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Google IT Support Certificate on Coursera 2023

Google IT Support Certificate on Coursera. This is your path to a profession in information technology. You will study in-demand skills in this program that will have you job-ready in less than 6 months. There is no requirement for a degree or prior experience. Prepare for a job in the high-growth industry of information technology, with no prior experience or degree required. Get Google-designed professional training and put yourself on the fast track to a competitively paid employment. There are 400,000 IT job vacancies in the United States, with a typical entry-level income of $52,000.

Learn in-demand skills that will prepare you for an entry-level job over the course of 5 courses. After completing the course, you will be able to apply for jobs with Google and over 150 U.S. firms, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Astreya. Within 6 months of certificate completion, 75% of Google Career Certificate Graduates in the United States report an improvement in their career trajectory (e.g., new job or career, promotion or raise)2.

This curriculum also prepares you for the CompTIA A+ exams, the industry standard for IT certification—when you complete both, you’ll get a dual credential. This program is ACE® recognized, and upon completion, you will be able to earn up to 12 college credits, which is the equal of four associate degree-level courses. Check out the Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate if you want to strengthen your IT roots. This curriculum offers more than 100 hours of training and hundreds of practice-based tests that will assist you in simulating real-world IT support scenarios that are crucial for job success. The content is very interactive and was created entirely by Google workers with decades of IT experience.

You’ll learn troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, and security through a combination of videos, assessments, and hands-on labs – the fundamental IT skills required for an entry-level career. Network protocols, cloud computing, Windows operating system, Linux command line, systems administration, encryption strategies and techniques, and other abilities will be required. Learn specific talents that top employers are currently looking for.

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 Courses in the Google IT Support Certificate on Coursera

1. Technical Support Fundamentals

This is the first in a series of courses designed to prepare you for a position as an entry-level IT Support Specialist. This course will introduce you to the field of information technology, also known as IT. You’ll study about computer hardware, the Internet, computer software, troubleshooting, and customer service, among other aspects of information technology. This course covers a wide range of IT topics in order to provide you with an overview of what is to come in this certificate program.

You will be able to:

  • Comprehend how the binary system works by the end of this course.
  • Assemble a computer from the ground up.
  • Select and install an operating system on a computer.
  • Understand what the Internet is, how it works, and the impact it has on the modern world.
  • Learn how applications are created and how they work under the hood of a computer.
  • Use common problem-solving methodologies and soft skills in an information technology setting.

2. The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking

This course is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of computer networking. From the principles of modern networking technologies and protocols to an overview of the cloud to practical applications and network troubleshooting, we’ll cover it all.

You will be able to do the following by the end of this course:

  • Characterize computer networks using a five-layer paradigm.
  • Comprehend all of the common protocols used in TCP/IP communications.
  • Learn effective network troubleshooting tools and approaches.
  • Learn about network services such as DNS and DHCP, which aid in the operation of computer networks.
  • Comprehend the concepts of cloud computing, everything as a service, and cloud storage.

3. Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User

In this course, you’ll learn about the basic components of an operating system and how to execute critical activities like managing software and users and configuring hardware through a combination of video lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice.

You will be able to:

  • Browse the Windows and Linux filesystems using a graphical user interface and command line interpreter at the end of this course.
  • Set up account access users, groups, and permissions.
  • Software installation, configuration, and removal on the Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Set up disk partitions and filesystems.
  • Comprehend how system processes operate and how to govern them.
  • Use system logs and remote connection tools
  • In an IT Support Specialist role, use operating system knowledge to troubleshoot typical difficulties.

4. System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services

This course will take you from working on a single computer to managing a full fleet of computers. Systems administration is the branch of information technology that is in charge of managing dependable computer systems in a multi-user environment. This course will teach you about the infrastructure services that keep all organizations, large and small, running. We’ll go deep into the cloud, so you’ll learn everything from typical cloud infrastructure setups to cloud resource management. You’ll also learn how to manage and configure servers, as well as how to manage PCs, user information, and user productivity using industry tools. Finally, you’ll discover how to recover your company’s IT infrastructure in the event of a crisis.

You will be able to do the following by the end of this course:

  • Apply best practices while selecting hardware, vendors, and services for your firm.
  • Understand how to handle infrastructure servers and the most common infrastructure services that keep a business running.
  • Learn how to make the most of the cloud for your business.
  • Manage an organization’s computers and users through the use of directory services such as Active Directory and OpenLDAP.
  • Select and manage the tools that your firm will employ.
  • Backup your company’s data and understand how to recover your IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster.
  • Utilize systems administration knowledge to develop and optimize IT procedures.

5. IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts

This course introduces students to a wide range of IT security ideas, techniques, and best practices. It introduces threats and attacks, as well as the various ways they can manifest themselves. We’ll go through the basics of encryption methods and how they’re used to protect data. After that, we’ll go over the three A’s of information security: authentication, authorization, and accounting. We’ll also go over network security measures, such as firewalls and WiFi encryption. The course concludes with ideas on how to integrate a security culture into your business or team by combining all of these parts into a multi-layered, in-depth security architecture.

  • You will grasp how various encryption algorithms and approach’s function, as well as their benefits and limits, by the end of this course.
  • Various authentication mechanisms and types are available.
  • What is the distinction between authentication and authorization?

● How to identify potential risks and offer strategies to reduce risk.

  • Best practices for network security.
  • How to assist others in understanding security ideas and protecting themselves.

7 Important Reasons Why the Google IT Support Professional Certificate Is Valuable

  • Excellent Certification Credentials
  • Certificate for College Credit
  • Exclusive Access to the Google Job Platform
  • Exercises in Hands-on Practice
  • IT Topics Covered in Depth
  • Online Learning Schedule Flexibility
  • Gaining Access to a Learning Community

IT Topics

Here’s a list of IT Topics you’ll learn:

  • Debugging
  • Encryption Algorithms and Techniques
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Support
  • Network Protocols
  • Cloud Computing
  • Binary Code
  • Linux
  • Troubleshooting
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Ipv4
  • Network Model

Types of learning content found in the course.

  • Graded External Tool: QuikLAB
  • Videos
  • Readings
  • Discussion Prompts
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Quizzes

How it works

  1. Coursera provides 100% online education from the world’s top universities and educational organizations. Begin today with packages beginning at $39 USD per month and a seven-day free trial.
  2. Each course functions similarly to an interactive textbook, with pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects. Connect with other students to debate ideas, discuss course material, and get assistance with concepts.
  3. When you finish all of the courses, you’ll receive a Professional Certificate to share with your network and have access to resume and interview support materials.


The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is a popular entry-level Google Career Certification for those looking to explore and begin a career in the IT industry.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about this Google Certification in this review. We’ve gone over the lectures and exams, and we’ll show you exactly what you can expect if you Enroll Now for Free. You’ll learn how the learning environment works, as well as specifics regarding the course material and exam methodology, and much more to help you determine if this is the perfect Google professional credential for you.

FAQS on Google IT Support Certificate on Coursera

Can I just enroll in a single course?

Yes! To begin, select the course card that interests you and enroll. You can enroll in and complete the course for a shareable certificate, or you can audit it for free access to the course contents. When you enroll in a course that is part of a Certificate, you are immediately enrolled in the entire Certificate. To keep track of your progress, go to your learner dashboard.

Is this course really 100% online? Do I need to attend any classes in person?

This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access your lectures, readings and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device

Who Designed The Google It Support And It Automation With Python Certificates?

The Google IT Support and IT Automation with Python Certificates were designed and built by subject-matter experts and senior practitioners at Google, who are real-world professionals with strong backgrounds in IT support, including operations engineering, security, site reliability engineering, and systems administration. The credentials were designed to provide learners with theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as real-world problem-solving abilities, to help them succeed in entry-level employment or develop in their careers.

How Much Does It Cost For The Google It Support Professional Certificate?

After a 7-day free trial, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate costs USD $117. This certificate is charged in three ways: as a monthly subscription at $39/month, as a fixed cost of $98 for three months, or as a fixed cost of $117 for six months. However, because most people finish it in three months, the certificate will cost a total of $78.

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