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15 Best Free Online Breastfeeding Classes

Best Free Online Breastfeeding Classes. Do you want to learn how to breastfeed but don’t want to invest a lot of money? I comprehend. Babies are expensive! Concerns about how they will pay for a breastfeeding classes instruction are unnecessary for new and expecting mothers.

Numerous top-notches, free online breastfeeding classes and resources are accessible if you know where to look. Even while breastfeeding is a natural process, neither easy nor painlessness are guaranteed. An excellent method to learn the fundamentals of nursing while relaxing at your home is to take an online breastfeeding class. You can become more assured and well-prepared as you start your breastfeeding journey. So, let’s get started with these fantastic, affordable, and free online breastfeeding classes!

Methodology for Ranking the Best Online Breastfeeding Classes.

We considered the following elements as we narrowed down the various online nursing programs available to our top choices:

Reduces Cost

The fact that completing a breastfeeding course online is typically much less expensive than attending an in-person program is one of the benefits. In order to allow you to benefit from the price differential between online and in-person options, we sought for classes that were under $10. All of the classes below, with the exception of one, will likely be less expensive.


You already have a ton of “experts” in your life instructing you how to nurse, from your mother-in-law to a nosy coworker. Make sure the instructor has expertise teaching breastfeeding women in the real world if you’re taking an online course. The courses below were created by lactation consultants and educators, registered nurses, breastfeeding product manufacturers, and mothers just like you.


Not only do novices need help; parents who are returning to work for the first time after the birth of their child, mothers who experienced difficult births or are dealing with problems like oversupply, and even mothers who are nursing for the second or third time while also caring for additional young children may need help. We sought to offer a variety of classes that any mother, at any stage of her nursing experience, may enroll in.

15 Best Free Online Breastfeeding Classes

  1. New Little Life 

Nursing professional, birthing educator, lactation consultant, and birth doula Allison Tolman. She started New Little Life because she wanted to impart her knowledge and experience to other women. In the near future, Allison will be accessible for lactation consults via telemedicine or in-home visits in Virginia Beach, VA.

  • A discussion about breast pumps
  • Breastfeeding has advantages.
  • Pregnancy consultation
  • Numerous insurances are recognized, and superbills are offered for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

2. Milk Sprout 

Milk Sprout Online was started by mother of four and RN IBCLC Sarah Lang. She imparts knowledge on nursing, pumping, and a short course on how to wean your baby onto a bottle. Through their online breastfeeding basics course, you can learn the foundations of nursing and have a happy breastfeeding journey. Learn the best techniques for pumping and storing breastmilk as you get ready to go back to work or spend time away from your child.

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3. Medela

Medela offers free educational resources for nursing mothers through a program called “The Mom’s Room” on their website. Create a free account here to start receiving advice, gifts, and access to professionals. Additionally, they provide mothers an excellent online breastfeeding course called “Breastfeeding University.” The program has a $25 enrollment fee. However, you may access the lesson for free if you register a Medela Pump on their website!

The good news is that you almost surely qualify for a free, high-quality pump if you have health insurance. One of the main reasons I suggest expecting mothers get their breast pumps before their baby is born is because of advantages like these.

4. Breastfeeding exclusively

The woman who enjoys planning ahead can benefit from the Simply Breastfeeding course. A mother who invests in this course wants to have all the tools necessary to successfully navigate the art and magic of nursing. Additionally, this new mother doesn’t want to wait until she is exhausted and anxious before acquiring the greatest and most dependable nursing instruments and procedures.

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5. Milkology

Ultimate Exclusive Class for Pumping and Breastfeeding. One of the most well-liked and affordable online nursing courses is Stacey’s Ultimate nursing Class. More mothers than any other I’m aware of have signed up for this online breastfeeding lesson. In actuality, this is the very first and most well-liked online nursing course offered by Milkology.

For mothers who want a visually appealing and informative introduction to nursing, check out this all-video online class. If you’re that mama, this course is also a terrific place to start learning about how to have the healthiest breastfeeding relationship with your new child. Above all, there are interesting graphs, visuals, and voice-over audio lessons.

6. Breastfeeding LInk

A well-known source of online nursing classes is Lactation Link. They offer a ton of excellent prenatal courses available in their network. This course should be taken by expectant mothers as a prenatal introduction to breastfeeding. Because every mother enrolling in this course must be looking for a well-produced course that gives her all the knowledge she needs to boost her confidence when breastfeeding.

It’s also important to note that this is the most expensive nursing program we’ve shown you so far. On the other hand, when it comes to providing the greatest online breastfeeding education, Lactation Link is still on top of its game.

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7. Breastfeeding Confidential

Breastfeeding Confidential’s blog, written by RN and IBCLC Andrea Tran, is an excellent resource for breastfeeding mothers.

Additionally, subscribers have access to a free resource library including a free e-book, printable feeding logs, pumping checklists, a recipe booklet for making extra milk, and more! In addition, Andrea is the author of “Breastfeed Like a Boss: 52 Tips for Breastfeeding the First Year.” Click here to read more.

8. Kindle Unlimited 

Reading books is still, in my opinion, a great way to learn about a subject. I also know how to get them for nothing! Start a free 30-day Kindle Unlimited trial to have unlimited access to books, including well-known books for nurses like:

  • Dr. Jack Newman’s Latch on Breastfeeding by Robin Kaplan
  • Becca Maberly is the author of the book Nobody Tells You: Amanda Frey’s Breastfeeding Handbook.

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9. First Latch

FirstLatch.Net is a website that specializes on providing lactation and breastfeeding education, especially for those who support breastfeeding (such nurses). However, they do offer parents a free online breastfeeding class. Hospitals can benefit from FirstLatch’s online training if they want to become certified as Baby-Friendly Hospitals.

How to immediately begin nursing, how to avoid and resolve common breastfeeding problems, and what family and friends should know to support breastfeeding mothers are all covered in this three-part video training course.

10. Breastfeeding Housecalls

An online pregnant breastfeeding course is available for free from this Texas lactation clinic. The specifics of how the lactating breast functions and how to control nursing are covered in this course.

If you’re here, you undoubtedly have more questions about nursing than answers. If so, you’ve come to the right place for assistance in making sense of everything you’ve read, heard, and pondered!

You are welcome to look around the website, get to know the authors, read their breastfeeding blogs, find out about tongue ties and pumping, and even enroll in our free online pregnant breastfeeding class!.

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11. Office on Women’s Health

You may print or download this straightforward nursing guide in PDF format right to your iPad, eReader, or smartphone. A wide range of topics are covered in the breastfeeding resource films, including how to breastfeed successfully, maintaining good health and eating habits, and fatherly duty, to name a few.

Therefore, the US Office of Women’s Health offers a multitude of free resources for pregnant women, such as a free guide to breastfeeding and video trainings.

12. Cindy & Jana

With over 20 years of combined experience as lactation consultants, Cindy and Jana have a fantastic website with helpful breastfeeding advice. This free training is provided by Cindy and Jana of Simply Breastfeeding as an introduction to their signature breastfeeding session.

A complimentary ebook and a free preview video lesson on the best breastfeeding positions are offered along with their $40 flagship online breastfeeding course.It comprises of three quick video lectures, each lasting approximately 30 minutes, and covering a few trending topics in breastfeeding as well as some helpful advice.

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13. Stanford Medicine

There are numerous free breastfeeding video tutorials and informational handouts available on the Stanford Medicine website. After I gave birth to my first kid in the hospital, my lactation consultant pointed me toward them as one of the first options.

  • Getting Ready to Successfully Breastfeed
  • Nursing throughout the first hour
  • Breastmilk Storage and Shipping, Hand Expressing Milk, and More with a Perfect Latch!

14. Minnesota Momma 

If you’re a busy mom who wants to learn everything there is to know about breastfeeding, this is a great place to start.

If you’re unfamiliar with breastfeeding or simply want a refresher, enroll in my FREE 6-day breastfeeding crash course! You’ll quickly feel at ease and confident, I promise.

What we’ll talk about is as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Breastfeeding
  • Benefits of Breastfeeding Obstacles
  • Solutions in Breastfeeding Positions Breastfeeding
  • Information Tips for Breastfeeding
  • New website subscribers can sign up for a free 6-day breastfeeding crash course from Minnesota Momma blogger Jen, an RN.

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15. This Little Nest 

You may learn how to nurse like a pro by enrolling in Toni’s free breastfeeding email course, “Breastfeeding 101,” which she offers as a writer for This Little Nest and a mother of three. Another free course that is really good for beginners looking for advice is this one.

FAQs on Best Free Online Breastfeeding Classes

Does Insurance Cover Online Breastfeeding Classes?

In-person breastfeeding classes are frequently covered by insurance providers, but it's not clear if the same is true with online courses. Although they are still a new option, they are growing in popularity.

In some circumstances, you can be eligible for reimbursement through your health spending account (HSA). In any case, you should check with your personal insurance provider to see if your policy fully or partially covers the costs.

How Much Does the Online Breastfeeding Classes Cost?

Classes range in price, with some costing under $10 and others exceeding $40. Even though many online courses charge a price, they may be considerably less expensive than in-person seminars, which are usually more expensive (costing anywhere from $60 to $200).

When Should You Start Using Online Breastfeeding Classes?

In general, it's not a good idea to wait until after the baby is born to enroll in a class; you won't have the time or energy to do it. According to Lamaze International, the best time to take a breastfeeding class is during your third trimester. If you wait until after your child is delivered, the knowledge may not be fresh enough in your mind to recall. If it makes you feel better, aim for the end of your second trimester if you're afraid of going into labor

What Is the Purpose of an Online Breastfeeding Class?

How to increase and protect your milk production

Breastfeeding positions, when to use them, and guidelines for doing so

The telltale indicators that your kid is getting enough milk and how to determine this

Two typical breastfeeding problems are tongue ties and weak latches.

Treatment is provided for common medical conditions such mastitis, thrush, and plugged ducts.

proper calorie intake and nourishment when breast-feeding.

breastfeeding in a safe setting (e.g., sharing a bed, co-sleeping, taking medicine)

Breast pumps can be utilized either as a primary or secondary source of milk.

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