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Free online Courses For Adults 2023

Free online Courses For Adults. Your earning potential will rise and new skills will be taught through free online courses that broaden your horizons. A fantastic method to excel at work while enhancing your self-esteem is by enrolling in free online adult education courses. We examined the top resources for free adult online courses and assessed each one for content, learning opportunities, and flexibility. Here are our top 10 recommendations for free adult courses resources online.

Free online Courses For Adults

1. True Influence

In order to continue prospering in a connected and complicated world, more firms are now welcoming a diverse workforce. You can learn how to work well with a varied team and actually persuade them to go above and beyond their limits with EdApp’s True Influence – Developing Enduring Impact microlearning course. The idea of genuine influence is introduced in this course, along with the traits that define it. The 5Cs of True Influence—Credibility, Connections, Concern, Creativity, and Constructiveness—which are crucial for building strong, enduring connections and having ethical influences on individuals from many cultures will also be covered.

Expect a total of six lessons for this course, divided into smaller units for better comprehension. This course is ideal for anyone who is busy because it simply only a few minutes of your time, not hours or days. Through EdApp’s learning management system, instructors may also monitor each student’s development.

2. Helping Others to Develop

To succeed on your team as an engaged team player, you must go beyond honing your personal abilities. Instead of only concentrating on your own development, you may help your coworkers develop and broaden their capabilities, which will help the entire organization achieve better, long-term success. The Helping Others to Develop course on EdApp focuses on the what, why, and how of helping others and how to inspire them to become stronger and more ardent team members.

This course will show you how to use the S.T.A.R.S. technique—Situation/Time, Action, Result, and Suggestions—to provide developmental feedback and feedforward. You will also learn about the 4D model, which outlines the four steps to facilitating an imaginative and motivating conversation.

This no-cost online course for adults can be completed at your own speed whenever and wherever you like using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

3. How to Demonstrate a ‘Can Do’ Attitude

Maintaining a positive outlook at work can not only improve your performance, but it will inspire everyone on your team to approach any challenging situation with zeal, focus, and enthusiasm. You will learn more about the “Can Do” attitude in this EdApp course, along with life lessons and principles to follow to maintain a positive outlook at all times. As you progress through the course, you will also learn how to tackle difficult and unclear issues, as well as how to deal with frustrations before they have a negative impact on your emotions or actions.

You will be able to better comprehend the foundations of the can-do attitude with the help of this mini training’s many engaging features, including gifs, animations, and quick videos. In order to help you remember what you’ve learned, it also includes gamified quizzes in between lessons.

4. Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness

The relationship between depression, anxiety, and physical sickness is examined in this FutureLearn course, along with the need of having a thorough grasp of it for daily life. Here, you’ll discover more about the major risk factors, symptoms, and resources for managing and overcoming depression and anxiety before they put you at risk for suicide. It also looks at various self-care methods, medical and talking therapy choices, and resources for help with depression and anxiety.

This course’s teachings are broken down into weeks of lectures, homework assignments, and exercises that you may move through at your own pace.

5. Practical Stress Management for Life & Work

Practical Stress Management for Life & Work is a course taught by Alison with the goal of assisting adults in effectively managing stress in both personal and professional contexts. An overview of stress, its signs and symptoms, causes, and effects on daily functioning and lifestyle may be found in this course. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive list of doable stress-reduction techniques and methods that you may use to efficiently lessen and control your stress at home and at work.

An end-of-course evaluation allows you to gauge how well your blended learning has worked overall. You can choose to purchase a certificate after enrolling and passing the test, which you can then put in your resume or job applications.

6. Stepping into Team Leadership

Stepping into Team Leadership, a course offered by EdApp, seeks to enable adults who want to lead teams or manage teams develop their abilities and confidence. This 4-part course outlines what is expected of a team leader to get them ready for the job. The importance of defining expectations and scoping tasks is then illustrated. Best practices for team time management and team communication are also included. With the proper expertise, you may successfully assume a new role, fulfill your duties as a motivating force within your team, and motivate and inspire people as a leader.

7. Productivity Masterclass

You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to increase both your personal and professional productivity, stop putting things off, and improve how you handle daily tasks. The productivity equation and practical applications are discussed in this SkillShare course. It will also guide you through the most prevalent misconceptions and problems impeding productivity as well as the fundamental rules that you may effectively apply in order to live a happier, healthier life. Over an hour’s worth of pre-recorded video lessons are included with this course. There will be brief coursework exercises and practices at the end of each video clip that will aid in your understanding of the core ideas of productivity.

8. How To Create A Productivity System

A excellent tool for better time management and accomplishing more with less stress is Highbrow’s online course, How To Create A Productivity System. You can begin learning how to develop a productivity system in this course, including how to define goals, arrange and prioritize chores, and schedule your time to fight procrastination. Additionally, this course will walk you through each step of using various apps and tools to help you manage your time more successfully and efficiently.

Highbrow’s lessons, which will be delivered to your mailbox one by one every morning for ten days, are not your typical online e-learning courses.

There are enjoyable quizzes that follow all of the course content and only take a few minutes to complete.

9. Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity

The University of California, Irvine created this free adult online course, which is being offered via Coursera. It examines the different barriers to efficient time management and demonstrates how to get through them through effective time and work planning, prioritizing duties, and charting progress. Through an understandable comparison of how assembly lines operate and the conventional method of product assembly, it also explores and dispels the illusion of multitasking. It also discusses how keeping a work-life balance can be aided by time tracking. This course takes about 10 hours to complete, and in order to receive a certificate, you must have a paid subscription.

10. The Ultimate Guide to Personal Productivity

We all strive to improve ourselves so that we can work toward our objectives and achieve even more. But how do we get started? Our personal work habits and styles should be recognized and used to our advantage, according to this free adult online course from EdApp. This interactive course also emphasizes time management and paying attention to details, which will help you recognize the methods you should employ to complete more tasks.

This three-lesson free online course uses a microlearning design strategy to ensure learner engagement, making it easy to follow and complete.


Over the past several years, online courses has advanced and expanded rapidly, with many institutions and academies turning to open course platforms to advertise their own programs and provide free educational materials to the general public. There are usually both free and paid choices on websites that provide these classes, with the latter entailing earning graded assignments, certifications, or even college credit that can be applied to degree programs. However, many of these courses allow for entirely free auditing and self-paced study. Hard sciences, business, programming, and writing are among the topics, as are personal enrichment subjects including health, culture, and self-improvement.

FAQS on Free online Courses For Adults

What are the best free online course sites?

LinkedIn Learning
General Assembly

What can I learn at home for free?

Shopify Compass.
Design Your Dream Life.
Google's Digital Marketing Course.
Canva's Design School.
Facebook Blueprint.
Highbrow's Productivity Course.
Asana Academy.

Are Google free courses worth it?

It is undoubtedly worthwhile to earn a Google Digital Marketing Certification. If you want to get started in digital marketing, this is a wonderful course to take. It is free, provided by Google, and recognized by the Open University and other institutions.

How much is a Google certificate course?

The monthly subscription fee for Coursera's IT Support, User Experience Design, Project Management, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificates is $39.

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