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10 Colleges for Free Online Associate Degrees

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In this article, We have reviewed everything you need to know about free online associate degrees and the best sites to acquire a free online associate degree, even if you opt for a six-month associate degree.

Free Online Associate Degrees are superior to traditional degrees in various ways. Not only are these apps free, but they are also more popular. This is owing to the high quality of the majority of online programs and the number of online-only resources.

In addition, by enrolling in self-paced programs, online students can finish their degrees at their own leisure. It is advantageous to be able to locate and access degree programs whenever it is most convenient for you.

When utilized properly, online learning can deliver a first-rate education without the expense or difficulty of face-to-face instruction.

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Free Online Associate Degrees have traditionally been perceived as “easier to earn” than bachelor’s degree programs. Associate degree programs are intended for “intermediate workers” who need more education than a high school diploma but less than a bachelor’s.

In essence, a Free Online Associate Degrees focuses on the subject’s foundations. It provides students with the opportunity to study the fundamentals and the flexibility to utilize these credits toward a bachelor’s degree or enter the workforce directly. Community institutions, as well as public and private universities and colleges, frequently provide programs leading to an associate degree. Due to the lower cost, many students prefer to obtain an associate degree at a community college.

In general, a Free Online Associate Degrees can be earned in two years and is less expensive than a bachelor’s degree. Many of the easiest online associates degree programs also make it quick and easy for its graduates to find gainful employment through career services. Not only can you earn an associate degree in less time and for less money than a bachelor’s degree, but you can also obtain a well-paying job faster!

Choosing the Right School for a Free Online Associate Degrees

Several considerations must be taken into account when comparing online associate’s degree programs offered by different schools.

Courses Available

Make sure the institution you choose permits you to complete the entire program online, as some colleges may claim an online curriculum yet demand campus attendance (such as exams or traditional classes). Remember that certain programs (such as nursing) require face-to-face components (like clinical practice hours).

Variety of Programs

Keep in mind that certain programs are designed to transfer into a four-year degree, while others prepare you for a profession upon completion. Associate of Arts degrees and degrees in general studies are transferable to the majority of four-year programs, although associate’s degrees in science and applied science are often more specialized and transfer better to four-year programs in the same subject area.

Careers and Income

Consider the entry-level earnings applicable to the available fields of study if you wish to enter the workforce after obtaining your associate’s degree. If you are interested in healthcare, for instance, there are a variety of careers with variable starting incomes accessible to graduates of associate’s degree programs. We will examine these in more depth below.


Numerous online courses include asynchronous class components and assignments, allowing students to log in and finish their work at their convenience. However, certain courses do include synchronous components, such as planned tests and live video conversations. Ask your schools if synchronous classes are required.

Why Get a Free Online Associate Degrees?

Associate degrees equip students for a variety of professions and bachelor’s degree programs. As of 2020, the average yearly wage for associate degree holders is $46,120. This is over $7,000 higher than the average annual earnings for high school graduates. Those with an associate degree who get a bachelor’s degree earn a median yearly salary of $64,900.

What Different Types of Associate's Degree Are Available?

Free Online Associate Degrees programs allow students to maintain full-time employment while attending school. Participants can train for a better job while continuing to work.

Why Accreditation Matters for Free Online Associate Degrees

Accrediting bodies establish quality standards that schools must achieve to gain accreditation. Accreditation not only signifies that a school has been evaluated and recognized to provide a quality education, but it is also required if you intend to use government financial aid.

There are two types of accreditation available to schools: national and regional. Accreditation at the national level impacts schools across the United States, whereas regional accreditation affects schools within certain regions. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, for instance, accredits schools in eleven southeastern states.

Despite the fact that both types of institutional certification reflect quality criteria, there are significant distinctions between them.

  • Transfer Credits – Credits obtained at regionally accredited institutions may be transferred to any accredited institution, whereas credits earned at nationally accredited institutions may only be transferred to other nationally accredited institutions.
  • Regional accreditation often entails higher quality criteria and is seen as more prestigious than national certification due to the fact that it applies solely to a certain region of the United States.
  • Admissions Nationally accredited colleges typically have looser admissions rules than regionally accredited schools, which are frequently more selective.

What are the advantages of earning a Free Online Associate Degrees?

There are various benefits to completing a Free Online Associate Degrees.

Due to its flexibility, completing a Free Online Associate Degrees has various advantages for novices. This is especially true if you enroll in non-scheduled self-paced courses. You can instead complete the course material independently and at your own leisure.

Associates Degree Forum | Plexuss

This involves a great level of self-discipline, but is suitable for students with jobs, other responsibilities, or children to care for.

Free online associate degrees have clear financial benefits, especially for low-income students who may be able to pay college.

In addition, graduating from college debt-free and with a degree permits students to enter the workforce without having to worry about financing their education.

List of the best places to get a free online associate degree 

Here are some colleges where potential students can earn a Free Online Associate Degrees:

  • University of the People
  • Bucks County Community College
  • College of the Ozarks
  • Carl Albert State College
  • Amarillo College
  • University of North Carolina
  • Williamson College of the Trades
  • School of Business and Trade
  • IICSE University
  • Atlanta Technical College

10 colleges to find free online associates degree

1. University of the People

University of the People | University Info | 18 Online Courses in English -

The University of the People focuses on providing Free Online Associate Degrees programs and offers an associate degree online for free.

Due to its tuition-free model and online bachelor’s degrees in business administration, computer science, and health science, as well as associate’s and master’s degrees, the institution ranks first on our list of free online colleges. To sustain the tuition-free paradigm, there are no fees associated with teaching and instruction.

2. Bucks County Community CollegeBucks County Community College Reviews | GradReports

Through its comprehensive financial aid and scholarship offerings, Bucks Community College gives students several opportunities to get a free online associate degree.

Students who complete the free federal student aid application may be eligible for enough funding from the federal and state governments to cover their tuition and textbook costs.

Students may also apply for and receive local and institutional funds from Bucks Community College and a range of community partners. The majority of these funding solutions are determined by monetary requirements.

3. College of the OzarksCollege of the Ozarks students participate in summer internships

The College of the Ozarks is one of the best Free Online Associate Degrees-granting institutions on our list. Scholarships, grants, and several work-study programs, in addition to the school’s substantial endowment, enable full-time students to graduate debt-free.

In addition, as part of the institution’s debt-free purpose, students work on-campus at college-provided positions, although neither the student nor the college receives payment (the college). On the other hand, students receive payment in the form of free tuition.

4. Carl Albert State CollegeRoney becomes CASC's first wrestling signee with four-year program | |

Carl Albert State College is one of our top suggestions for a complimentary Free Online Associate Degrees. A range of scholarship programs and a robust financial aid system result in tuition that is low-cost or even free.

Students receive a great deal of assistance, and military students also benefit from Carl Albert’s financial aid grants. Online academic programs consist of, to name a few, associate degrees in business administration, child development, history and political science, and pre-law.

5. Amarillo College

When a College Takes on American Poverty - The Atlantic

Students can earn Free Online Associate Degrees at Amarillo College through a number of financial aid and scholarship programs. The university boasts a robust online degree program that offers degrees fully online with no on-campus attendance requirements.

Among the degrees offered are business administration, criminal justice, secondary education, mortuary science, and radiation treatment.

These credentials can be used to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program or to obtain employment. Complete the financial aid application to be eligible for free tuition and books, as well as the Amarillo College Foundation’s universal application to be considered for one of more than 700 scholarship and support programs.

6.University of North Carolina

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The University of North Carolina system consists of numerous campuses, with the Chapel Hill campus offering undergraduate students online and tuition-free choices. The Covenant Program at UNC gives a debt-free education to low-income students.

This initiative ensures that first-year and transfer students with financial need will graduate without debt. There are various scholarships and grants to help students avoid taking out loans and graduating with a substantial amount of debt.

These grants require recipients to agree to engage in work-study and summer school programs. The University of North Carolina offers many Free Online Associate Degrees programs.

7. Williamson College of the Trades

Williamson College of the Trades Provides a Path to Good Jobs.

At Williamson College of the Trades, all accepted students get full tuition and book scholarships. Students are responsible for entrance fees, charges for personal items, and annual breakage fees, but college attendance is generally free.

The majority of online courses and programs offered by Williamson College lead to associate degrees in trade fields. Among the various trade programs are construction technology, horticulture and grass management, machine tool technology, paint and coatings technology, and power plant technology.

8. School of Business and TradeProgrammes | School of Business and Trade

The School of Business and Trade was created in January 2011 to encourage education without restrictions and regardless of background.

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “Everyone has the right to education, and it shall be equally accessible to everyone.” SoBaT currently offers a variety of tuition-free programs to anybody interested in continuing higher education.

9. IICSE University IICSE University - Wilmington, Delaware, United States | Professional  Profile | LinkedIn

IICSE University is a tuition-free online distance learning institution committed to fostering the leaders of tomorrow. All of our programs are intended to address the concerns of today. IICSE degrees are applicable and innovative.

Internet-connected computers, smartphones, and tablets allow students from all over the world to access online classes. The IICSE degree can be earned at your own pace and on your own timetable.

10. Atlanta Technical CollegeAtlanta Technical College – SaportaReport

Students seeking a free online associate’s degree have a number of possibilities at Atlanta Technical College. Students may be eligible for a range of federal, state, and institutional need-based grants and scholarships.

Numerous need-based programs are available, including the Georgia Hope Scholarship program, the Phoenix Patriot Foundation Veterans scholarship, the United Way of Greater Atlanta scholarship, and many others.

Students can utilize these funds to pay for a variety of online degrees that will prepare them for further study at a four-year college or for employment.

Financial Aid for Free Online Associate Degrees Programs

Students enrolled in Free Online Associate Degrees programs have access to a variety of financial aid options, including loans, scholarships, and work-study programs. Students interested in financial help must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (FAFSA). Even after submitting the FAFSA, students can add schools to have their results sent directly to those institutions.


Scholarships are available to students from a variety of sources, including schools, state websites, and CareerOneStop (provided by the U.S. Department of Labor). Below is a list of some of the available scholarships for online associate’s degree students.

  • $1,000 A Portrait of You – This scholarship gives $1,000 each month to exceptional students depending on the quality of their developed profile.
  • National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation – Each year, students enrolled in programs connected to the restaurant sector (such as hospitality) are awarded merit-based scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.
  • The Susan G. Komen for the Cure College Scholarship Awards provide $5,000 to excellent students pursuing an associate’s degree whose parent passed away from breast cancer.
  • Scholarship Essay Contest – Students have the opportunity to win between $1,000 and $3,000 by producing an exceptional essay in response to the essay topic.
  • Technology – Students Scholarship Program – Full-time students may earn one of two $3,000 scholarships by responding to an essay question with an essay.
  • American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Foundation Academic Scholarships – Students enrolling in occupational safety programs, such as engineering and risk management, are eligible to receive one of approximately a hundred $1,000 to $15,000 scholarships.


Work-study programs are government-funded and require students to work part-time while attending school. Depending on availability, students may be able to work in a number of positions and earn a portion of their school fees.

Student Loans

Private and government lenders offer student loans, however private lenders should be used only as a last resort. The government offers loans with flexible payback terms and interest rates established at the national level. There are two types of federal loans: subsidized and unsubsidized. The government pays the interest on subsidized loans while students are in school, but students are responsible for the interest on unsubsidized loans.

Loan Forgiveness

The federal government grants loan forgiveness to eligible students who make monthly payments for a set number of years while working. Teachers who teach in qualified schools are eligible for loan cancellation after five years, and those who work in qualifying public service professions are eligible for loan forgiveness after ten years.

FAQ About Free Online Associate Degrees

What distinguishes an associate degree from a bachelor’s degree?

Two years are required to earn an associate’s degree, which imparts general knowledge in one field. A bachelor’s degree requires around four years to complete and imparts more specific information.

What occupations am I qualified for with an associate degree?

Associate degree holders have access to a variety of entry-level positions. They may function as administrative assistants, bookkeepers, or customer care agents. Typically, a bachelor’s degree is needed for more advanced employment.

Can an associate degree be earned online?

Numerous universities offer associate degrees online. Some applications are totally web-based. Others, such nursing, may contain in-person components.


The availability of Free Online Associate Degrees is among the greatest advantages of technology. However, some universities may provide inferior programs in terms of cost, quality, or even convenience. Although the institutions featured here are free, they are in many respects undoubtedly superior.
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