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Top 10 Fully Funded PhD Programs in Political Science

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Here is a list of colleges offers fully funded PhD programs in political science. The goal of these programs is to produce outstanding researchers and scholars in a variety of disciplines, including American politics, political theory, comparative politics, international relations, political economy, political science research methodology, constitutional studies, and more. The majority of graduates from these programs go on to work in prestigious universities, think tanks, consulting firms, and government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), both nationally and overseas.

Acceptance to a program with full funding is excellent because the average cost of a PhD is more than $100,000.

For full-time Ph.D. students, “full funding” refers to a financial aid package that includes full tuition reimbursement as well as an annual stipend or salary for the duration of the program, which is typically 3-6 years. Students who receive the fully funded phd programs in political science are typically required to teach or conduct research in their area of study.
Researching the financial aid options of numerous programs, including small and lesser-known universities both in the U.S. and abroad, is crucial because not all universities fully pay their doctorate students.

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Why should you Study Political Science?

1. Political science provides a great foundation for graduate-level work.

  • You will hone the writing, communication, analytical, and data abilities that are essential to a liberal arts education as a political science major.
  • This form of education will enable you to develop independent and critical thinking skills, help you understand many points of view, and increase your familiarity with current events.

2. Political Science Courses are a great way to be ready for Graduate or Law School.

  • Most students pursuing a legal degree major in political science in their first two years of college.
  • Additionally, students who concentrate in political science frequently go on to earn graduate degrees in related subjects like public administration or in political science-related fields like public policy.

3. A Political Science Study will Prepare you well for your Career

  • A political science major can prepare you for a wide range of jobs in the commercial, for-profit, non-profit, and public sectors.
  • Law, media, international affairs, elementary and secondary education, jobs in governmental organizations, and positions in political offices are just a few of the vocations that studying political science can prepare students for.

4. Political Science is a great way to get ready to be a Good Citizen.

  • Students who study political science gain a solid understanding of the value of political engagement and are better equipped to participate in local and national politics.

Funded PhD Programs in Political Science

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Fully Funded PhD Programs in Political Science

These schools offer the best fully funded PhD programs in political science:

University of Chicago

Funded PhD Programs in Political Science

(Chicago, IL): The University of Chicago’s Ph.D. in Political Science Program offers full financing to all accepted doctorate candidates. The financing package is guaranteed for the life of a student’s studies as long as they maintain excellent academic standing and includes full tuition, an annual stipend, and health insurance.

George Washington University

(Washington, DC) The Ph.D. in Political Science program at George Washington University offers five years of funding assurance. Outstanding researchers and scholars will graduate from the program and go on to work in prestigious universities, policy think tanks, consulting firms, and government agencies. Students pursuing PhDs typically select American politics, international relations, or comparative politics as their major subject and one of political theory, public policy, or research methods as their minor subject.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

All new doctorate students will receive merit-based financing through the MIT Ph.D. in Political Science program, which is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Full tuition, health insurance, and a 9-month stipend are all included in the funding package for five consecutive years. The program requires preparation in two of these major fields: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Models and Methods, Political Economy, and Security Studies. Its goal is to produce new scholarly insights that enhance how governments and societies operate. Read on for more fully funded phd programs in political science.

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University of Minnesota

All entering doctorate candidates are fully funded by the University of Minnesota’s Ph.D. in Political Science program (Minneapolis, MN). Through fellowships, research and teaching assistantships, or graduate instructorships, the funding offers five years of guaranteed financial support. American politics, comparative politics, international relations, methodology, political psychology (minor), political theory, and political economy are among the program’s research areas.

New York University

(New York, NY): The NYU Ph.D. in Politics department offers MacCracken fellowships, which ensure five years of assistance, including tuition and a stipend, to all prospective students. Students who take part in the teaching program receive additional remuneration for each teaching opportunity since the program regards teaching as an essential component of the PhD degree. Students must complete a minimum of three courses in each of these areas: American Politics, Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Economy, and Methodology, while there are no department-wide course requirements.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

(Chapel Hill, NC): The UNC Ph.D. in Political Science program provides fellowships and assistantships to the majority of students to help them pay for their education and living costs. Ten to fifteen hours a week of service work, such as teaching, leading recitation sections, or helping a faculty member with their research or teaching are required for these honors. Graduate students must be able to teach in English after the first year in order to qualify for additional funding. The program’s main goal is to get students ready for employment in political science at universities, governments, and NGOs.

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame’s Department of Political Science offers admitted students five years of guaranteed financial support. The financing package includes a fellowship stipend and complete tuition. Students may also get additional assistance to pursue research and professional development, including meeting travel expenses for conferences. Additionally, the program offers a joint Ph.D. in Political Science and Peace Studies, which comes with a generous stipend, health insurance, full tuition financing, and additional funds for research and travel. There are more fully funded phd programs in political science below, read on!

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Stanford University

(Stanford, CA): For up to five years, doctoral candidates can get a fully financed financial package through the Stanford Ph.D. in Political Science program. The financial aid package includes money for living expenses throughout the academic year in addition to paying the entire cost of tuition. The latter sum is distributed as a combination of teaching and research assistantships throughout years 2 through 5 and a stipend during the first year.

Funded PhD Programs in Political Science

Additionally, the Department pays for the students’ first two summers of living expenses, health insurance premiums, and annual funding for professional development. The Political Science Ph.D. program at Stanford is designed to develop scholars, the majority of whom go on to do research and teach in academic institutions.

Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN: All doctorate candidates are fully funded for their five years of study through the Vanderbilt Ph.D. in Political Science program. The financial package comprises a service-free scholarship for tuition at the university as well as a graduate award that can be one of the following: a university fellowship, a graduate teaching assistantship, a graduate research assistantship, traineeships, or an award for teacher training. The program promotes the application of people from many underrepresented groups and aims to attract the most bright, creative, and diverse students to Nashville to study political science.

Washington University, St. Louis

All new students are fully funded for the Ph.D. program in political science at Washington University (St. Louis, MO). Full tuition as well as a living expense stipend are included in the funding package. The Political Science program takes pride in successfully putting graduates in academic positions and is meant to prepare students for careers in academia. About 90% of the program’s Ph.D. graduates land jobs, the majority of them tenure-track ones. This will be the final mention on our list of fully funded phd programs in political science.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Political Science so crucial?

It disseminates information on the state's laws, obligations, and constitution. It aids in the understanding of the importance of political institutions in our state, such as political parties, federations, and municipal authorities. The government aids in the establishment of a contemporary welfare state in light of previous and present actions.

What are Political Science’s three main goals?

Students majoring in political science should be able to: Recognize and apply the techniques political scientists employ to address political concerns. To comprehend and evaluate competing hypotheses and interpretations, use critical thinking and evidence. Create and present in writing an argument that is well-organized and is backed up by evidence.

Where can I get a PhD for the least money?

Another Nordic nation, Finland, is at the top of our list of the least expensive places for overseas students to pursue a PhD. In Finland, pursuing a PhD is entirely free, even for those who are not citizens, similar to Norway and Sweden. According to QS, Finland is home to two of the top 150 institutions.

How can one qualify for a full PhD scholarship?

1. Go to the official website.
2. Select the scholarship program for which you want to apply.
3. Before applying, review the eligibility requirements.
4. Submit the application and all required paperwork.
5. Send in the dissertation or research proposal.


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