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होमScholarshipRomania Govt Scholarship for International Students 2023: Important Dates and Requirements

Romania Govt Scholarship for International Students 2023: Important Dates and Requirements

Romania Govt Scholarship for Academic Year 2023–2024: The Romanian Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is offering scholarships to foreign nationals who wish to pursue undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

  • Deadline for Applications: March 1, 2023
  • Selection Announcement: 15 July 2023: The announcement of the winner.
  • Annual Offer: Yes
  • Level: Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral
  • Number of Scholarships: 85 scholarships are available for Romanian undergraduate and graduate study.
  • Eligible Nationality: Any Non-EU national.
  • Scholarship Duration: For the duration of study, contingent upon performance in class.
  • Institution: Romanian Universities
  • Courses/Specializations: Candidates applying for the following fields of study will receive preference: political and administrative sciences, education studies, journalism, technical studies, oil and gas, agricultural studies, veterinary medicine, architecture, music, and the arts.

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About the Romania Govt Scholarship

Regarding Romania govt scholarship: Three levels of study are covered by the scholarships:

  1. First-Cycle (Licenta): This program is intended for first-cycle (licenta) graduates of high schools or other comparable pre-university institutions, as well as applicants who need the equivalent of only a portion of their studies to continue in Romania. According to the particular criteria of the chosen faculty, the entire cycle of university education lasts between three and six years and concludes with a final test (licenta);
  2. Second-Cycle (Master’s Cycle): This program is intended for recent graduates of post-graduate or university studies; it lasts for 1.5 to 2 years and culminates in a dissertation;
  3. The Third- Cycle (doctoral Program): Which is designed for graduates of postsecondary institutions (i.e., master’s programs), lasts 3–4 years depending on the faculty chosen and concludes with a doctoral thesis.
Romania govt scholarship
Romania govt scholarship

Benefits: The worth of government scholarships from Romania:

  • No-cost instruction
  • Provided without charge is lodging (depending on availability, accommodation will be offered free-of-charge in students hostels, in keeping with the higher education regulations and within the limits of the sums available for this purpose),
  • Financial assistance in the form of a monthly payment that:
  1. 65 EUR per month, which is the equivalent in Romanian currency, for undergraduate students (1st cycle),
  2. 75 Euros a month, which is the equivalent in Romanian Lei for postgraduate students in the second cycle (master’s degrees and specialization).
  3. The equivalent of 85 EUR per month in Romanian lei for postgraduate students pursuing a third cycle of doctoral studies.

*These Romania govt scholarship do not pay for meals or local or international transportation. Any such additional costs must be supported privately by the candidates.*

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Romania govt scholarship
Romania govt scholarship

Romania govt Scholarship Deadline

Deadline for Applications: March 1, 2023

This is the deadline for application files to be submitted with a verbal note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Directorate of Public, Cultural, and Scientific Diplomacy by foreign diplomatic missions accredited to Bucharest.

However, the applicant should inquire about the enrollment schedule at the diplomatic mission where he plans to submit the application file. The due date for application submission is determined by each diplomatic post.

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How to Apply for Romania Govt Scholarship

The candidates should apply directly to:

  • In order to obtain all the information they require regarding the scholarships (conditions, required paperwork, and the enrollment schedule) and to submit their application materials, they should check the official application page
  • The diplomatic missions of Romania accredited to the nation of the candidate’s birth, place of residence, or to
  • The candidate’s country of origin’s accredited diplomatic mission in Bucharest.

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Documents Required:

Each applicant will open an account on the application page, enter the necessary information, and upload the following files:

  1. Copies of the diplomas earned, including the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees, if applicable, as well as any official translations into the languages of English, French, Spanish, or Romania.
  2. Copies of the completed studies’ transcripts, together with, if necessary, an official translation into Romanian, French, Spanish, or English.
  3. A duplicate of the birth certificate (or comparable document) and, if applicable, its official translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian.
  4. A copy of the first three pages of the passport or other national identification document, as well as, if necessary, an official translation into one of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, or Romanian.
  5. Curriculum vitae in either French or English.
  6. For the doctoral cycle, the candidate must submit a letter of intent that includes a list of scientific publications, specialized works, a thorough explanation of the proposed research project, and the support of a tutor who must belong to the doctoral school of choice. The languages of the two documents must be English, French, or Romanian.

The following supporting materials will also be sent with the application (but only for applicants who fit the criteria listed for each one):

  • Copy of the name change documentation (if applicable), along with any required official translations into Romanian, French, Spanish, or English.
  • For graduates without a diploma yet, a copy of the certificate attesting to the passing of the baccalaureate, bachelor’s, or master’s exam is required, along with, if necessary, an official translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian.
  • A copy of the certificate indicating that the student is in their last year of study and will take the graduation test at the conclusion of the academic year, together with, if necessary, an official translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian
  • A copy of the transcript attesting the applicant’s academic standing from the start of their last year of study to the time they submitted their application, together with, if necessary, an official translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian.
  • A copy of the linguistic competency certificate, if appropriate, or the certificate of completion of the Romanian language preparatory year.
  • If the candidate has not turned 18 before the start date of the courses, a copy of the notarized parental consent statement with the authorized translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian, as appropriate, must also be submitted.
  • Following the original, each document must be scanned individually and saved in PDF Format.

Note: The candidate must sign the GDPR statement to confirm his or her agreement to the processing of personal data in order for the registration to be considered authentic.

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How to Submit Documents

ONLY the Study in Romania portal can be used to submit the scholarship application.

Candidates can access the website at https://scholarships.studyinromania.gov.ro,. Both English and French are supported for accessing the platform.

REJECTED: Applications sent directly by applicants to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ registry office or the Ministry of Education’s registry office, to the MFA’s employees’ or departments’ e-mail addresses, to Romania’s diplomatic missions abroad or to foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Bucharest, will not be considered.

Study Language:

The Ministry of National Education has decided that the scholarship recipients must exclusively study in Romanian in order to promote the Romanian language and culture. Candidates who do not speak Romanian are given an additional year of preparation to learn it. Students who claim to speak Romanian must pass a language test that has been set up by reputable higher education institutions.

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Romania govt scholarship
Romania govt scholarship

Selection Announcement and Modalities for Accepted Candidates

  1. Every applicant who applied for a scholarship will receive an email on July 15, 2023, with the results of the selection process.
  2. A “Letter of Acceptance for Studies in Romania” that details the requirement (where applicable) to complete a Romanian language preparatory year as well as the higher education institution or institutions where the studies will take place will be issued to accepted students by the Ministry of Education.
  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide the university the actual Letter of Acceptance.
  4. The “Letter of Acceptance for Studies in Romania” is necessary for enrollment as well as for securing a long-stay visa. A scanned copy will be available for download by the students.
  5. The Ministry of Education reserves the right to suggest to the candidate an alternative in the same field of study, pending the availability of higher education institutions in Romania, if the candidate’s university option cannot be honored. Subsequent requests to change the university, the topic of study, or both will not be taken into account.
  6. The candidate is free to accept or decline the scholarship after receiving a letter of acceptance for studies using this alternative.
  7. After receiving the letter of acceptance, the students must respond electronically through the platform within the specified timeframe regarding whether they will accept or reject the scholarship. If they accept, they must then apply for a long-term study visa.
  8. Additionally, if a student accepts a scholarship, they are expected to get in touch with the university to inquire about the specific enrollment requirements (additional documents required, aptitude test, registration deadline etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Apply for the Romania Govt Scholarship?

The Romanian government scholarship application deadline is March 1, 2023. All candidates who apply for a scholarship will receive an email on July 15, 2023, announcing the results of the selection process.

I want to study in Romania, how much money do I need?

Typically, they range from €2,000 to €5,000 (US$2,500 to $6,300) per year, depending on the faculty and the student's country of origin. At other universities in Romania, medical school may be a little more expensive, costing roughly €7,000 (US$8,800) year.

What is the the length of the Romanian Student Visa Process?

One can only apply for a student visa after receiving the letter of acceptance to study from the Romanian Ministry of Education. The processing time for student visas can range from two days to two months. The letter of acceptance should be requested as soon as possible.

Can you work in Romania while on a Student Visa?

You may submit an application for a work permit. Jobs are placed by universities themselves in Romania and other western nations. Keep in mind that you are permitted to work while you are studying.



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