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Top Psychology Classes for High School Students Online 2023

Psychology Classes for High School Students!

Students of psychology who want to study more outside of the traditional classroom setting often turn to free online courses. These classes are also taken by prospective psychology majors who want to learn the ropes before committing to a degree program or who just want to brush up on their knowledge. Free online psychology courses typically don’t award credit, but they do give you access to knowledge and data.

The majority of courses use video lectures, assignments, quizzes, and examinations to facilitate self-paced learning. Online chats and reading assignments are frequently included in courses. The list of free online psychology courses below covers a wide range of subjects.

Criteria for Psychology Study

The following are some typical grade criteria you can run into while applying for a Bachelor of Psychology program abroad:

  1. A high school diploma or the equivalent, two GCE A-level passes in two subjects, and three GCSE passes with a grade of C or above.
  2. A level BBB average, which means you must have at least B final graduation marks in at least three fields.
  3. Depending on the university, the entry requirements could be anywhere between CCC and AAB.
  4. An A in psychology from high school is a benefit, although it’s not normally necessary. Math, statistics, sociology, anthropology, economics, politics, philosophy, and history are additional crucial subjects.
  5. Some requirements may state that candidates must possess 5 GCSEs with A-C grades, including English and Math, or an equivalent.
  6. Most colleges encourage applicants to have at least one A in chemistry, physics, biology, or mathematics.
  7. For those coming from the British educational system, a level 3 qualification equivalent worth 120 UCAS points is required.
  8. If you have a GCSE Maths grade of C or higher, certain universities (particularly for a B.Sc. degree application) will take your job experience into account.

Basic psychology is taught in high school and helps students understand how people behave. Freshmen in high school and college learn general psychology as their basis before moving on to a specific area of psychology.

General psychology is the online Psychology Classes for High School Students that you should take because it is the base upon which you can develop.

Why High School Students Should Take Online Psychology Courses

It would be excellent if you studied psychology in high school because it is applicable to many different fields of work. There is a good possibility that your intended occupation will require you to have some basic psychological knowledge.

Online Psychology classes for high school students are better options to study psychology courses. You don’t need to rely on your school’s curriculum because online lessons are adaptable and timed with technological advancements, which facilitates learning.

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When to Enroll high school Students in Online Psychology Courses

You may typically take classes whenever you want because most online courses are fairly flexible. This implies that you don’t need to wait until break to attend lessons; instead, you can do so whenever your schedule permits.

Advanced placement psychology is often taught by juniors and seniors in most high schools. Nevertheless, some schools permit sophomores to enroll in AP psychology.

The majority of high school students’ online psychology courses don’t specify which high school year they should enroll in.

Psychology Classes for High School

How to Enroll in online Psychology Classes for High School Students

You must sign up for classes on a website that offers them if you want to take psychology classes online. After registering, it’s crucial to schedule time to go to class.

You must choose an educator platform with a schedule that works for you because the degree of flexibility in classes varies.

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The fact that colleges offer high school students summer psychology courses is not breaking news. Some colleges and educational platforms now offer these classes online as well.

Online Psychology Classes for High School Students

1. Online high school psychology courses with Excel High School

This psychology introduction course aims to broaden students’ perspectives on research, theory, and human behavior. Students learn how to observe and evaluate the world via a psychological lens by the end of the course.

One of the key ideas to learn is the psychology of human social behavior and the way the brain works. In this course, many academic disciplines are also contrasted and compared.

The sum of a student’s assignments, tests, and exams constitutes their grade. The accreditation of Excel High School comes from Cognia and other organizations.

2. Study.com’s Psychology Courses for High School Students

Users of the platform Study.com can learn by watching a library of educational films. This platform’s psychology for high school students is so adaptable that it may be accessed at any moment.

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The courses cover 30 chapters of high school psychology and are self-paced. They also include practice exams.

Students leave the course with a thorough understanding of high school psychology.

3. eAchieve Academy Online psychology classes for high school students.

For students in grades 9 through 12, eAchieve Academy offers Psychology, a course that examines human behavior and the mind. The courses have one credit unit and are NCAA-accredited.

Students build a thesis, apply content to examine relationships and draw conclusions, and improve their communication skills during the course’s one-year term.

There are options for both full-time and part-time attendance in this course. It is a chance to receive extra credit.

4. Online Pre-University Psychology at Kings’ College

A two-week online summer psychology course is available from King’s College.

Psychiatry, psychology, and neuroscience are all covered in the courses. Students will take an oral and written exam.

Students learn about the human mind in class and become ready for college psychology. After these courses, the students won’t be unfamiliar with first-year college psychology.

5. Psychology Pre-College Programs and Courses Online

Psychology is one of the many subjects offered online by pre-college programs and courses. This three credit unit psychology course lasts for several weeks. Both psychology and brain science are covered.

Asynchronous live classes are scheduled along with the course delivery. You can enroll in the course to get extra high school credit.

6. Oxford Online Summer Courses in Psychology

Oxford launched yet another online summer course program with the goal of helping children between the ages of 12 and 18 with their academics.

Neuroscience and psychology are covered in the program’s curriculum. Each class has a maximum of 10 students from various nations when new students enter.

The human mind and behavior, the science of connection and love, memory, language, and imagination are all topics covered in the psychology course. Graduates will be awarded an Oxford Scholastical certificate at the conclusion of the program.

Psychology Classes for High School

7. University of Queensland’s Social Psychology Introduction

This course examines how individuals are influenced, non-verbal communication, and people’s thoughts and behaviors in social contexts. It is a 7-week, cost-free, self-paced course with an upgrade possibility.

A transferable certificate is included with the introduction class. No high school credits are added as a result.

A $199 upgrade was charged. With this upgrade, students have access to an endless supply of materials as well as graded homework and tests.

8. University of British Columbia’s online psychology

This course examines the development of psychology and its research methodologies. The three-week long, self-paced lessons are free.

In addition to featuring interviews with actual research psychologists, the classes are video-based.

Exams, assignments, and quiz sections are also provided. Although the course is free, there is an upgrade available for $49 instead. With this upgrade, you gain access to limitless content, graded tests and assignments, and transferable certificates.

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9. Apex Learning’s virtual school Online AP Psychology

You can take this online Psychology classes for high school students for $380 every semester. The overview and most recent findings in psychology are covered in the course.

To develop a complete grasp of how the human mind and brain operate, students will study core psychology. Students will also have the chance to research professional therapy to gain in-depth understanding.

10. BYU’s online AP Psychology program

This course examines psychology, which provides in-depth understanding on both one’s own behavior and that of others. A BYU online AP psychology course cost $289. This amount is for textbook expenses.

The way the course material is organized helps students get ready for the AP psychology tests so they can earn college credit.

FAQs on Psychology Classes for High School Students

Is there a Psychology Course Online?

Yes. Numerous institutions provide online psychology degrees. Although some graduate psychology programs provide online training, all of them demand on-site internship or practicum experiences. Online students typically finish them at locations in their local towns.

Is Online psychology Free?

There are numerous charitable organizations that provide free internet counselling services, as well as volunteer staff with psychiatric backgrounds, chat rooms, and peer support groups.

What Distinguishes a Psychologist from a Therapist?

Psychologists have the ability to conduct research, which is a crucial academic and therapeutic contribution to the field. A practitioner who is trained and frequently licensed to offer a range of therapies and rehabilitation to people is referred to as a therapist.

Are Gifts Permitted for Psychologists?

It can hinder the effectiveness of therapy and have negative outcomes. Professional ethics guidelines frequently forbid therapists from providing or accepting gifts while working with a client.

Psychology Classes for High School


It’s a good idea to get in touch with the university application personnel and request more information if any of the prerequisites are unclear. Make sure you carefully understand the requirements, plan ahead, and take as much time as is necessary to submit a fantastic application that will set you apart. Good Luck!



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