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Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate 2023

Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate. Wesleyan University, a liberal arts college, offers students a solid educational foundation with a curriculum that covers a wide range of topics. This university is situated in the primarily urban district of Middletown, Connecticut. At Wesleyan University, there are roughly 3,000 students enrolled each year.

Given that just 20% of applicants are admitted, this school’s acceptance rate is lower than that of most other institutions, and competition is fierce. The website for the admissions office is wesleyan.edu, where you may get further details. With a 16.5% acceptance rate, Wesleyan University is a reputable institution. Wesleyan University is one of the top liberal arts colleges in the US and has a 340-acre campus in Middletown, Connecticut.

Wesleyan University has the feel of a liberal arts institution even though it provides a number of graduate programs and mostly serves undergraduates. The prestigious Phi Beta Kappa honor society has established a chapter at Wesleyan University as a result of the school’s strengths in the liberal arts and sciences. The university’s remarkable student-to-faculty ratio is 8 to 1.

Wesleyan University students are very involved in the campus community, choosing from more than 250 clubs and organizations. For sports competition, Wesleyan takes part in the NCAA Division III New England Small College Athletic Conference. Think about submitting an application to this esteemed school. Below is a list of Wesleyan University’s statistics.


About Wesleyan University

20 best liberal arts colleges Wesleyan University has never shied away from taking the initiative. With more than 2,800 undergraduate students, Middletown, Connecticut-based Wesleyan University is a little larger than most of its rivals.

It places a high emphasis on interdisciplinary learning, creativity, and intellectual discovery. Wesleyan has grown to be a well-known college option for smart students all around the world because of its great academic programs and distinctive environment.

The admissions procedure for this liberal arts institution, Wesleyan, has always been exceedingly competitive, but it recently increased to a new level and has remained there ever since.

Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate in 2023

Wesleyan University had a 16.5% acceptance percentage for the 2018–19 admissions cycle.

This shows that just 16 out of every 100 candidates were accepted, which shows how competitive Wesleyan’s admissions process is.

Wesleyan University Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023

A competitive 24.09% of transfer applications are accepted at Wesleyan University.

To be considered for admission to Wesleyan University, you must currently have a GPA of at least 3.73; ideally, your GPA will be close to 3.88. You will also need to submit the results of your tests.

Is Wesleyan hard to get into?

During the 2020–21 application cycle, 12,632 students submitted applications; 2,640 were finally approved. As a result, the admissions rate is 20.9%.

51% of patients received early admission in the interim. Wesleyan does have a low acceptance rate, but your chances may be higher or lower depending on how strong your application is.

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Does Wesleyan Require Test Scores in 2023?

Wesleyan University’s test-optional standardized testing policy is in effect. Candidates are welcome to submit their SAT or ACT scores, but Wesleyan does not require them. During the 2018–19 admissions cycle, 63% of accepted students provided their SAT scores.

The majority of Wesleyan University’s admitted students, among those who submitted SAT scores for the 2018–19 application season, had SAT scores that were among the top 20% nationally. On the evidence-based reading and writing section, 50% of candidates to Wesleyan received scores between 650 and 740, while 25% received scores below 650 and 25% received scores above 740.

25% of admitted students had math scores under 670, 50% had math scores between 670 and 770, and 25% had math scores exceeding 770. Wesleyan will admit applicants with a composite SAT score of 1510 or higher despite the fact that the SAT is optional.

Wesleyan University’s test-optional standardized testing policy is in effect. Candidates are welcome to submit their SAT or ACT scores, but Wesleyan does not require them. In the admissions season for 2018–19, 39% of accepted applicants provided their ACT results. Most admitted students to Wesleyan University had ACT scores that were among the top 5% in the country, according to admissions data.

The middle 50% of those admitted had ACT composite scores between 31 and 34, with 25% of those admitted having ACT composite scores over 34 and 25% having ACT composite scores below 31.

Wesleyan Campus Tour

Wesleyan University SAT Requirements 

Wesleyan University does not require SAT scores for admission. If you want to submit your results, be aware that the admissions office will consider your highest score from each section across all SAT dates because Wesleyan participates in the score choice program. Wesleyan University does not require the optional SAT essay part for admission.

Wesleyan ACT Requirements 

Wesleyan does not require an ACT score for admission. If you choose to submit your results, Wesleyan will accept them as part of the score choice program. The admissions office will take into account your highest score from each part on all ACT test dates, so keep that in mind. Wesleyan University admittance does not require taking the ACT’s optional writing section.

What are the Admission Requirements for Wesleyan in 2023?

Wesleyan University has a very competitive admissions pool, only accepting less than 20% of candidates. Wesleyan, on the other hand, offers a holistic admissions procedure, doesn’t need testing, and bases acceptance decisions on more than simply numbers.

A strong application essay and a strong letter of recommendation, along with significant extracurricular activities and enrollment in a demanding course load, can strengthen your application. Universities desire students who not only excel in the classroom but also contribute significantly to the campus community. Wesleyan encourages interested candidates to interview, however it’s not necessary. Even if a student’s grades and test scores are beyond the range for Wesleyan, their achievements or story may be treated seriously.

The majority of applicants to Wesleyan had average ACT composite scores of 28 or higher, SAT (ERW+M) scores above 1300, and average scores in the “A” range. Test results are less significant in the admissions process at Wesleyan because there are no tests there.

Transfer Requirements for Wesleyan 

  • Official Transcripts: You must possess an official copy of your last high school transcript, a GED certificate as proof of graduation, and official copies of all college transcripts you have earned.
  • SAT scores: Transfer applicants are not required to submit their ACT or SAT scores to Wesleyan. Students can decide if their test results should be taken into account and if their scores appropriately reflect their academic aptitude.
  • Two letters of recommendation from college professors teaching academic courses are necessary.
  • Applications require a $55 non-refundable application fee: fee exemption.


  • Request an Interview: While not compulsory, all applicants are highly encouraged to request interviews (both in-person and online).
  • A college report and a midterm report are additional prerequisites (if enrolled).

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What GPA do you need to get into Wesleyan in 2023?

The high school GPAs of accepted students are not disclosed by Wesleyan University.

94% of admitted students who took the test in 2019 performed among the top half of their high school graduating class, according to the data.

How to Apply to Wesleyan 

Here is what you should know if you intend to join the 13,000+ applicants to Wesleyan University in the upcoming admissions cycle: Consequences of a pandemic. If Wesleyan is your top choice, think about submitting an ED I application by November 15 or an ED II application by January 1. The approval rate for this round is much lower than the typical approval rate, which is the first week of January.

Students are encouraged to take part in alumni evaluation interviews at Wesleyan. Wesleyan University uses interviews as an evaluation tool and as a chance to communicate information about the candidate and the school while also participating in the admissions process.

Interviews with local alumni or on-campus students are encouraged but not necessary. At Wesleyan, advisor and instructor endorsements are crucial. Remember to maintain these grades throughout your senior year of high school since you must turn in an interim report at the end of February.

Give the Common App essay ample thought and attention when completing a Wesleyan application. For the cycle 2021–2022, the university did not supply any further essays. For a school that is quite selective, this is surprising.

Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate
Wesleyan University 

Alternative to Wesleyan 

If You Enjoy Wesleyan University, You Might Enjoy These Institutions

  • Oberlin College
  • Yale University
  • Bowdoin College
  • Haverford College

FAQS on Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate

What is the early decision acceptance rate at Wesleyan University?

With a 55% early decision acceptance rate, Wesleyan is a great option for students who want to join these illustrious ranks. 44% of all candidates who submitted early decision I applications for the class of 2026 were accepted by Wesleyan University.

Has COVID-19 changed Wesleyan University’s admission policies for prospective applicants applying in 2022 and beyond?

The admissions procedure at Wesleyan University has not yet been altered. The admissions website and email will be updated with any changes to the admissions policies.

What is the entrance exam score?

Wesleyan does not have a minimum or cutoff score. The admissions committee considers each application's entirety, independent of test results, using a personalized, reader-driven, holistic assessment approach. Each complete application is read by an admissions representative.

Is Wesleyan University selective?

To put things in perspective, Wesleyan is one of the nation's more selective universities with an overall admittance rate of just 19%. One can contend that they are entitled to some kind of exclusivity because they are one of the top twenty liberal arts universities in the country!


Most of the applicants who were accepted at Wesleyan obtained high academic status and can attest to a range of distinctive abilities both inside and beyond the classroom.

Given the sub 20% admission rate, every candidate to a university of the caliber of Wesleyan University should also have a proper mix of “target” and “safety” universities on their college list.

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