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12 Free Online Sound Engineering Courses with Certificates

Free Online Sound Engineering Courses with Certificates!

Here are some Free Online Sound Engineering Courses that will equip you with professional audio engineering and management expertise. If you find any of these courses intriguing, you can immediately enroll and begin learning.

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Sound engineers are also known as audio engineers; the only distinction between the two is a difference in English usage. You can equip yourself with audio engineering skills if it’s something you’ve always liked or you can enroll in any of the courses as a way of exploring other areas of study.

The sound engineering courses listed in this post are 100% online and free to enroll and they also offer a certificate after your studies. Depending on the platform, university, or college providing the sound engineering course, the certificate may be offered for free or for a fee.

Getting a certificate in a specific area of study you have completed is highly worth it in the workforce. You can add the certificate to the one you already have, putting you ahead of the competition in the workforce. You’ve automatically become valuable to your company, organization, or business and also to yourself.

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Is sound engineering a viable profession?

Sound engineering is an in-demand skill and also a futuristic business idea because the use of sound to pass out information will never stop. It is an industry that will keep growing and it is never too late to get skilled as a sound engineer and enter the industry.

List of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses

The following is a list of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses:

1. The Electronic Workstation

Free Online Sound Engineering Courses

This is one of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses that introduces students to music production fundamentals. The Digital Workstation certificate program will equip you with the fundamental skills necessary to begin production.

You will acquire expertise with audio and acoustics, MIDI instruments, automation, exporting, hardware setup, software setup, sequencer, and mixer, among others. The course is taught by SoundBridge Academy and delivered via the online learning platform Simpliv.

2. Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Musical Sound and Electronics, Part 1

This course instructs students in the fundamentals of utilizing acoustics and electronics to comprehend musical sound and create music with electronic instruments.

It is one of the University of Rochester’s Free Online Sound Engineering Courses offered through Coursera. Sound waves, musical sound, basic electronics, and the application of these fundamental principles to amplifier and speaker design are among the topics addressed in this approximately 14-hour course.

3. Sound Creation for Electronic Music

This course is offered by Berklee College of Music and administered through Coursera as part of the electronic music production concentration.

This course will build on your existing knowledge of digital audio workstations to teach you how to create sounds and incorporate them into your own musical composition. You will acquire music production skills and learn how to use software synthesizers.It is one of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses.

4. Introduction to the Science of Acoustics

In order to become an expert sound engineer, you must also possess the necessary theoretical knowledge. The Introduction to Acoustics course provides the theoretical knowledge required by every sound engineer.

This free online sound engineering course introduces students to acoustics through the concept of impedance. After completing the course in just 14 hours, you will receive a certificate.It is one of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses.

5. Introduction to Audio Engineering: Equalization and Compression

EQ and compressors play a crucial role in audio engineering, as they are used to control and shape music, videos, and television shows. Compressors are not as widely used as equalizers, but it is still essential to possess this knowledge. Equalization is extensively used in and outside of the audio industry.It is among the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses.

The audio engineering EQ and compression course is one of Udemy’s free online sound engineering courses, taught by a professional sound engineer. Additionally, the paid certificate is available.

6. Pro Tools Fundamentals

Free Online Sound Engineering Courses

Certain musical sound or music production instruments are essential for bringing your musical ideas to life, and you must be familiar with their use. This course is another of Berklee College of Music’s free online sound engineering courses.

The course introduces students to the world of Avid Pro instruments and Pro Tools First, which are essential instruments for transferring musical ideas from the mind to the DAW in a free and creative manner. Receive a paid certificate upon completion of the course.This one of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses.

7. A Discussion of Music Production Technology

Before music is produced, it is subjected to a variety of procedures, including recording, blending, and editing. In order to become an expert sound engineer, you must understand this procedure.

This course offers precisely that. The Technology of Music Production is another of Berklee College of Music’s free online sound engineering courses. Students will gain knowledge of the music production process and the appropriate software for creating music on a computer. You will receive a certificate upon completion of your studies.It is one of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses.

8. The Economics of Music Production

This course is for you if you already possess sound engineering skills and have completed one or more sound engineering courses from this site.

This course will educate you how to capitalize on your sound engineering skills and launch a career as a music producer. You will acquire knowledge of copyright, music recording, contracts, pro tools, music business, revenue streams, music/audio production, and teamwork. Obtain the certification after completing the course successfully.It is regarded as one of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses.

9. Listening Critically for Studio Production

Critical listening for studio production is one of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses offered by Queen’s University through the online learning platform FutureLearn.

This course is designed to enhance your listening abilities by introducing you to technical ear training programs that will equip you with the critical listening skills required in a music studio setting. This course equips you with the listening skills necessary for all sound engineers, which is a requirement for the profession.

You will gain theoretical knowledge of sound and audio, as well as technical proficiency with studio hardware and software. There is a certificate waiting for you, but you must pay a fee to obtain it.

10. Vocal Recording Engineering

Vocal Recording Technology is one of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses administered by Berklee College of Music and made available by edX for online learning. This course examines the newest innovations in vocal production, audio engineering, recording, and blending.

You will gain an understanding of vocal technologies and music production, and you will be able to utilize new and emergent techniques and technologies to enhance your sound engineering skills. Obtain the certification at the conclusion of the course to increase your client’s confidence in your abilities.

11. Composition and Sound Design

Enrolling in this course will help you advance your sound engineering abilities. It instructs the techniques and techniques of audio synthesis, sampling, and sound design.

The course consists of eight subjects that require roughly 23 hours to complete. Among the topics covered are serum, colossal, FM synthesis, modular synthesis fundamentals, and Reaktor blocks. The certificate is inexpensive, and obtaining it would serve you well in the workforce.It is one of the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses.

12. Mixing and Mastering

Free Online Sound Engineering Courses

Mixing and mastering are the only skills taught from beginner to professional level. This course will equip you with the strategies, tips, and tactics utilized by professional mixing and mastering engineers.

You have effectively elevated your sound engineering skills and increased your value to yourself or your organization by acquiring these skills. The course can be completed at your own pace over the span of roughly 36 hours.

FAQs On Free Online Sound Engineering Courses

Can I learn sound engineering online for free?

Learn Audio Engineering, earn certificates with paid and free online courses from Stanford, MIT, The Open University, SUNY and other top universities around the world.

Can I learn audio engineering online?

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, online audio engineering courses can help you deepen your knowledge and build skills to produce professional-grade audio.

Can sound engineering be self taught?

Typically audio engineers will have some college education or vocational training at a specialized recording studio, however, many audio engineers are also self-taught under the guidance of a mentor.

Do sound engineers use math?

Sound engineering course comes with a lot of math calculations. But again, it is not altogether necessary. The sound engineering courses offer required skills for the usage of equipment needed for mixing, to reproduce and record sounds.

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