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7+ Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate Schools

Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate: Let’s say you were looking for strategies to obtain honorary doctorate degrees for free. In such case, we’ll let you know about a number of universities in this post that are currently bestowing free honorary doctorate degree certificates and we’ll draw your attention to them.

Honorary degree certificates are given to people in honour of their life experiences, charity, or significant contributions to the educational system rather than necessarily their academic accomplishments.

The entire list of available free honorary doctorate degree certificates will be covered in this article.

For more information on honorary doctorates, keep reading!

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What Does An Honorary Doctorate Degree Certification Mean?

Honorary doctorate degrees are frequently awarded to people who have significantly contributed to the growth of a certain discipline or the expansion of its curriculum.

Bear in mind that this degree is an honorary one that is awarded in recognition of remarkable contribution to the university rather than on the basis of academic achievement.

An organization may award an honorary doctorate degree to someone in recognition of their great contributions to the organization, whether those contributions were monetary or of another form.

In some cases, a person who is not necessarily an alumnus of the university may be granted one of the free honorary doctorate degree certificates in recognition of their generosity and charitable deeds towards the area where the institution is located.

The person’s charitable deeds may be one of the explanations for this recognition.

The title “Dr.” shall be bestowed upon recipients of any of the free honorary doctorate degrees in the same manner as it is done for those who have successfully completed the necessary academic criteria.

This is due to the uniform criteria used to award all PhD degrees.

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Why Do Certain Individuals Get Free Certificates of Honorary Doctorates?

A common reason for giving the degree is to honor and recognize a distinguished visitor for the important achievements they have made to their field of study or to society as a whole.

Sometimes it is advised to mention these degrees in the awards section of one’s curriculum vitae (CV) rather than the education section.

This is due to the fact that certain employers value awards more highly than schooling.

Should one anticipate the same level of scholarly rigor from an honorary doctorate as one would from a regular degree?

No, honorary doctorates do not have the same status as traditional doctorates in the academic community.

Honorary doctorates are given in place of academic degrees to acknowledge an individual’s body of work over their career or their significant contributions to an area or subject of study.

An honorary doctorate can be given to anyone, and recipients do not need to have attended the university that gave the degree in order to be eligible.

List of Institutions Offering Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate

1. Prowess University

free honorary doctorate degree certificate
free honorary doctorate degree certificate

An honorary doctorate, the highest accolade bestowed by the Prowess University System, is given to people who have made outstanding contributions to their professions.

An honorary degree is given to a person in recognition of a noteworthy accomplishment that has significantly advanced knowledge and society.

Before a candidate for an honorary doctorate at Prowess University is even evaluated, a number of conditions must be met. If they are successful, numerous doctorates could be awarded to them.

The honorary doctorates awarded by Prowess University are not earned via academic success; rather, the winners are chosen based on their lifetime achievements or acts of generosity and selflessness that have benefited their community, country, or mankind as a whole.


2. Queens College

free honorary doctorate degree certificate
free honorary doctorate degree certificate

One of the universities that provides free certificates for honorary doctorates is Queens College.

At Queens College, honorary degrees such as the Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) and Doctor of Sacred Letters (D.S.L.

An honorary degree at Queens College is often conferred more than once throughout the academic year; however, in exceptional and uncommon situations, more than one honorary degree may be conferred, and on occasion, none at all.

Nomination forms are typically presented at the Queens College Corporation’s Fall Meeting.

The meeting is where the convocation award is decided upon.


3. Berkshire University

The next university on our list that provides these degrees for free is Berkshire University, which offers honorary doctorate degrees.

Berkshire University offers free honorary doctorate degrees to those who have made substantial contributions to the university or who have achieved significant success in particular subjects.


4. Evangelical Christian University of America,

The Evangelical Christian University of America is one of the organizations that grants free honorary doctorates.

Candidates must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • When it is possible, applicants are required to provide their resumes and passport photos.
  • Each of the candidate’s three (3) letters of recommendation must be written by a person who has known them for at least five years.
  • The person who will write this recommendation for the candidate needs to be related to them in some way, either professionally or spiritually.
  • The letters of recommendation must be at least one page long and contain the author’s name, address, and contact information.


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5. Open University International

One of the universities that provides free certificates for honorary doctorates is Open University International.

This institution offers free honorary doctorate degrees that are acknowledged around the world.

These degrees are available from the institution for those who desire to pursue doctoral degrees but do not want to first get a master’s degree.

They allow you to accomplish more in your lifetime because they are the quickest, simplest, and least expensive (sometimes free) way to get an honorary degree certificate.


6. Bethlehem University

At Bethlehem University, recipients of honorary doctorates are given a diploma in addition to a citation and an imposition from the school.

Any Bethlehem University professor or staff member, member of the International Board of Regents, Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, alumni, and friends may submit a written nomination to the Vice-Chancellor for consideration to earn a complimentary honorary doctorate from Bethlehem University.

Nominations may also come from university friends and alums.


7. University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin system offers free honorary doctorate degrees to individuals who have made remarkable contributions to society, knowledge and academia, or cultural affairs and who share the values of the institution.

The university’s online site is the only place to apply for these degrees.


8. Newport University

One of the universities that provides free certificates for honorary doctorates is Newport University.

They believe that many powerful individuals who have aided the nation’s social, scientific, and educational advancements as well as economic prosperity deserve honorary degrees.

The educational institution, with the recipient’s agreement, maintains a thorough and permanent record of each honorary degree granted and immediately answers to inquiries from those requesting confirmation of the degrees.


9. Grace Bible University

For people who are interested in getting an honorary doctorate from Grace Bible University online, the following information is a guide:

The candidate must be deserving of such a distinction and must have significantly advanced the gospel and served humanity for more than twenty years in order to be considered for this honor.


What are the most Important Differences Between a Regular Professor and an Honorary Professor?

A person who has worked to attain the title of “professor” by scholarly accomplishments is referred to as a professor.

Yet, in terms of honorary doctorates, the individual may have been granted one based on a number of potential professional accomplishments or services.

These achievements or contributions don’t have to be strictly academic or based on time spent giving lectures at the university in the past.

Is it Possible for you to Include Honorary Degrees on your Resume?

The titles “honorary degree” and “honorary doctorate” are allowed to use outside of an academic institution.

It is recommended to mention an honorary degree under “honors and awards” rather than “education” when including it on a curriculum vitae or resume.

free honorary doctorate degree certificate
free honorary doctorate degree certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages do honorary doctorates have?

An honorary degree can be used to boost one's ego and status. Honorary degrees are very useful in the workplace.

Is an honorary doctorate a degree from a university?

No, honorary degrees are not equivalent to ordinary Ph.D.s in the academic world. Celebrities and other notables are awarded honorary doctorates, but the academic world does not take these degrees seriously.

What value does an honorary doctorate have?

Universities award honorary degrees to deserving individuals to recognize their significant contributions to society or their achievements in a particular field.

Are honorary degrees still considered degrees?

First off, recipients of honorary degrees are not needed to attend colleges or institutions, enroll in any courses, or otherwise pursue a degree (such as writing a dissertation). Instead, without having to complete any curriculum, students receive a diploma as acknowledgement.


All of the free honorary doctorate degrees offered online are accredited.

The educational institutes mentioned above also provide valuable honorary degrees.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you receive a special invitation in the future even if you don’t apply if you have a significant impact on a certain field or have made significant financial contributions to academic institutions.



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