengthen a company’s information security policies.

  • National average salary: $62,841 per year

2. Network analyst

A network analyst contributes to the development and application of a company’s data security plans. They support risk identification and reduction for computer systems, networks, and data. These analysts also write security studies that might assist a business in strengthening its upcoming network security protocols.

  • National average salary: $67,964 per year

3. Vulnerability Researcher

Software vulnerabilities are examined by vulnerability researchers by looking into possible ways that unauthorized users could access the software’s data. By offering advice on software security, they also assist a business in reducing software vulnerabilities. In order to learn more about code flaws or malicious code, which are unapproved files or documents that can corrupt data, these researchers may also reverse engineer programs.

  • National average salary: $73,045 per year

4. Forensic Computer Analyst

In order to improve a company’s information security measures, forensic computer analysts gather and examine cyberattacks and internet activities. These experts also retrieve and protect information needed for digital crime investigations. Forensic computer analysts occasionally offer investigators advice on how to spot digital criminal activities.

  • National average salary: $78,550 per year

5. Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

A company’s sales staff and cybersecurity sales engineers work together to develop goods that have the features or qualities that customers are looking for. Additionally, they assist in developing appealing cybersecurity marketing plans that attract customers. The company’s sales and software development teams may receive feedback from these sales engineers to make sure that the generated goods meet client expectations.

  • National average salary: $81,556 per year

6. Malware Analyst

A malware analyst does research on and examinations of various malware types. They also investigate how malware is inserted into a company’s software or code by outsiders. These researchers typically look into malware in the following forms: adware, bugs, spyware, ransomware, Trojan horses, viruses, and worms. Analysts can provide suggestions to enhance a company’s information security procedures by having a better understanding of how these malware programs function.

  • National average salary: $85,839 per year

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7. Information Technology Manager

A company’s IT systems are assessed by an information technology (IT) manager to confirm their effectiveness, productivity, and security. Additionally, they contribute to the creation of solid IT policies that raise employee knowledge of information security. These managers also oversee a group of IT specialists who upgrade, migrate, and update systems to improve a company’s data protection procedures.

  • National average salary: $87,889 per year

8. Software Test Engineer

Engineers who test software assess the product’s functionality for a business. To enhance future user experiences with the software, these engineers develop a large number of software tests that analyze various program components. To enhance the functionality and security of the software, they also report any coding mistakes or defects.

  • National average salary: $91,017 per year

9. Information Technology Auditor

A company’s information technology infrastructure must be examined by an IT auditor to ensure its security and effectiveness. They assist a corporation with maintaining data security by determining if a company’s systems adhere to set security rules. In order to make sure a business can successfully detect, mitigate, and recover from unlawful data usage, they also evaluate its security processes.

  • National average salary: $94,386 per year

10. Cybersecurity Consultant

By researching and evaluating the most recent security measures, cybersecurity consultants assist their clients in enhancing their security procedures. To assist a business in effectively protecting its data and information, they frequently develop security rules and plans. These experts could also work with a business to develop software or codes that will enhance its data security procedures.

  • National average salary: $94,761 per year

11. Forensic Engineer

Scientific methodologies are used by forensic engineers to identify the root causes of information system failures. A business can enhance its processes by looking at the particular factors that led to the failure of a system or device. Additionally, they provide information that a business can use to analyze and implement customer experience enhancement strategies.

  • National average salary: $102,050 per year

12. Application Security Engineer

Software developers and application security engineers work together to guarantee that all phases of the software development life cycle adhere to security best practices. They aid in the functioning and security testing of a company’s software before it is made available to customers. In order to improve the user experience with an application, application security experts also assist software developers in anticipating and reducing potential application risks.

  • National average salary: $113,141 per year

13. Chief Information Officer

A company’s information security strategy are developed and evaluated by a chief information security officer (CIO). They keep an eye on all IT activities within an organization to ensure compliance with security best practices. A CIO also oversees the creation of a company’s software or applications to guarantee that they satisfy client needs while upholding the highest levels of security.

  • National average salary: $113,372 per year

14. Senior Systems Engineer

Senior system engineers provide support for the information systems used by a corporation that are essential to its primary organizational operations. To do this, they build teams of system engineers to manage a system’s operations and security as well as network and system operation techniques. In order to guarantee data security and maximize IT system investments, these experts also assist in identifying, communicating, and resolving any IT system hurdles.

  • National average salary: $113,474 per year

FAQs on High-Paying Jobs in Information Security 

What is the highest paying job in security?

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior executive level position and one of the highest paying security jobs. These professionals are responsible for the development and implementation of cyber security plans and policies for an organization.

Can a cyber security make 500k a year?

Some of them earn more than $500,000 a year. But, that's a far cry from the average take home pay for most bug bounty hunters that are self-employed part timers with no guaranteed income.

Which pays more coding or cyber security?

Salaries can range depending on where you live, but full-time cybersecurity jobs are on the rise everywhere. Software engineers earn slightly more than cybersecurity professionals; the BLS found the 2021 median pay to be $120,990 per year or $58.05 per hour for a freelance programmers' income.

Is cyber security math heavy?

Yes. Computer science's technical subject of cybersecurity necessitates strong analytical abilities from job candidates. Unlike astrophysics or engineering, it is not a math-intensive job, although it does require familiarity with some forms of math.


One of the employment options with the fastest growth in the US is information security. These jobs are expected to rise by 31% over the next 10 years, according to the US Department of Labor Statistics, which is more than seven times faster than the average national job growth.

Any particular expertise that is in more demand on the labor market prompts employers to offer generous pay and additional benefits. One of these abilities is information security. Information security candidates can land lucrative offers in a variety of industries due to increased market demand and a shortage of qualified candidates.

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