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Best free websites to watch college football online

Best free websites to watch college football online. College football may be so captivating that you would not want to miss a moment of your favorite game. But what happens when you’re moving and your games are still in progress? Streaming college football online will be an absolute need.

To accomplish this for free, you must be aware of a few websites that provide live NCAA college football streams for free.

There are a plethora of websites on the Internet that provide live streams of NCAA football games, but many of them charge a fee. This means that you will not be able to quit Cable even if you achieve your goal of watching your favorite games live.

The reason for this is because these sports websites charge exorbitant fees to live stream NCAA football from your favorite broadcasters.

However, there are websites that allow you to stream live college football for free, and we will share fifteen (15) of these free websites to watch college football online in this article.

Why Watch College Football Online?

Traditionally, the only way to watch live college football is on a television screen with cable. However, we are all aware that cable television is expensive, and depending on your subscription, you may not receive enough channels.

Consequently, individuals are abandoning cable in favor of IPTV alternatives. IPTV provides additional channels at a lower cost and may be compatible with your PC and mobile devices.

However, there is no free IPTV service available. As a student, you may not have enough money to begin subscribing to cable TV or IPTV, therefore you must make do with online freebies.

While the Internet offers free access to short and complete movie clips, music, and news, there are also websites that stream sports, including college football, for free.

There are numerous advantages to being aware of these free websites where you may watch college football online for free.

One is that these websites are compatible with mobile devices such as Android and IOS, allowing you to stream free college football anywhere and at any time.

Two, it reduces the cost of subscribing to an entire TV package when all you want to do is watch NCAA games.

All you need is an internet connection, and you’re just as good as someone who subscribes to cable or IPTV at home.

List of the Best free websites to watch college football online 

The following is a list of the free websites to watch college football online:

  1. Sportsurge
  2. NFLBite
  3. FirstRow Sports
  4. Stream2Watch
  5. Cricfree
  6. BuffStreams
  9. r/CFBstreams
  10. Real Stream United
  11. Laola1
  12. SportRAR.TV
  13. Bosscast
  15. Feed2All

1. Sportsurge

free websites to watch college football online

This free websites to watch college football online is a renowned website for free online sports streaming. You may stream Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Motor Sports, Basketball, and Football for free. To watch NCAA football online for free on Sportsurge, select football.

This free websites to watch college football online will display the available selections for NFL, CFB, and XFL. NFL is the website to visit if you want to watch college football online for free.

When you click NFL, you are presented with over a dozen free links to live online NCAA football streams. These links are organized according to their resolution, bitrate, coverage, compatibility, and ad count. Therefore, you will be able to stream live football on your smartphone in high HD with minimal advertisements.

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2. NFLBite

NFLBite is another prominent online sports streaming service. Its organization is its greatest asset.

This free websites to watch college football online has sections for Live Score, NFL Redzone Hanson, NFL Redzone Siciliano, and NCAA in addition to live NFL stream schedules. With its date-based game calendar and Twitter feeds from football clubs and supporters, the site is truly remarkable.

3. FirstRow Athletics

FirstRow Sports is one of the largest sites offering free online sports streaming. It has localized websites like,,,, and

This free websites to watch college football online strength is its bigger selection of sports available for live streaming online. There are numerous sports, including football, basketball, rugby, ice hockey, boxing, tennis, baseball, and motorsports. In addition, there is a list of Sports Channels available for live streaming, including BTSports, SkySports, and Eurosport.

It’s great to enjoy sports so much that you stream them online for free, but it’s even better to earn a scholarship as an athlete. Check out this Esports Award for International Students.

4. Stream2Watch 

Another popular free websites to watch college football online is Stream2watch. The website is a live sports streaming platform that aggregates streams from multiple other websites.

You may stream live baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and every other sport imaginable on Stream2Watch.

The website is reasonably exhaustive. There is a significant probability that you will be able to find the game you want to watch, but you will have to hunt for it.

This free websites to watch college football online has excellent quality and performance, although the website recommends using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Stream2Watch, like many other sites that incorporate streams from external sources, may display pushy and misleading pop-up advertisements.

The solution is an effective ad blocker. However, even with an ad blocker, you may not be able to view some videos’ superimposed advertisements.

Therefore, you may need to close each advertisement as it appears and instantly press the browser’s back button if the advertisements take you to a different page.

5. Cricfree

Cricfree is, as its name suggests, a free website devoted to cricket. Nonetheless, it is also a popular choice for streaming baseball, college football, and soccer. The attractive feature of Cricfree is that it displays the daily schedule for all sports.

In addition to providing free online college football streams, Cricfree offers live chat. This is a nice option for football lovers who enjoy discussing games with others. You must adhere to the chatroom’s rules, though, to avoid being booted out.

Another problem of Cricfree is that it displays aggressive and deceptive advertisements. This is due to the fact that the website is one of many that embed videos hosted elsewhere. Even with an ad blocker, you may still need to be vigilant for advertisements.

6. BuffStreams 

free websites to watch college football online

This free websites to watch college football online is one of several services offering free online sports streaming that have undergone multiple name changes. Its latest name was, derived from and BuffStreams is a service that provides live streaming of any sport, especially college football.

With its aesthetically beautiful icons for each sport, BuffStreams has undoubtedly the best design. In addition to NCAA football, BuffStreams offers live streams of hockey, tennis, basketball, and even motorsports. Nevertheless, be wary with pop-ups and avoid downloading anything malicious.


Unlike the ESPN Sports live stream service, Stream-HD offers free online streaming. This free websites to watch college football online service resembles ESPN in appearance and layout.

Despite the homepage’s stylish red and black color scheme, Stream-HD offers adequate HD quality.

Stream-HD is one more of these organized sports streaming services that makes it simple to stream college football online for free. With an example of its sports schedule on the homepage, it is simple to align your own schedule with your favorite game.

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8. is the first free websites to watch college football online dedicated to live college football streaming. This website offers free live streaming of NFL Football, NCAA Football, MLB Baseball, and other intriguing sports. can be relied upon when it comes to quality. The free websites to watch college football online provides HD versions of your favorite games, and the links are of high quality.

9.  r/CFBstreams 

You must have heard that r/CFBstreams is the method to stream live college football for free on Reddit. If you are having problems locating a live sports broadcast through official sources, here is a viable alternative.

Reddit allows users to create subreddits, which are their own communities. There are subreddits devoted to virtually any sport you can imagine, including NCAA football.

It is essential to realize that Reddit does not broadcast live sports streaming. Reddit users provide links to streams they discover on other websites, which you may find useful.

Interestingly, streaming site owners also post their URLs in the relevant subreddits, allowing people to upvote good broadcasts and downvote bad streams.

This indicates that not all links in your preferred sports community are valid. Reddit groups have good streams, unsafe sites, and poor streams, but let’s remain optimistic.

While r/CFBstreams is for football, there are additional streams for r/puckstreams (free hockey streams), r/MLBstreams (free baseball streams), and r/NCAAbbstreams (free college basketball streams) (free college basketball streams).

Unfortunately, the r/CFBstreams live stream for free college football has relocated to SportsSurge.

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10. Real Stream United 

Real Stream United is another of the fantastic free websites to watch college football online. Real Stream United strives to provide a streaming service that is as authentic as possible.

It is a free service for sports streaming that allows you to view and share streams with others.

Real Stream United or Stream Hunter have site-wide filters that allow you to display only a handful of matches based on your preferences.

In addition, the live streams are arranged according to their beginning time, which facilitates navigation.

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If you are a football fan of any age, you can view your favorite NCAA game live for free on Real Stream United. You can also put the site widgets to their own page if you are a webmaster.

Real Stream United functions so that when you click on a match, you are presented with an extensive list of possible streams. You will view them in accordance with their resolutions.

Visit Website

11. Laola1

This free websites to watch college football online is an Austrian streaming website with an international English edition to accommodate visitors from outside Austria. Since the worldwide site is not region-restricted, anyone in the United States can watch any sporting event, including college football, live and for free.

Laola1 is not only available for free online streaming of college football, but also soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, motorsports, etc.

It is an excellent free service for individuals seeking live streaming of sports that are not generally available in the United States.

International volleyball tournaments and table tennis are examples of sports broadcasts that are difficult to find in the United States but are available for free streaming on Laola1.

Visit Website

12.  SportRAR.TV

TV is an additional free website where students may watch live college football. It is a service that aggregates live sports streaming videos from a variety of sources, giving you access to a variety of sports.

SportRar.TV streams not only college football, but also baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and golf. The nicest aspect of the website is that it features an interface that makes navigation simple.

When you click on a game of interest on SportRaR, a new window with the game video will appear. Look for a link that says “additional links from this match” if this video does not play. When more video sources are available for your favorite NCAA game, the option will appear below.

A disadvantage of this free service is that some of its films contain intrusive pop-up advertisements. These advertisements may be so persistent that they appear even if an ad blocker is installed.This is another free websites to watch college football online.

13. Bosscast

Bosscast is another free websites to watch college football online. As with the most of the websites on this list, it offers live sports feeds from multiple sources. Bosscast’s coverage is extremely extensive, so you can get practically any type of live sports broadcast.

However, Flash is required for Bosscast. This can be rather inconvenient if your web browser does not support Flash. If you wish to watch live sports on this Bosscast, you must first install Flash and then permit it to run on the site.

Bosscast is typically not a choice for individuals who cannot expose themselves to Flash’s vulnerabilities. As such, it is the last resort free sports website to live stream college football online.

14. The website

If there is a website that wants you to know that you can stream live college football online for free and brag about it to your friends, then it is Stream-Hub.

In addition to NFL games, the service also streams games from other sports. Live XFL Streams, EPL Streams, MLB Streams, NBA Streams, and so much more are available.

With its sports channels as well as its TV and News channels, Stream-hub is truly a hub for live sports streaming. Combined with a live chat where you may connect with other sports enthusiasts, stream-hub is an addictive service.

15. Feed2Everyone

free websites to watch college football online

This free websites to watch college football online aims to deliver free live sports streaming to all sports fans, not just those interested in NCAA football, as its name suggests. Ice hockey, boxing, cricket, and handball are just some of the activities that may be streamed live on the internet.

When you visit Feed2All, you will be presented with a straightforward webpage including football matches from across the world. You can select any of these matches, or you can use the drop-down boxes to find specific games.

Additionally, you can always alter the time zone on Feed2All to view upcoming matches in your location.

FAQs On free websites to watch college football online

How can I watch college football championship without a TV provider?

Sling TV, especially Sling Orange, is a fantastic option for anyone that's a fan of NCAA football. Sling's base package is $40 and includes 31 channels like ESPN, FS1, and the NFL Network, but the Sports Extra add-on is only $11 more per month and gives access to the Pac-12 Network, the SEC Network, and ESPNU.

Is there a college sports live app?


SportsLive, the most comprehensive sports streaming product available, is the #1 source for exclusive access to hundreds of college teams, as well as high school, pro and amateur sporting events. It features nearly 20,000 live events streamed annually!

How can I watch ESPN for free without cable?

To watch on your Roku device, simply add the ESPN channel, and log into ESPN+ to easily stream your favorite sports entertainment. And there you have it, streaming options like DIRECTV STREAM, fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Vidgo, and ESPN+, easily let you watch live ESPN without cable.

Does YouTube have live college football?

YouTube TV lets you stream all the major college football games through its default channel lineup. The service gives you access to every local network that broadcasts bigger conference games, including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

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