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Great Basin College Online Tuition

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This article is a comprehensive guide to Great Basin College Online Tuition. However,  We would begin with a brief description of the university before moving on to the online courses provided by the college. We’ve got you covered, since we’ll include instruction along with the training.

About Great Basin College Online Tuition

Elko Community College was formed in 1967 before being renamed Northern Nevada Community College and then to its current name. It has more than 3,836 students and is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Its official webpage can be accessed via this link.

Its primary campus is in Northern Nevada. The villages of Battle Mountain, Ely, Pahrump, and Winnemucca are served by branch campuses. Additionally, satellite facilities are located in nearly twenty Nevada localities. The Great Basin College offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees.

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It provides Bachelor’s degrees in English, elementary and secondary education, applied science, land surveying, nursing, and integrated studies that require four years to complete.

In addition to Associate of Applied Science degrees in business, computer office technology, criminal justice, early childhood education, industrial technology, land surveying, and nursing, Great Basin College also offers AAS degrees in the fields of criminal justice, early childhood education, industrial technology, land surveying, and nursing. In general, the education at Great Basin College is increasingly rigorous and rigorous.

Analyses of Great Basin College Online Tuition

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These outstanding reviews were written by students, the majority of whom are Great Basin College alumni. You would learn more about the type of college Great Basin is through these reviews and experiences of graduates. Niche-specific online reviews of Great Basin College are available here.

Ranking of Great Basin College Online Tuition

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  • ranks GBC first as the most economical accredited online institution.
  • recognizes GBC as Nevada’s number one nursing school.
  • also ranks it as the number one Most Affordable Online College for Art Degrees.
  • Great Basin Institution is the best online college in Nevada, according to
  • ranks it fifth among the 10 Most Affordable Online Associate Degrees in 2019.
  • GBC is ranked second among the top 60 online nursing schools with ACEN accreditation, according to
  • Great Basin College Online Tuition is ranked third by among the 15 most inexpensive online secondary education degrees.

All of these rankings demonstrate the excellent level of education offered by Great Basin College, particularly on its online platform. This is why we supply you with all the necessary information on GBC online Courses in addition to its tuitions.

Great Basin College Online Tuition Degrees

GBC provides 81 degrees, 48 of which are offered online. Great Basin College Online Tuition and fees for 2019 are $3,128 for Nevada residents and $9,876 for out-of-state students. Of the 3,244 students offered admission, 2,023 were enrolled online solely.

Among the online programs provided by GBC are:

Fully Online Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs.

Bachelor’s degree programs typically last four years. GBC offers two online Bachelor of Arts programs. They consist of:

  • (BA) British
  • (BA) Social Science

Fully Online Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

The admissions requirements for the various bachelor’s degree programs can be found on the university’s website.

Online, GBC provides a Bachelor of Science degree.

  • (BSN) – Nursing (RN to BS in Nursing Program)

Fully Online Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Programs

The following Bachelor of Applied Science programs are available at Great Basin College.

  • (BAS) – Emphasis on Land Surveying / Geomatics
  • (BAS) – Focus on Digital Information Technology
  • (BAS) – Emphasis on Graphic Communications
  • (BAS) – Administration and Supervision

Fully Online Associate of Arts Degree Programs

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Associate of Arts degrees are designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution or university to pursue a liberal arts education.

The Associate of Arts includes two years of general education and permits you to begin your major in art, English, or history.

Great Basin College offers the following programs leading to an Associate of Arts degree:

  • (AA) – Associate of Arts Degree
  • (AA) – Business (Pattern of Study)
  • (AA) – Early Childhood Education (Pattern of Study)
  • (AA) – English (Pattern of Study)
  • (AA) – Graphic Communication (Pattern of Study)
  • (AA) – Social Science (Pattern of Study)

Fully Online Associate of Science Degree Programs

GBC offers the following programs under the Associate of Science degree:

  • (AS) – Land Surveying/Geomatics (Pattern of Study)

Fully Online Associate of Applied Sciences Degree Programs

This curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment at the entry level or for advancement in their employment status.

It is a demanding two-year program. The following Associate of Applied Science degree programs are offered by GBC:

  • (AAS) – Infant/Toddler Education
  • (AAS) – Early Childhood Education
  • (AAS) – Office Technology Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Graphic Communication Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Accounting Emphasis Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (AAS) – General Business Emphasis Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (AAS) – Entrepreneurship Emphasis Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (AAS) – Network Specialist Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Human Services
  • (AAS) – Computer Programming (formally the Information Specialist) Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Criminal Justice – Corrections Emphasis
  • (AAS) – Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement Emphasis

Fully Online Certificate of Achievement Programs.

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This program is one year long. This program is an abbreviated version of the Associate of Applied Science Program. It prepares students for specialized occupational skills.

The following Certificate of Achievement Programs are available from GBC:

  • (CA) – Office Technology
  • (CA) – Medical Coding and Billing
  • (CA) – Early Childhood Education
  • (CA) – Infant/Toddler Emphasis
  • (CA) – Accounting Technician Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Business Administration Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Entrepreneurship Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Graphic Communications Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Human Resources Restrictions/Special Considerations – None
  • (CA) – Retail Management Restrictions/Special Considerations – None

Great Basin College Online Tuition

GBC categorized the various tuitions in a variety of ways and according to several categories. These categories are largely determined by the students and their degrees.

Included are fees paid by in-state students, non-resident students, high school students, non-resident WUE students, and non-resident online students, among others.

These fees are fully tabulated and can be viewed via GBC Admission fees.

A comprehensive summary of the various fees has been provided. All you have to do is locate the Course of your choice and the category it belongs under, prepare your payment, and begin your education.

FAQs  On Great Basin College Online Tuition

Is Great Basin College Online?

Great Basin College is "The Gold Standard in the Silver State" when it comes to long-distance education and online education delivery. GBC offers hundreds of classes and a diverse array of certificate and degree programs fully online and fully affordable!

Is Great Basin College nationally accredited?

GBC has been accredited by NWCCU since 1974 and was last reaffirmed in 2021. Regional accreditation recognizes institutional quality, effectiveness, and sustainability in fulfilling the institution's mission.

Is Great Basin College a 4 year college?

Bachelor Degrees including Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) are typically four-year programs preparing graduates for professional positions and graduate study.

What does it mean when a college is nationally accredited?

National accreditation generally offers accreditation to schools that focus on career or religious education. Nationally accredited schools will generally accept credits from other nationally accredited schools and from regionally accredited schools. National accrediting agencies have a slightly different function.

Where is the Great Basin located?

The Great Basin includes most of Nevada, half of Utah, and sections of Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and California. The term "Great Basin" is slightly misleading; the region is actually made up of many small basins. The Great Salt Lake, Pyramid Lake, and the Humboldt Sink are a few of the "drains" in the Great Basin.

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