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Global Hospitality Educators & 5 Important Skills Required

Global Hospitality Educators: Skills & Duties

Have you observed that the majority of the top hotel chains’ CEOs at the moment are not hoteliers? Does this imply that future hospitality education won’t be beneficial?

On the one hand, we have the CEOs of today who come from the business, legal, financial, and marketing fields. On the other hand, the majority of students that graduate from the best hotels schools nowadays do not work in the industry. Instead, they aim to land more desirable jobs in industries like finance, luxury, healthcare, consultancy, retail, and most recently, start-ups.

So the question is, why will there still be a need for global hospitality educators in the future? Why do recent graduates, or “millennials,” no longer want to work in hotel operations? Is this due to the fact that the hotel sector has lost its allure and does not meet the expectations that their hospitality education has raised? We can wonder why other businesses employ individuals with a history in hospitality, though. Could we then get a peek into the hospitality education future?

global hospitality educators

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Prospects for Global Hospitality Education

Hospitality education won’t go away in the next ten years, but it will undoubtedly change, it’s summarized below:

  1. The curriculum will need to change to reflect the demands of the future traveler and society: Graduates in the hospitality industry will need to understand how to balance the availability of technology to improve the customer experience. They will need the ability to use digital tools to interact with visitors and make use of platforms like geo-targeting, new social media sites, and virtual and augmented reality gadgets.
  2. The operation of hotels will continue to be the main emphasis of hospitality vocational programs. To improve the visitor experience, students must integrate and use technology more effectively.
  3. Degree programs in hospitality management will place a strong emphasis on acquiring soft skills rather than hard abilities. Students will be more equipped to understand the client if the curriculum combines business knowledge, an entrepreneurial mindset, and psychology research on consumer behavior. The main focus will be on creating and maintaining human-digital partnerships.
  4. Technology will improve the environment of learning. In order to foster their creativity and risk-taking mindset, students will spend less time in the classroom and more time in a virtual reality environment. Because they will have had the chance to use augmented reality to experience case studies, students will be more prepared for the working world. Through the use of technology, learning a new language or experiencing a different culture and its customs will mean something completely different.

For businesses to have a consistent and dynamic talent pool in the future, executive education (both online and offline) will be a critical success factor. Executive hospitality education is disliked by the modern hospitality sector. Professionals in the hospitality sector are typically sent to such trainings only as a reaction to the rapidly changing environment and not in anticipation of future changes to the sector.

Basic Skills & Duties of Global Hospitality Educators

Global Hospitality Educators are responsible for these duties and must possess the following skills:

1. Exhibit strong communication abilities.

  • Convert your communication to different audiences
  • Motivate and involve the audience
  • Use effective questioning methods.
  • Respond to inquiries and observations in a professional manner.
  • Engage and inspire participants when providing comments.
  • Keep up productive working relationships with coworkers, line managers, peers of line managers, and department managers as necessary and appropriate.
  • Encourage cooperation among participants to reduce potential conflict or tension during the conduct of sessions.

2. Exhibit superb time management and time keeping abilities.

  • Prepare resources and materials in advance of the sessions.
  • Sessions that begin and end on schedule. Make sure that all of the sessions’ predetermined subjects are covered.
  • Include enough time in the workshops for participant discussions.
  • Plan a time to speak with participants that won’t interfere with their study or job commitments.
  • If required, plan sessions so that they don’t have a negative influence on your resources, both human and physical.
  • Give participants equal and fair amounts of time.

3. Collaborate to ensure that sessions are delivered effectively.

  • Cooperate with others to facilitate the session’s design and successful execution. This might comprise:
  • Content preparation to make sure it reflects industry standards and demands
  • The accessibility of training tools and resources
  • Planning the sessions
  • If applicable, advertising and recruiting for the training session
  • Situations at work that must take precedence: “Business comes first,” if applicable

4. Make choices and deal with issues pertaining to your particular area of responsibility.

  • Choose the most effective delivery to accommodate different learning styles.
  • Be fair in your evaluation decisions and consistent with your grades and results.
  • Manage participant issues, grievances, and appeals in a fair and open way in accordance with the institution’s or organization’s standards.
  • As necessary, report and/or escalate issues, grievances, and appeals.

5. Use originality and inventiveness

  • Make sessions current, exciting, and relevant for participants.
  • Use real-world examples from the workplace to help convey the session’s theme.
  • Connect with academics and business leaders to find and exchange ideas.
  • Add innovative elements to the sessions
  • Use contemporary tools and instructional strategies during the sessions
  • Innovation encompasses novel products, services, and service delivery patterns.

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6. Encourage and mentor to produce results

  • Show that you are aware of the various teaching and motivational strategies that might be used in sessions by outlining their effects on the participants.
  • The capacity to use a variety of educational methods
  • Create the best learning environment for participants, both as individuals and as a group, by modifying your own teaching approach.

7. Exhibit strong money management abilities

  • Show that you are familiar with costs and how they affect the department budget.
  • Prepare a session costing in detail.
  • If applicable, schedule meetings to manage waste properly.

8. Show that you’re using your resources wisely.

  • Using the resources and materials at your disposal, develop lesson plans.
  • Create the session format to maximize benefits for participants and the establishment or organization.

9. Encourage green hospitality practices

Describe the practical applications of the upcoming sustainable practices:

  • Minimizing waste
  • Recycling packaging and garbage
  • Equipment selection based on sustainability attributes (eg economic use of power and electricity)
  • Accounting for carbon footprint: the effects of transporting commodities to the establishment on the environment (eg food miles)

Global Hospitality Education Programs

Les Roches Hospitality Education:

Les Roches, which was established in Switzerland in 1954, provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in hospitality, tourism, and event management. Their Crans-Montana campus provides a distinctive learning environment to a multicultural student body that is made up of almost 100 different countries.

global hospitality educators

They adhere to the Swiss style of hospitality education, incorporating practical, experiential learning into all of the available study programs. They have thus earned an overall grade of 5 Stars (Excellent) under the QS Stars higher education rating system.

Programs provided by Les Roches Crans-Montana include:

  1. Global Hospitality Management BBA
  2. International Hospitality Management Postgraduate Diploma
  3. Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation Master’s
  4. MBA in International Hotel Management
  5. Global Hospitality Management Executive MBA
  6. Summer Trainings

Requirements for Hospitality Education Programs

This Bachelor’s degree is the best in the business because it combines rigorous academic study with practical work experience. Obtain the education, training, and credentials you need to start a job in hospitality management or to start graduate studies.

Entry Prerequisites:

Minimum Age of Students: 

Older than 17 years and 6 months. Students may, however, be younger as long as they have reached the age of 18 by the time they begin their first internship.


  • A high school diploma or a comparable qualification.

Level of English:

To study the hospitality education program, students must be competent enough to pursue higher education. For all non-native speakers, or those who haven’t spent the previous two years enrolled in a full-time English program, official English language exam scores are required.

Visit the school’s website for more information regarding entrance requirements.

The “New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)” has accredited Les Roches, a division of Sommet Education.


Scholarship and Financing

Les Roches offers a constrained amount of scholarships and financial aid packages to its students because it is a private college.

Each scholarship and financial aid package has unique requirements, and candidates who have submitted a comprehensive application will have their eligibility reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, students may be qualified for loans provided in their native nation.

A small number of scholarships are offered to help deserving candidates with their education in the hospitality industry.

These scholarships come in a range of amounts and lengths. For students who have submitted a comprehensive application, eligibility is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please be aware that you cannot combine scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hospitality Education

What does education in hospitality mean?

Degree programs in hospitality management will place a strong emphasis on acquiring soft skills rather than hard abilities. Students will be more equipped to understand the client if the curriculum combines business knowledge, an entrepreneurial mindset, and psychology research on consumer behavior.

How large is the world’s hospitality sector?

$700 billion. With more than 700,000 hotels and resorts and 16.4 million hotel rooms globally, the business is valued at over $570 billion.

What is the world’s largest hospitality organization?

According to the number of rooms offered, Marriott International is the biggest hotel chain in the world. It operates 131 hotels across 30 brands and 7.642 hotels with 1.423. 044 rooms.

Which country is best for hospitality industry?

1. Switzerland. A landlocked nation blessed with beauty and bounty of nature, Switzerland is known for its snow-capped mountains and beautiful landscapes.
2. United States of America.
3. United Kingdom.
4. Australia.
5. Canada.
6. France.
7. New Zealand.
8. Germany.

global hospitality educators


Future hospitality education won’t be able to afford to follow the industry’s lead by only addressing immediate and medium-term needs. It will need to serve as a catalyst for the hospitality sector, which should include any businesses that want to put their clients at the center of their interactions rather than just hotels.

The biggest issue will be using technology in a way that doesn’t interfere with students’ natural learning processes. The professors of the future will also need to be prepared for this change in education. What will they resemble, robots? No doubt, but they will need to change how they engage with the students.


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