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Free Online Digital Marketing Courses With Certificates 2023

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses With Certificates. You can master the fundamentals of digital marketing without shelling out a ton of money for an MBA. You can learn a lot about the various facets and specialities within this constantly evolving area from the many resources available online. We’ll expose you to some of the top free online digital marketing courses we’ve uncovered in this article. We’ve ranked them using our unique process and put them in descending order, starting with our top picks.

You will undoubtedly find something of interest in our collection of free courses, whether you are an experienced businessperson, a first-time marketer, or a small business owner. After the review, we will address some of the frequently asked issues regarding these free online courses in digital marketing.

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Free Online Digital Marketing Courses With Certificates

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

The company that invented digital marketing is the best place to learn

about it. For good reason, Google’s free online course on digital marketing is at the top of our list; it covers every facet of the subject for both novice and experienced users, and it includes free certification. Google’s industry-recognized certification program is a great way to enhance your skill set and attract attention to your profile.

There are 26 lessons in this free 40-hour online course on digital marketing, which you can finish anytime and whenever you want. The various lessons in each module are broken down into text, video, and knowledge-testing quizzes. You have the option to pick and choose which classes to include in your personalised learning plan if you don’t want to move forward with the complete course. To achieve certification, we strongly advise starting at the beginning and moving forward incrementally.

Although we won’t mention every module, a few of the topics covered are as follows:

• Increasing your online visibility

• Creating a plan for your internet business

• Knowing search and how to make your efforts more effective

• Gaining local attention

• Setting up an online shop

• International expansion

• Marketing via social media

Mobile advertising

• Content promotion

  • Email advertising

• Analytics and advertising

Price: Free

Authentication: Yes

Time Required: 40 hours


•Students will receive an industry-recognized certificate upon completion to display on their resumes and Linked-in profiles.

• Permanent access

•Testing your progress with quizzes

Website: Google

2. Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course

For digital marketers who want to concentrate on their inbound efforts, Hubspot Academy offers a four-hour industry-recognized training called the Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course. The extensive course is intended for beginners and includes 10 courses, 34 videos, and 9 quizzes. The following topics will be covered in the free online course on digital marketing:

•Inbound marketing’s foundations

•Developing a long-term content plan

•Writing blog entries

•Comprehension on social media marketing

•Creating a plan for conversational development

•Comprehension and development of a conversion optimization plan

•Focus on fostering

• Coordinating marketing and sales

•Using a consumer marketing strategy.

Students who complete the course successfully will receive formal certification from HubSpot to include on their CV, résumé, portfolio, or LinkedIn profile.

Price: Free

Authentication: Yes

Time Required: Four Hours

Coursework: Basic

Excellent user experience

Excellent instruction quality


•Taught by four interesting teachers

• Outstanding user interface

• Certification recognized by industry


•Too brief

Website: Hubspot Academy

3. Free Diploma in E-Business

Mike Feerick created Alison in 2007, making it the first platform for massively open online courses (MOOCs) on the internet. One of the best free online course providers you will find, with more than six million students registered on the website.

Students who take the Diploma in E-Business course benefit from learning Google Analytics and AdWords, search optimization, revenue metrics, analysis, campaign tracking, digital measurement, and other marketing-related topics. The free online digital marketing course, which takes six to ten hours to finish, has more than 84,000 students enrolled. You must receive a grade of at least 80% on the final exam to pass. You will receive a Learner Achievement Verification Report once you’ve finished, or you can choose to spend roughly $20 to get a certificate from the website’s online store.

Price: Free

Certificate: Yes, but at a cost

Time Required: 6 to 10 hours

Coursework: Basic

Excellent user experience

Excellent instruction quality


•Established leader in online education

• User-friendly interface

• Tutorial videos


•Students who want certificates must purchase them from the online store.

Website: Alison

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4. Become an Online Marketing Manager

Students who already have a working knowledge of digital marketing can take this 24-hour course through LinkedIn Learning to gain the managerial abilities necessary to advance up the corporate ladder. Students will learn the best practices for online marketing, how to use the most recent tools to develop a digital marketing strategy, and how to effectively advertise on social media platforms in this free online course on digital marketing.

The course’s 11 advanced marketing-related modules include the following:

  • Hacking growth

• Modern branding

•SEO fundamentals

•Marketing via email and newsletter

  • Analytics from Google
  • AdWords on Google

• Twitter and Facebook

•UX design concept drawing

If you already have a premium LinkedIn membership—as most marketers do—you may enroll in the course for free, or you can sign up for a trial and view the lessons for free for one month.

Price: Free Try Linkedin Learning’s free trial.

Authentication: Yes

Time Required: 24 hours

Curriculum: Advanced to Intermediate

Excellent user experience

Excellent instruction quality


• Taught by specialists in the field

•Get a completion badge for your resume or profile.

• Outstanding user interface


•To prevent fees, you must cancel LinkedIn Premium before the trial period expires.

Website:  LinkedIn Learning

5. Digital Marketing Strategy

One of Scotland’s best colleges is providing this comprehensive digital marketing course through Edx. The course can be finished in around 8 weeks if four to six hours per week are dedicated to training. The curriculum is extensive. This is one of the best options for students looking for the most comprehensive free curriculum on digital marketing.

At the paid level of edX, which is also a component of a professional certification, certificates for the course are available. However, it is free to audit the lessons in each module. You can read and view all of the course material by auditing it.

The course’s objective is to give participants a general understanding of business-related, strategic digital marketing. It’s a perfect course to add to your resume or CV because it’s taught by two professors from the University of Edinburgh.

Price: Free

Certificate: Yes, but at a cost

Time Required: 10 months

Education: Intermediate

Excellent user experience

Excellent instruction quality


  • A thorough course syllabus

• Outstanding user interface

•More than 7000 students have signed up for the course.


Only premium levels are available for certification.

Offered by The University of Edinburgh

6. Digital Strategy and Action

A intriguing free online course called “Digital Strategy and Action” will show marketers what huge companies like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Google have in common when it comes to digital strategy. Students will discover in it how the CEOs of these titans changed course from a straightforward notion to billions in sales and how they continue to expand.

The course includes a ton of helpful suggestions, recommendations, and fascinating in-depth case studies, such as tales of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

The course will provide you insight into how the biggest marketing leaders in the world have managed to maintain their position at the top if you’re an entrepreneur or marketer who dares to dream larger.

There is no necessity for students to choose the premium option, which grants them a shareable certificate bearing the Babson University logo and is signed by the instructor. Additionally, it is free to use the audit version in its entirety.

Price: Free

Certificate: Yes, but at a cost

Time Required: Four Weeks

Introduction to advanced curriculum

Excellent user experience

Excellent instruction quality


•Taught by Peter Cohan, a strategy lecturer at Babson College.

• Captivating and interesting

•Awesome for those that require a little inspiration


•To receive a shareable certificate, you must pay.

Offered by Babson College through edX

7. Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

The University of Illinois’ fifth course in a seven-part concentration in digital marketing is called “Digital Media and Marketing Strategies.” It can be finished in either the premium edition or the free audit mode, like with all Coursera courses. Students who choose the paid option will be given a certificate of completion.

The 15-hour free digital marketing course will instruct you in:

• How to make your digital assets more effective

• The fundamentals of video and web marketing

• Email and social media marketing fundamentals

Price: Free

Certificate: Yes, but at a cost

Time Required: 15 hours

Coursework: Basic

Excellent user experience

Excellent instruction quality


•Mike Yao, an associate professor of digital media, is the instructor.

•As a component of the University of Illinois’ 100% online MBA program

•On our list, one of the only free courses that has an accreditation


•To receive a shareable certificate or to receive credit, you must pay.

•In the audit-only mode, some assignments might not be accessible.

Offered by the University of Illinois through Coursera


8. Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy, one of a series of accredited online courses offered by the financial and investing journal, can be accessed for free for 14 days with a trial to Learn by Forbes. All of the fundamental components of creating a digital marketing plan are covered in the three hours of self-paced instruction, including:

•How to develop a digital marketing plan to achieve organizational objectives

•Awareness of the client journey and how digital marketing utilizes it

• Investigating the application of a digital SWOT analysis to marketing initiatives

•Explaining how digital marketing incorporates lessons learnt

•Explaining the main moral and legal concerns with digital marketing

This list is merely a sample of the information you will learn in this condensed but dense course. As you advance through the course, learning will be simple because it makes use of case studies, flash cards, and interactive activities to ensure that you remember as much as you can. Upon completion, you will be qualified for a certificate that you can use in your LinkedIn profile, CV, or resume.

Price: Free

Certificate: Yes, with a subscription

Time Required: Varies

Curriculum: Elementary through Advanced

Excellent user experience

Excellent instruction quality


•Free subscription provides 14 days of unrestricted use.

• Move at your own speed.

• Outstanding reputation


•The paywall is the only place where you can get certification.

Offered by Learn@Forbes

9. Quick Tips and Tricks to Learn Digital Marketing in no Time

Kapil Chopra, a self-described digital marketing nerd, is the instructor for this 37-lesson course, which is available on Skillshare for free. Since Skillshare offers a free two-month trial, you will have plenty of time to complete all of the lessons if you so choose. The course lasts just under four hours.

Although we won’t mention them all, some of the most interesting lessons are:

• How to conduct a keyword search

• Checking your site’s mobile friendliness

• SEO strategies for YouTube

• Google Analytics and AdWords

Email advertising

Marketing using social media

Cost: Free for the first two months, then $99 annually after that.

No certificate

Estimated completion time: four hours

Coursework: Introduction

Good user experience

Good instruction quality


• Concise, simple-to-understand lessons

• Contains a practical class project.

• Tutorial videos


• To prevent being charged a price, you must cancel your subscription before the two-month trial period expires.

• Students seeking a more in-depth course may find it to be too basic.

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10. Internet Marketing for Smart People

For 16 years, Copyblogger has provided excellent guidance on digital marketing, and this course, Internet Marketing for Smart People, is produced using the same engaging, no-nonsense methodology.

Respected copybloggers have established a reputation as authorities in just one key area of digital marketing—content strategy—among the online community. The 20 modules that make up the free online digital marketing course will be delivered right to your email inbox. You will also have access to a ton of materials and additional eBooks that will help you convince and influence your audience through the written word.

Price: Free

No certificate

Time Required: Varies

Introduction to Intermediate Curriculum

Good user experience

Excellent instruction quality


• Study up on digital content marketing from the pros

• Simple sign-up

Numerous extras


•Email is used to send the course materials, therefore you must wait for each new episode.


We now live in a technologically advanced society, free online digital marketing courses and MOOCs have become extremely popular. Finding workshops, lectures, tutorials, and videos that provide instruction in online marketing is not difficult. Additionally, you can become an expert in this profession without having a degree. Self-taught marketers are common.

Large corporations like Google and Microsoft frequently offer classes, but smaller businesses and groups may also offer them. Even though understanding web marketing can seem difficult, there are many free resources accessible to help.

You undoubtedly have a few concerns about enrolling in a free course if you are considering a career in digital marketing. We will attempt to address a few of the most common questions concerning MOOCs in this section.

FAQS on Free Online Digital Marketing Courses With Certificates

Which free certification is best for digital marketing?

CareerFoundry Digital Marketing Short Course.
Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization.
EdX Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.
Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.
Quickstarter by Constant Contact.
Meta Blueprint Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certification.

Is Google digital marketing Certificate free?

Digital Marketing online course is free for everyone with a free certificate from Google.

How many months it will take to learn digital marketing

For most people, it's possible to learn the fundamentals in as little as a few months; dedicated online bootcamps like BrainStation's are able to impart the core technical skills needed to begin working in digital marketing in 12 weeks.

How much is Google certificate a month?

$39 per month. The IT Support, User Experience Design, Project Management, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificates cost $39 per month by subscription on Coursera.

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