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12 Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers

Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers!

Are you an expectant mother in search of free online lactation courses so you don’t have to wing it? You’ve likely spent a lot during your pregnancy, so why spend more money on something you undoubtedly need? This article lists 12 Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers that will keep you informed and ready for the birth of your child.

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There are numerous concerns for new and expectant mothers, and breastfeeding is not an exception. From what type of food to consume to keep the baby healthy to what books to read in order to give birth to intelligent babies, there is a cycle of concerns.

Breastfeeding is a natural process, but that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter challenges or have a number of questions when the time arrives.

Preparing in advance will simplify the entire process and help you gain confidence as you prepare for your breastfeeding journey. With these free online lactation courses, nothing will be able to catch you off guard.

Online Breastfeeding Courses

These courses have been developed by professionals with experience assisting new mothers with breastfeeding, such as nurse practitioners or lactation consultants.

These instructors have significantly more knowledge and experience with maternity journeys and all related topics. If you enroll in any of their courses, you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands. They will make your breastfeeding voyage effortless and trouble-free.

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What exactly is breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is the act of feeding an infant milk from the breasts; this typically occurs during the lactation period following childbirth.

Many medical professionals and health organizations recommend exclusive lactation for six months, i.e., no formula, juice, or water. After the introduction of other nutrients, it is recommended that breastfeeding continue for the first year.

Breast milk contains all of the essential nutrients for infant health and growth. In addition, it contains a number of antibodies and enzymes that protect against certain infections.

List of the Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers

The following is a list of the Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers:

  1. Breastfeeding 101
  2. Breastfeeding Housecalls
  3. Minnesota Momma
  4. Medela
  5. First Latch
  6. Milkology
  7. Milk and Love
  8. Stanford Medicine
  9. Office on Women’s Health
  10. The Baby Manual
  11. Tiny Hood
  12. Breastfeeding Confidential

1. 101 on breastfeeding

Online Breastfeeding Courses

This list of free online lactation courses begins with lactation 101, a free course offered by

Toni, a mother of three, operates the blog Three Bird Nest. This course is designed for beginners and covers the fundamentals of lactation. Simply provide your email address, and the course will be sent directly to you for free download. It is one of the Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers.

Start course here

2. Breastfeeding Home Visits

Breastfeeding housecalls, offered by Texas-based Breastfeeding Housecalls and Lactation Clinic, is the second course on the list of free online breastfeeding courses.

This course, available on their website, offers a wide range of topics in 9 sections. From Breast Anatomy and Physiology to Positioning and Latching to Caution. The topics are richly comprehensive and comprise both written and video content. It is regarded as one of the Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers.

Start course here

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3. Minnesota Mother

The third course on the list of Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers included in Minnesota Momma’s free 6-day breastfeeding crash course.

Minnesota Momma is a blog written by Jen, a registered nurse and mother from Minnesota. Her free breastfeeding speed course is designed for expecting mothers who want to learn the fundamentals of breastfeeding.

It comprises…

  • The Fundamentals of Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding Advantages
  • Obstacles to Breastfeeding and Their Solutions
  • Successful Positions for Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding Assets
  • Tips on Breastfeeding

After submitting your information, this course will be emailed directly to you.

Start course here

4. The Medela

The Mom’s Room is a free initiative offered by Medela that you can sign up for via email. This program provides nursing mothers with educational resources, such as useful advice, articles, instant access to experts, and free samples of popular products.

“Breastfeeding University” is an excellent online breastfeeding course for mothers that costs $25 to enroll in. The course comprises videos covering the fundamentals and specifics of breastfeeding. The good news is that if you register a Medela breast pump on their website, you gain access to this course for free. It is among the list of the Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers.

Enroll here

5. Initial Latch

Online Breastfeeding Courses

The next course on the list of Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers, a three-part course on the First Latch website conducted by lactation consultant Vergie Hughes, R.N., IBCLC.

The three videos cover how to initiate breastfeeding properly, how to avoid and resolve common breastfeeding issues, and how family and friends can support lactating mothers.

In the Handouts for Parents section of the website, you will find a collection of documents that address breastfeeding in six different languages as well as general advice on how to survive the first few weeks as a parent.

Start course here

6. Milk science

SECRETS TO SUCCESS, a free breastfeeding education offered by Milkology, is the next course on the list of free online breastfeeding classes.

As stated on this course page by Milkology, “breastfeeding is NATURAL but does not always come naturally.” In light of this, they have designed this course because they believe enrolling in a class is the best method to ensure breastfeeding success.

On this five-day course delivered directly to your inbox, you will receive daily lectures covering the following topics:

  • what to anticipate in the beginning
  • where to locate a fantastic support group
  • how to get ready for pregnancy
  • where to seek assistance
  • how to produce ample milk for your infant

Enroll here

7. Milk and Romance

This six-part course series with Katie James IBCLC is the next on the list of Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers.

This course will get you off to a fantastic start with six simple videos featuring Katie and some wonderful volunteer mothers who will demonstrate what a healthy attachment looks like and how to express breast milk using a breast pump.

This FREE Breastfeeding Workbook is also available for download and contains feeding and sleep baby charts, essential breastfeeding information, and much more.

Start course here

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8. The Stanford Medical Center

Online Breastfeeding Courses

This host of lactation courses and resources on the Stanford Medicine website is the next course on the list of Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers.

Regarding breastfeeding, Stanford Medicine is the most informative website available. You can learn practically everything you need for free. Among the topics covered are:

  • Preparing to Breastfeed Successfully
  • Primary Lactation in the First Hour
  • The Ideal latch
  • Hand Expressed Lactation
  • Early Commencement of Breastfeeding
  • Optimal Milk Production
  • Breastmilk Storage and Transportation

Start course here

9. Bureau of Women’s Health

Here comes another useful website for pregnant and nursing mothers. The U.S. Office on Women’s Health provides a wealth of free lactation resources, including a printable PDF guide and training videos.

The videos cover a variety of breastfeeding topics, including the secrets to successful breastfeeding, remaining healthy and eating well, fatherly responsibilities, etc.

Visit website here

10. The Baby Handbook

The next course on the list of Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers is The Baby Manual’s free breastfeeding course.

To assist new mothers during the Covid-19 outbreak, The Baby Manual is currently providing its lactation course for free.

Get it here

11. Little Hood

The next free online breastfeeding course on the list is Breastfeeding 101: From Prenatal Preparation to Pumping, a Tinyhood course taught by Tinyhood Lactation Consultant Dana C., IBCLC.

This free course will teach you what to expect in the days after giving birth, how to get a correct latch, how to establish and build your milk supply, how to troubleshoot common issues, and how to pump and store breast milk.

What you gain…

  • Course instructed by a Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Five comprehensive sections of on-demand content
  • Twenty or more downloadable guides and checklists
  • Access to course materials for two years – refer back when you need to.

Enroll here

12. Confidential Breastfeeding

Online Breastfeeding Courses

The Breastfeeding Confidential website by Andrea Tran RN, IBCLC is a comprehensive breastfeeding resource library. She is committed to providing breastfeeding mothers with helpful hints and advice.

Her resource library contains a free e-book, printable newborn feeding records, guidelines for breast milk storage, lactation recipes, and a video tutorial on how to make a nursing wrap.

This may not be a course, but I am including it on the list of Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers because it provides excellent educational resources, making it an excellent starting point. Feel free to search for additional hidden treasures.

Visit website here

FAQs On Free Online Breastfeeding Courses For Mothers

When should I start breastfeeding classes?

It is recommended that you take your breastfeeding class in your 7th- 8th month of pregnancy. Breastfeeding classes can be taken in conjunction with your Childbirth Classes and are oftentimes part of the Prepared Childbirth Series.

What is the easiest way to learn to breastfeed?

Put the thumb of your free hand on top of your breast and your other fingers below. Touch your baby's lips to your nipple until your baby opens their mouth wide. Put your nipple all the way in your baby's mouth and pull your baby close to you. This lets your baby's jaw squeeze the milk ducts under your areola (nipple).

Can I try to breastfeed at 3 months?

It's generally easiest to start trying to relactate around 3 months after giving birth or earlier, or shortly after stopping breastfeeding, if you did breastfeed for a while. It's especially easier if your body produced a lot of milk to begin with, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to if yours didn't.

Is side lying breastfeeding safe for newborns?

No one position is guaranteed to bring success for you and your little one, but side lying breastfeeding may be worth a try if you're struggling with other positions. Remember that with any breastfeeding position, your baby's latch shouldn't hurt.

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