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होमसामग्रीनिःशुल्क कोडिंग सीखने के लिए 20 साइटें

निःशुल्क कोडिंग सीखने के लिए 20 साइटें

Sites to learn coding for free. It makes sense to start by teaching yourself to code utilizing all the free learn-to-code materials available online if you are completely new to the world of coding and web development.

Before spending money on a particular coding language or set of classes, you can find out what you enjoy and don’t like by making use of these tools as you learn to code for free. You’ll be able to harness your desire to continue learning how to code online most effectively once you’ve gone through enough free coding tutorials to identify that direction.

The rate at which more and more people are learning to code to find or change careers in the tech industry has accelerated the expansion of the global eCommerce and tech industries. Since there are fewer physical coding bootcamps and workshops, many people rely on online learning materials to accomplish this.

A few free sites for coding courses, though, might run you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We have created a comprehensive list of places where you may learn to code for free in order to allay this worry.

This article may be helpful to you if you want to learn how to code for free or want to weigh your options before enrolling in a pricey school. We’ll offer 20 places where you can learn how to code for free.

20 sites to learn coding for FREE

  • 🎓 edx
  • 👩‍💻 Pluralsight
  • 📚 Tutsplus.com
  • 🎥 Youtube
  • ⚔️ Codewars
  • 🎓 Coursera
  • 📖 Sololearn
  • ⚡️ After Hours Programming
  • 🎓 udacity .com
  • 🤖 Bento.io
  • 💻 Programiz
  • 🌐 W3schools
  • 💻 Codecademy
  • 🎓 Khanacademy
  • 📚 Medium
  • 🔎 Stackoverflow
  • 💻 Freecodecamp
  • 🤓 Hackr.io
  • 🌐 MIT OpenCourseWare
  • 🎓 Udemy.com

1. edx .org

Similar to Coursera, edX is an online learning platform that offers more than 3,000 top-notch courses by partnering with more than 160 universities. These cover a range of subjects, including data analysis and computer science.

Users have temporary access to all course materials through its free audit track. Only those who upgrade to the verified track can finish graded assignments and receive certificates, nevertheless. The price range for doing so is $50 to $300. The portal also offers premium courses, ranging from Master’s degrees starting at $10,000 to Professional Certificate Programs starting at $299.

2. Pluralsight (Code School)

A thorough tech learning platform for the most in-demand employment skills is Pluralsight. The various learning pathways available to you are what distinguishes them from the competitors. You learn a certain talent along each path from beginning to end. You merely concentrate on one route and pick up information in the proper sequence. Since you won’t have to switch back and forth between sources, this can save you a ton of time.

3. tutsplus.com

Every month, millions of students use the free tutorials to create their destiny. What are you interested in learning?

You may learn how to master Photoshop actions, deliver more effective PowerPoint presentations, or make the most of WordPress with the help of these free tutorials. Or perhaps you want to improve your web design abilities or learn how to launch a business? Here, you may discover all of that and much more.

From the drop-down menu, select a subject, or just type in what you want to know. You’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for with more than ten years’ worth of free tutorials covering a wide range of topics on the website.

4. Youtube 

One of the best websites for learning coding and other computer skills from scratch is unquestionably YouTube. If you’re serious about becoming a developer, there are several YouTube channels where you can study programming from scratch. YouTube is a great place to start, especially if you learn best by watching videos.

However, keep in mind that simply watching someone else code is not going to teach you how to code. Instead, be sure to give yourself plenty of breaks while watching instructional videos.

Without watching a video, write your own code. Only consult a tutorial if you need assistance after seeing how far you can get. You still require more experience if you are unable to complete a coding project without “cheating”. I advise beginning with the Python programming language if you are new to coding. It is widely used, quite adaptable, and reasonably simple to learn.

5. Codewars 

Compared to most other platforms in this post, Codewars takes a more gamified approach to teaching code.

The learning path is built on problems known as kata, and their code challenges have a martial arts motif. Each task seeks to assist you in developing your knowledge of a particular programming language.

Each of you will earn honor points and advance in rank after finishing a kata. The difficulties will increase as you complete more kata. Overall, the kata system is a fun method to learn how to code, and one of the greatest websites for gamifying coding education is Codewars.

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6. Coursera

One of the best online resources for beginners to learn how to code is Coursera. There are a ton of interesting, professional courses available, covering anything from basic concepts to more advanced subjects.

The majority of Coursera instructors are actual university professors from some of the most esteemed universities in the world, including Princeton and Stanford. Enrollment in any course is free, however you can pay extra to receive a “Coursera Verified Certificate” as proof that the course was completed. The costs range from $29 to $95. Additionally, purchasing a certificate grants access to extra educational materials that are not available in the free version.

7. Sololearn

SoloLearn is a platform for learning to code completely for free. You can begin learning a variety of well-liked, in-demand tools and programming languages based on your objectives.

Start with HTML while developing a website, then move on to CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and SQL. Start a course in Python, Ruby, Java, Swift, C++, or C# for back-end development and software development, for instance.

Check out their applications for iOS and Android if you’re constantly on the run. The Q&A forum on SoloLearn is fantastic for whenever something seems challenging. While navigating the course material, use it to connect with other students and find the answers to your questions.

8. After Hours Programming

A collection of free coding and web development tutorials may be found at After Hours Programming. Your grasp of the complexity of a single web development project will be greatly enhanced by their tutorials. Numerous developers collaborate seamlessly to create large-scale websites and e-commerce platforms, and each one focuses on a very specific set of skills.

So, while it’s a good idea to learn the fundamentals of a few programming and markup languages, don’t try to learn everything at once. Instead, read through some of the simpler language tutorials. Check out the ones you like working with. You ought to educate yourself more about those instruments!

9. Udacity 

Beginners may find a wide variety of individual courses on Udacity. To study the fundamentals of programming, web development, and computer science, there are many free courses available. You can learn how to code from scratch on Udacity for nothing because the majority of its introductory courses are free. Each course comprises of video lectures, homework assignments, quizzes, and larger projects.

Simply go to the student discussion board to get assistance from your fellow students if you’re having trouble with an assignment. Nanodegrees, which Udacity also offers, are tiny technical degrees.

10. Bento.io

Bento is a search engine that offers handpicked coding lessons and courses for both beginning and seasoned coders. I only recently came upon their website, and I can’t say enough good things about it. Although Bento is a free platform, you must register.

Start by learning the basics of the Web, is the plan. After studying how the Internet functions, you can begin developing the skills necessary to create your own web projects. Start with their Web track to gain an understanding of how the web functions if you want to learn web programming for free.

The next step is to use their free HTML tutorial to learn some fundamental HTML.

11. Scratch

Scratch is a visual e-learning environment for learning how to code. You construct your software using individual blocks instead than writing code. You must determine the ideal combination of blocks to address a particular issue because each block carries out a distinct function.

For novices of any age, Scratch is a visual and user-friendly platform to learn coding. Having said that, utilize Scratch to gain a fundamental knowledge of how programming functions. After that, switch to another coding website to learn how to create new code.

12. W3schools 

One of the most comprehensive free online learning resources for coding and web development is W3Schools.

On W3Schools, all of the material is available for free. For creating original code projects, I advise following their instructions. Start a new code file in your text editor and begin, for instance, creating an HTML and CSS web page. You will gradually create a real-world website that you can use as your portfolio as you advance through these free coding tutorials.

13. Codecademy 

One of the most well-known platforms for programming and coding courses is Codecademy. Their list of available technologies to learn includes:

  • वेब विकास
  • Mobile development
  • खेल का विकास
  • Data science and Machine learning (ML)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • and more

The majority of courses provide free trials. If you appreciate them and find them useful, you may subscribe to a subscription plan to have access to more premium content. If you’re unsure of where to begin, I would advise starting with the HTML and CSS modules. They are quick and simple to learn. Perhaps web design and development are your thing if it feels enjoyable? In 2016, I used Codecademy as my first coding course platform. I cherished how quick and simple it was to get going with them. When I finally felt like I had found it, I made the decision to enroll in an Udemy paid course.

14. Khanacademy 

There are a ton of free online coding resources available at Khan Academy. On Khan Academy, you can study anything at your own pace. Khan Academy is ideal for learning the rudiments of coding if you’re just getting started.

As you learn how to code, you earn points and badges by finishing missions and lessons. Therefore, Khan Academy is a fantastic option if you enjoy gamified learning. You can access the courses on Khan Academy without creating an account. Simply navigate to their website to get started learning right away!

15. Medium

A publishing site called Medium receives hundreds of millions of visitors each month. On Medium, you can find thousands of in-depth programming lessons that are usually authored by professionals in the field. In light of this, Medium is excellent for learning at the intermediate or advanced levels. There is a barrier on their content, and you may only access five stories each month without paying. More than just a blogging platform, Medium. You can utilize this vast collection of valuable content to study coding and web development at your own pace.

16. Stackoverflow

One of the most popular tech Q&A websites is Stack Overflow. Using Stack Overflow, people can ask questions, share their knowledge, and solve tech-related issues.

View all of the queries on Stack Overflow It’s one of the most well-known websites in the world with more than 100 million monthly visits.

In fact, there’s a good possibility that Stack Overflow will have the solution to every coding-related query you enter into Google. Any query you might have has already been asked and answered by someone else.

Therefore, even though Stack Overflow doesn’t offer actual coding courses, you can use it to get assistance whenever you get stuck. 

17. Freecodecamp 

One of the best online resources for learning to code on a budget is freeCodeCamp. Every one of their courses can be used for free.

If you’ve never programmed before, freeCodeCamp is a great way to learn the fundamentals and investigate potential specializations.

The friendly community at freeCodeCamp, where you may meet other programmers who share your interests, is its best feature. You can join a Facebook group for freeCodeCamp once you sign up and begin learning. Why not participate in or start a local meetup for programmers?

18. Hackr.io

A comprehensive listing of the top online programming courses is available at Hackr.io for languages including JavaScript, Python, and Java.

You can identify the top coding schools that other students suggest quickly thanks to the voting-based ranking system.

Therefore, even though the platform itself isn’t a website for learning how to code, you can use it to compare various programs and learning environments.

19. MIT OpenCourseWare

Free undergraduate and graduate-level MIT courses are available through MIT OpenCourseWare. Naturally, all courses are instructed by renowned computer science professors and subject-matter experts.

MIT OpenCourseWare is an excellent location to start learning how to code if you are new to computer programming. There is no enrollment or registration process; everything is open. Without registering, you can browse courses, read pages, view videos, and download any files.

20. Udemy

Udemy is a well-known website where you can learn how to code and teach yourself any subject you can think of.

There are countless coding courses available. Therefore, read reviews and ratings left by previous students before enrolling in a course on Udemy. Having said that, Udemy features some of the top introductory web development classes I’ve come across over the years. Also frequently available are flash sales with up to 95% off the regular price.


We all understand that learning to code is the way of the future, so why haven’t you begun yet?

Forget all those internet jokes about programming; in reality, being a programmer is a cool career. In contrast to other vocations, programming is a creative process where you use a variety of codes to teach a computer to carry out complex tasks. To put it simply, a programmer can use his programs to turn a very stupid computer into an obedient one or to make them behave like real people. You could possibly describe programmers as superhumans.

Every day, hundreds of people start learning a new programming language because the majority of top IT positions now value having programming skills. So why haven’t you begun yet? It is never too late to learn how to code because learning new things doesn’t depend on your age.

You may learn programming on many different websites, both for free and for money. We’ve compiled a list of the top free programming websites in this article, especially for newcomers.

FAQs on sites to learn coding for free

Which is the best site to learn coding for free?

Khan Academy.
MIT OpenCourseWare.

What is a coding platform called?

Coding simulators are also known as programming simulators. They are software tools that allow candidates to write and test a code in a completely simulated environment.

What is the difference between coding and programming?

Coding is a part of programming that deals with writing codes that a machine can understand. Programming is a process that creates programs that involve the ratification of codes. Coding requires basic knowledge of programming skills without any software tools.

How long does it take to learn coding?

Most coders agree that it takes three to six months to be comfortable with the basics of coding. But you can learn coding faster or slower depending on your preferred pace.

What is the most used coding language?

JavaScript is the most common coding language in use today around the world. This is for a good reason: most web browsers utilize it and it's one of the easiest languages to learn. JavaScript requires almost no prior coding knowledge — once you start learning, you can practice and play with it immediately.

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