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5 Best Free Online Case Management Courses

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Best Free Online Case Management Courses!

There are numerous online learning platforms that offer Free Online Case Management Courses. The courses are designed to equip you with the skills and techniques of a case manager and to assist you in performing your responsibilities effectively.

Top universities and colleges are collaborating with well-known online learning platforms to make education and knowledge available to anyone, anywhere in the world. In addition to educational institutions, other institutions, industry experts, and professionals are utilizing these online learning platforms to educate and train individuals pursuing knowledge in related fields.

Online education is the simplest and most convenient method of study. It is more efficient, inexpensive, and adaptable. It offers a variety of advantages to anyone interested in acquiring knowledge in a less demanding manner.

It would be an understatement to say that you can study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree online and obtain an accredited degree that is equally recognized as a traditional degree.

To add to the list, we are including free online case management courses for those interested in learning about case management. Individuals interested in pursuing a degree in case management at a university or college can also enroll in the courses to gain experience before entering the field.

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What is Case Management?

Case Management is a profession within the industry of health and human services. It involves the planning, processing, evaluation, assessment, implementation, and monitoring of the healthcare services provided to a patient by a group of coordinated healthcare providers. It helps meet a patient’s requirements while keeping costs in check.

Case managers are typically registered nurses or social workers with prior experience working in a hospital or other medical facility.

Advantages of Free Online Case Management Courses

Since you will not be in a classroom with other students, there will be fewer distractions. Online learning has many advantages, including flexibility, speed, convenience, and fewer distractions. Online case management courses will not interfere with your current obligations, and classes are designed to accommodate your hectic schedule.

Therefore, if you are a nurse or physician in the medical field who is considering a career in case management, the best way to study it is online. You will continue to practice your profession while studying case management in your spare time.

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List of the Best Free Online Case Management Courses

The following is a list of the Best Free Online Case Management Courses:

  • Understanding and Strengthening Health Systems
  • Child Protection Case Management in Times of Covid-19
  • Value-Based Care: Managing Process to Improve Outcomes
  • E-Course on Child Protection Management for Social Workers and Case Managers
  • Introduction to Case Management for Refugee Service Providers

1. Understanding and improving health systems

Online Case Management Courses

Understanding and Strengthening Health Systems is the first course on our list of Free Online Case Management Courses. It is offered by Johns Hopkins University, a renowned medical institution, and is available online through Coursera, one of the leading online learning platforms.

When you enroll in the course, you will examine the primary components of a health system in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. You will investigate the four primary areas of health systems in global health, with a focus on middle- and low-income nations.

The course can be completed entirely online in four weeks by devoting two to four hours per week. Your learning will include quizzes and discussion forums where you can converse with other students.

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2. Case Management for Child Protection in the Age of Covid-19

This is one of the Free Online Case Management Courses and it is offered by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) to child protection caseworkers and managers, and frontline workers supporting child protections case management anywhere in the world. The course is offered in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French languages to allow as many people as possible to participate.

The course explains how infectious diseases like covid-19 can disrupt the environments in which children grow and develop. As a case manager, you will learn how to protect minors in such circumstances. Complete the online course in three to four hours.

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3. Value-Based Care: Managing Process to Improve Outcomes

Online Case Management Courses

The University of Houston in collaboration with Coursera offers this online case management course. It is free to enroll and will offer you basic knowledge on critical office-based processes that a value-based practice must manage in the drive towards improved patient outcomes.It is one of the Free Online Case Management Courses.

The course is spread across 3 weeks and takes approximately 6 hours to complete. At the end of the course, you will gain skills in health education, value-based healthcare, patient care, public health, and office processes.

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4. E-Course on Child Protection Management for Social Workers and Case Managers

This is one of the Free Online Case Management Courses offered by UNICEF. It is aimed at consolidating child protection case management skills mainly for social workers in Lebanon. The course has 8 modules and is offered 100% online. The course has no time duration because it is self-paced which means that you can complete it at your own time.

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5. Introduction to Case Management for Refugee Service Providers

Online Case Management Courses

This is one of the Free Online Case Management Courses offered by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. The course is designed for beginners to support refugee service providers in the provision of case management services for refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable immigrants in a resettlement or integration programme.

The course is interactive and has 7 modules before it is completed. When you complete the course, you can download a digital certificate which you can print out whenever you want.

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FAQs On Free Online Case Management Courses

What degree is best for case management?

Case managers usually need at least a bachelor's degree, but the degree does not need to be in a specific field. Case workers often hold a bachelor's in social work, a bachelor's in psychology, a sociology BA or an undergraduate degree in healthcare administration.

What is case management practice?

Case management is defined as a health care process in which a professional helps a patient or client develop a plan that coordinates and integrates the support services that the patient/client needs to optimize the healthcare and psychosocial possible goals and outcomes.[1] The case management process helps the ...

What are the duties of a case manager?

Case Manager duties include assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating actions required to meet the client's health and human services needed. A certified Case Manager is a plus.

Is case management a leadership role?

The foundation of case manager leadership is the responsibility of ensuring that patients get the care, treatment, and other resources that they need. The case manager's advocacy role is fundamental to the field of practice.

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