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Guide to Study Abroad Base on Grants or Scholarship

Guide to Study Abroad Base on Grants or Scholarship.

Are you looking for a way to travel abroad without having funds to pay for it?

Anytime it comes to looking for funds for school, this isn’t an easy tasks to look help for support. Nowadays, the internet is full of supports, guidelines, scholarships available, guides, deadlines, resources and all what you might be curious to know about, this is enough to confuse even enough the curious person. We have written below guides to guide students in other to be qualified for the grants or scholarship and those who would love to study abroad.

This is for any applicants who is looking for a grants or scholarships, we have seen and heard various complaints of students, this is rightly for you to fear not and face the obstacles you might be finding to pay for your funding of education. This will be giving you more insight and guide you to make it possible.

Benefits of studying abroad

  • It helps in opening a personal, professional and a new academic doors, it is really a great opportunity for many students out there.
  • Studying abroad makes you feel luxury, the approach of studying abroad may surly be different from most.
  • It helps in widening ones worldview and enhances cultivation of friendships and experiences around the world.
  • It also gives room to having a global perspective.
  • It gives room to develop highly valued skills.
  • It also offers a wide varieties of courses.
  • It gives one experience to experience different types of education.
  • It gives opportunity to study a foreign language
  • It opens a new room of career opportunities
  • Discovering of oneself during the process of understanding a different culture.

Best search engines to search for scholarships

College students can easily get access to over millions of scholarships available at their fingertips. These are some of the websites that helps one in the search of scholarship:

  • Niche: The scholarship finder niche is unique in the sense that it rewards anyone who opens an account to win a $2,000 scholarship which doesn’t require an essay.  Make provide of your name, email, birthdate, year in school and address.
  • Unigo: Unigo has a database of over 3.6 million grants and scholarships apart from that Unigo offers fourteen scholarships in helping of students in college to pay for school.
  • Scholarships.com: Scholarship.com provides a database of 3.7million scholarships which worth roughly $19 billion which helps in financial assistance. You will need to create a profile for thus, in creating a profile, you will be needing to share your birthdate, current year in school, email address and ZIP code. Once you are logged in you can make research on scholarships that matches your interest and eligibility. It also gives information about the student loans and other resources and can even make research on colleges if you are not sure of where you want to go yet.
  • Cappex: It has been said that cappex has more than $11 billion worth of scholarships available. You can always search the directory based before you sign up, such as the ZIP code, ethnicity, deadline, gender, school year and other requirements. You can also make research on the lower paying scholarships on the website by making a settings of the minimum dollar amount on your search.
  • Fastweb: The database of the fastweb includes the sum of 1.5 million worth of scholarships which is over the sum of $3.4billion. You create an account, then sign in and then you find things that matches your information. The website allows the parents to also create separate accounts. If there isn’t sufficient funds for you to pay your educational expenses, the fastweb can also help in connecting you to about 10,000 part-time jobs and also internships. It also helps in providing a lists resources and search function about the financial aid for the collage students and their parents.
  • Chegg: This offers flashcards, textbooks and some other resources needed in studying for college students. On this website you can look for things which matches your your GPA school year and your age. If you want to get more information you can create an account and make sure you complete your profile.
  • ScholarshipOwl: The website helps in offering of a seven-day free trial, it also then charges the sum of $20 per month or the sum of $120 per year. It also helps for the cost by helping in streamlining of the application process, which will make the process more faster and easier in the application of scholarships. It provides other several services which includes webinars, a student long list discounts for its users, essay writing assistance and so on.

Types of Grants

Grants are not to be paid back, in most cases before one can be qualified for a grant you must have reach as stage financially.

There are four types of grants for students:

  • Private organizations grants: Grants can be searched directly from the private organizations, it can be the American Association of University Women grants. Some organization would require you join them first before you can be qualified for the grants, which sometimes costs a fee. If you would be joining the organization for the purpose of the grants you should make sure you check if you meet up with the qualifications of the grants.
  • Federal grants: This mostly as to do with teaching, if you are interested in the teaching career, you may be qualifying for the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) grant. If you want to know you are qualified for the federal grants you will have to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • School grants: Some schools have grants available for students who are in need or those who are ready to pursue a degree.
  • State grants: Many states provides grants, it might be according to merit or needs. These are made available when you submit the FAFSA.

Examples of scholarships you can apply for:

There are various scholarships available and they are also ones available for everyone in the various walks of life. It might be based on your experiences, academic record, background and so on. Examples include:

  • Scholarship for women
  • School of Pharmacy scholarships
  • Law school scholarships
  • LGBTQ scholarships
  • Scholarships for women returning to college

There are other scholarships which might not be listed but there are also other thousands of scholarships available.



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