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Business Development Manager at Nekton Foundation. Business Development Manager positions are available at Nekton Foundation. The goal of Nekton is to significantly advance scientific understanding and ocean preservation for both people and the environment. For the ocean, we toil. Nekton is a nonprofit with headquarters in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Using the most advanced submersibles and deep-sea equipment, Nekton, a UK-registered nonprofit with offices in Oxford, London, and New York, is starting a number of significant trips into the deep ocean to perform an ocean health check. Our Missions deliver the scientific information and media materials needed to advance ocean prioritizing, boost ocean literacy, and educate the public and spur marine protection. We seek to transform ocean science and conservation through our expeditions, technical advancements, groundbreaking studies, published discoveries, broadcast films, and high-profile communications and events.

The Role

A Business Development Manager is needed by Nekton to oversee the creation of fresh ocean science and policy projects and play a crucial part in procuring funding.

Whom or what they are seeking? 

Nekton is searching for someone with demonstrated expertise in company development and successful fundraising within the ocean and/or environmental sectors because our ambitions are ambitious.

The position is initially flexible for two days per week, but it may need to be expanded throughout the first six months in order to satisfy the strategic goals for business development and fundraising. This position might serve as a stepping stone for the suitable applicant into a full-time or permanent position, subject to review after the initial period.

Although the focus of the position is on business development and fundraising, the first contract may be extended to include further operational and project management of Nekton’s operations if it is appropriate and appealing to the candidate.

The ideal candidate for this position will be a “glass half full person,” someone who can creatively and economically employ both internal and external resources to spur quick development. They should also be mature, mature, and professionally consummate.

We need someone who can contribute to its construction, is a team player, and has the desire to advance.

One who sincerely believes that talent is universal in a world where opportunity hasn’t always been equally distributed, wants to contribute to the creation of a company that is inclusive and varied, respects all points of view, and believes that talent is universal.

The key to Nekton’s success is their reputation as illuminating and dependable explorers, scientists, and storytellers. You will play a key role in that journey’s next phase, serving as Nekton’s voice and coming up with inventive ways to teach, educate, and entertain people with the ocean’s narrative.

Detail of Business Development Manager at Nekton Foundation

  • Start: From April 2023 (when available)
  • जगह: UK or international are both considered (hybrid working including at Oxford HQ if UK based)
  • वेतन: Competitive based on experience
  • Contract: 2 days + a week, 6 months fixed term (with the possibility of permanent extension)
  • Reporting to Chief Executive
  • Working with the Principal Scientist, Head of Finance, and Communications Manager
  • आधिकारिक वेबसाइट

Business Development Manager duties and responsibilities at Nekton Foundation

  • Reporting to the chief executive and giving the board progress reports.
  • Giving leadership in terms of strategy, finances, and operations for business growth and fundraising.
  • Collaborating on the creation of fundraising initiatives with the principal scientist and head of finance.
  • Led all fundraising initiatives with benefactors, foundations that provide grants, grants from the public and commercial sectors, and sponsors and partners from businesses.
  • Day-to-day management of Nekton’s missions and initiatives during the first three to six months, as appropriate to the candidate (extra time per week/month could be added for this function).

Attributes Business Development Manager at Nekton Foundation

  • A track record of fundraising and company development in the marine industry or a closely linked field.
  • Developed a vibrant network of charitable, public, and business sector supporters for international ocean science, conservation, and policy activities (with a focus on East African ocean policy).
  • A track record of building organizations and achieving strategic growth. Excellent public speaking, communication, and sales skills.
    a mindset of entrepreneurship with excellent leadership and management abilities.
  • A self-starter who is self-assured, proactive, and independent and who can adapt quickly to changing circumstances.
  • Highly organized, focused on the details, and enjoys solving problems.
  • Possess a bold and determined vision for advancing ocean protection and scientific understanding.

आवेदन कैसे करें

To apply for this position, email your resume and cover letter to the address below by 18:00 GMT on April 7, 2023, along with information on your accomplishments in fundraising for ocean conservation or other environmental causes.

For an interview, only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

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