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Pets Insurance in Ohio: Best Cats & Dog Insurance Ohio 2023

Cats & Dog Insurance ohio

Vet fees are an inevitable part of owning a pet. With the finest pet insurance in Ohio, you can lower your risk of being hit with hefty, unforeseen vet bills if your pet gets sick or hurt. We gathered information from pet insurance providers in Ohio that cover major cities including Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Akron. This analysis helped us determine the price of pet insurance in Ohio, enabling you to select the plan that offers the best value for your furry buddy.

What Is the Standard Price for Dog and Cat Insurance in Ohio?

The type and quantity of coverage, the breed and age of your pet, the insurance provider itself, and even where you live, all have an impact on how much a pet insurance policy will cost.

For a $5,000 coverage limit, $48.13 for a $10,000 coverage limit, and $54.78 for unlimited coverage, the average monthly cost of pets insurance in Ohio is $26.23. Cats are less expensive to insure, with an average monthly premium of $13.95 for a $5,000 coverage limit, $24.07 for a $10,000 coverage limit, and $33.80 for unlimited coverage.

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Top Pets Insurance in Ohio Providers

How much you’ll have to spend out-of-pocket if your pet gets sick or hurt might be significantly impacted by the kind of pet insurance policy you select. We examined thousands of quotations in Ohio, including information on policies and coverage, in order to identify the top Pets insurance in Ohio providers. The finest pets insurance in Ohio companies were chosen based on affordability and product availability, these are the top cats and dog insurance Ohio providers:

Pets Best


  • Extensive pet insurance coverage
  • 24-hour emergency line
  • Quick resolution of claims


  • Does not address conditions that already exist
  • Treatments that are elective and preventative are not covered


As the top overall pet insurance provider in Ohio, we selected Pets Best. The insurer provides the most extensive coverage for accidents, diseases, hospitalization, and cancer treatments to pet owners in Ohio. Pets Best charges an average monthly premium of $23.73 for pet insurance.

Almost all conditions, illnesses, and injuries are covered by a Pets Best policy as long as they are not pre-existing. These include periodontal disease, chronic ailments, behavioral issues, and inherited and congenital diseases. Even for animals who haven’t been neutered or JJ, the company nevertheless provides full coverage.

Pets Insurance in Ohio

If you have any queries or worries regarding your pet’s health, Pets Best also gives 24/7 access to veterinary specialists. Your refund claim will also be handled as fast as possible, with Pets Best paying your compensation through its direct deposit option in about two days. Read on for more pets insurance in Ohio providers.


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Embrace: Cats Insurance in Ohio


  • The cost of the veterinary examination is covered.
  • Acupuncture and chiropractic care are two examples of complementary therapies that are covered.
  • 24/7 pet assistance


  • Pets over 15 years old can only get accident-only insurance (unless they enrolled for full coverage before 15)


As the top cat-specific pet insurance provider in Ohio, we settled on Embrace. Even though insurance for cats is typically less expensive than dog insurance in ohio, shopping around can still result in cost savings. An Embrace cat insurance coverage typically costs $15.52 a month.

Dog Insurance ohio

Your kitty friend is covered from head to tail for any unforeseen injuries or illnesses thanks to the Embrace coverage. Congenital conditions, chronic conditions, orthopedic conditions, and avoidable conditions are notable coverages. For every ailment or condition that is covered, the organization will also pay for diagnostic tests, such as MRIs, biopsies, and X-rays.


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  • Delivers affordable prices on a consistent basis, based on personal purchasing experiences.
  • uses artificial intelligence to efficiently process claims with little human interaction (AI)
  • Offers a discount if you combine it with Lemonade renters insurance or house insurance

As one of the top Pets insurance in Ohio despite the fact that Lemonade is the subject of a class-action lawsuit over the alleged storing of biometric data, we are confident in endorsing the business because to its dedication to philanthropy, dependable customer service, and affordable pricing.

Vet bills related to illnesses and unintentional injuries are covered under Lemonade’s accident and illness plan. For instance, it pays for hospitalization, emergency care, and medicines for conditions like cancer and injuries like broken bones. Preexisting conditions, behavioral therapies, dental issues, and cosmetic or elective operations are not covered by Lemonade.

For normal care expenses like dental cleanings and vaccinations as well as vet checkup fees, you can purchase preventative care add-ons. Lemonade also has long-term advantages for the health of puppies and kittens. Read on for more pets insurance in Ohio providers.



  • Has seven options for annual coverage limits.
  • Provides two levels of wellness coverage, an accident-only plan, and free access to a 24-hour vet helpline through VetConnect.

Coverage: Incidents like poisonous ingestions and bite wounds are covered by Spot’s accident-only policy. The accident and illness plan provides annual insurance for a variety of illnesses and accidents ranging from $2,500 to infinity.

Cancer, diabetes, respiratory ailments, and behavioral problems are a few of the typical conditions that are covered. Preexisting conditions, elective procedures, and costs associated with breeding or pregnancy are not covered by Spot.

The regular care plan for Spot includes annual exams, dental cleanings, and other preventive costs. The annual benefits of the Gold plan, which costs around $10 per month, are $250. The Platinum plan raises annual benefits to $450 for a fixed monthly fee of $25.

Healthy Paws


  • Possesses no incidental, yearly, or lifetime coverage caps.
  • Offers affordable prices for limitless subscriptions.
  • offers a 30-day refund policy

Coverage: Healthy Paws offers a single accident and illness plan with limitless coverage for diagnostic procedures, medical care, and other services determined by a professional veterinarian to be essential. Preexisting conditions, elective operations, spaying and neutering, and basic care are not covered. For the first 12 months of coverage, hip dysplasia is also not covered by Healthy Paws.

The prices listed below represent the typical price range for Healthy Paws’ services for cats and dogs that are 4 years old and of mixed breeds in Cleveland.

  • Dogs: $39 to $51 monthly
  • Cats: $18 to $24 monthly



  • Direct payment to participating vets at checkout
  • Provides deductible options ranging from $0 to $1,000.
  • 24/7 customer service is available.

Coverage: Trupanion offers a single accident-and-illness plan that includes procedures, diagnostics, and care for illnesses like vomiting, tooth trauma, and thyroid disease as well as accidents and injuries. Two add-ons are also available. One deals with complementary treatments like chiropractic or acupuncture. The second option is the Pet Owner Assistance package, which provides third-party liability protection, boarding fee reimbursement due to medical concerns, reward money for lost pets, and vacation reimbursement when you have to postpone travel because of a sick pet.

Preexisting conditions, normal medical treatment, exam costs, elective or cosmetic operations, and pregnancy costs are not covered by Trupanion.

Here are some examples of Cleveland price ranges for 4-year-old mixed-breed pets with different deductibles, the typical $1,000 coverage limit from Trupanion, and a 90% reimbursement rate:

  • Dogs: $13 to $52 monthly
  • Cats: $8–31 monthly

Fetch by The Dodo

  • Accepts all qualified veterinarians in the US and Canada
  • Is recommended by the Dodo, an esteemed media company for animals known for its positive social impact
  • Significant financial support for acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and other complementary therapies

Coverage: The last of our pets insurance in Ohio providers, Fetch’s accident and illness plan pays for procedures, medicines, and veterinary bills associated with injuries, cancer, behavioral problems, hereditary illnesses, chronic conditions, and more. Pre-existing conditions, elective treatments, fees associated with breeding or pregnancy, and preventative care charges are not covered.

The costs covered under Fetch’s plan are frequently left out by rivals, including boarding when you’re in the hospital for four days or more, vacation cancellation costs associated with your pet’s covered condition, and reward and advertising money for lost pets. Additionally, it provides entire sick visit coverage and dental trauma coverage for each of your dog’s or cat’s teeth, both of which are usually excluded from comparable policies.

The following are examples of quotes from Fetch for 4-year-old, mixed-breed dogs and cats in Cleveland with different coverage limits:

  • Canines: $17–121 monthly
  • Cats: $9–74 monthly

What Factors Affect Ohio Pet Insurance Prices?

The cost of pet insurance varies depending on the region, coverage policy, breed, and age of your pet. Most pets insurance providers in Ohio let you customize your coverage limits to match your budget and your pet’s demands.

Yearly Reimbursement Caps

This is the annual sum that your insurance company will contribute to the cost of treating your pet.


Deductibles are the fixed sums of money you must pay out of pocket before your insurance starts to pay. Higher premiums per month result from lower deductibles.

Bill Reimbursement Percentage

This is the sum that your insurance provider will pay for the veterinary care of your pet (after your deductible). You can typically choose a reimbursement of up to 90%, but the premiums will be higher.


The breed of your pet is one aspect that influences how much your pet insurance will cost. Dog insurance typically costs more than cat insurance.

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Age of Animals

As your pet ages, your insurance plan is likely to change. This is because elderly pets are more likely to get sick or hurt.


The overall amount of your monthly premium can vary depending on where you live. While some places have higher than average costs of living, some have greater chances of your pets getting into accidents due to weather or traffic.

Discounts for Multiple Pets

Having multiple pets covered with the same provider can lower your overall insurance costs. When you join more than one pet with a particular pet insurance provider, they may offer a minor discount of 5% or 10%.

Dog Insurance ohio


By examining each pets insurance in Ohio company’s program features and rates, we developed a thorough grading methodology to identify the top pets insurance providers in Ohio.

We obtained quotes per company across numerous Ohio zip codes for four pet kinds with the following coverage levels in order to identify the cheapest pet insurance providers in Ohio and to calculate our affordability scores for our best rankings.

  • Low Coverage: 80% reimbursement, $500 deductible, and $5,000 coverage
  • Average coverage is $10,000, with a $250 deductible and an 80% reimbursement rate.
  • High coverage: Unrestricted coverage, a $250 deductible, and 90% reimbursement.

FAQs about Pets Insurance in Ohio

What are Ohio’s top pet insurance providers?

Our choice for Ohio's top pet insurance provider overall is Pets Best. When insuring more than one pet, this insurer is also the best choice for economical, limitless coverage. Our pick for the finest cat-specific pet insurance provider in Ohio is Embrace.

Is Ohio pet insurance a good investment?

In Ohio, more than 62% of households have pets, however just a small percentage of those animals are covered by insurance. We think it makes sense to insure pets. In the event that your pet has an accident, it may help you pay for significant, unforeseen medical expenses. For instance, the typical expense of dental disease in cats or dogs is $500 to $700, whereas a heart murmur would set you back well over $1,000 and a broken bone more than $2,000 on average.

Which Ohio-based company offers the most affordable pet insurance?

Pets Best offers the least expensive pet insurance in Ohio, costing an average of $17.43 a month for little coverage. The breed, age, and location of your pet as well as where you reside will all affect your premium, though.

What does Ohio pet insurance cost?

In Ohio, a $10,000 insurance policy typically costs $24.07 for cats and $48.13 for dogs. However, your monthly payment may vary based on the breed of your pet, the type of coverage you select, and your residence.


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