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Free Early Childhood Education Online Classes 2023

World Scholarship Vault is bringing to you the Free Early Childhood Education Online Classes in 2022. A career dealing with young children—in this example, babies to 8-year-olds—typically begins with earning a degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE). ECE workers have a wide range of job options, including working for public and private pre-kindergarten programs, daycare facilities, and child care resource and education organizations. ECE specialists are also employable as teacher’s assistants.

For college students who appreciate working with young children, ECE is a desirable career path. The perfect ECE expert possesses a broad range of abilities; they can be both creative and conventional, analytical and artistic, patient and in charge. ECE professionals need to have a solid understanding of the early childhood developmental phases since educating small children requires a different approach than teaching older children.

What is Early Childhood Education?

The National Association for the Education of Young Children defines early childhood education (ECE) as the time of learning that occurs from birth to age eight. a New Window will open. The term “preschool” or “Pre-K” is most frequently used in the context of education to describe the years when children are educated between birth and kindergarten age. Formal and informal educational experiences are considered essential to a child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional development during these formative years of infancy and toddlerhood.

Little ones have the chance to study, explore, and play in a supportive, safe setting outside of the home thanks to early childhood education. Children are encouraged to explore a variety of topics in ECE classes, including nature, art, letters, numbers, sounds, and colors, all the while cultivating their curiosity and strengthening their fundamental motor skills.

Free Early Childhood Education Online Classes 2022:

The Free Early Childhood Education Online Classes available are;

Child Development by ClassCentral:

In the early years, you will get to understand the world of children. Although there are some very consistent trends in child development, each child is different, has their own potential, and learns differently from their peers.

You will gain insight into how to support infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers throughout this crucial time of life by covering a variety of elements of child development and learning.

What will I discover in this Early Childhood Education Online Course?

  • The stages of a child’s growth from birth to age five, as well as some significant milestones
  • The several areas in which children develop and the ways in which caregivers can encourage each domain’s development
  • Australian and worldwide laws and regulations that govern child care and education
  • The framework of belonging, being, and becoming for analyzing children’s developmental requirements
  • How children’s brains grow and how interactions with caregivers play a key role in this development
  • The value of play for children’s learning and development
  • The importance of the ideas of attachment and reciprocity in early childhood education
  • Why risk-taking is crucial for kids’ learning and development
  • Guidance for toddlers’ behavior that is constructive
  • The amount of study time needed for this course ranges from 2 to 4 hours each week, however it can change depending on the student. Observing films and completing tests and assessments are included.

A Certificate of Achievement will be given to you if you successfully complete this course. Although this certificate isn’t an official credential or credit, you can use it to show prospective employers or academic institutions that you’re interested in studying more about this subject.

Benefits of this Early Childhood Education?
Here are some possible occupations you may pursue if you’re wondering what your future in this field might hold.

  • Instructor of young children
  • Coordinator for child care
  • Employee in child care
  • Syllabus

Syllabus of ClassCentral Early Childhood Education:

  • THE WORLD OF THE CHILD in Module 1


Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Development by SDG Academy: The Best Start in Life.

About this Early Childhood Education course:
What characteristics characterize a successful early childhood care program? At age 3, how has a child’s brain changed? How does nutrition affect a child’s future health into adulthood?

“The Best Start in Life: Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Development” has the answers to these and other issues. We’ll examine how research from the fields of neuroscience, sociology, anthropology, and other disciplines has influenced our understanding of early childhood development with the help of top experts in the field, including those from Harvard University, New York University, and UNICEF, among other institutions.

Eligibility of the Early Childhood Education Online Course:

  • Graduate students and advanced undergraduates interested in the fundamental ideas and procedures of early childhood development in the domains of international development, education, nursing, medicine, and other related fields.
  • Teachers, medical personnel, and other professionals with an interest in the social and biological aspects affecting the kids they work with
  • Practitioners of sustainable development, such as those working for international relief agencies and nonprofits in the areas of poverty, nutrition, and education, who seek to comprehend the lifecycle of needs and support required to assist children globally
  • Languages in the video transcripts include English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Yiddish.

Courses to Take in the Early Childhood Education Course:

  • All About the Brain: How Children’s Development is Affected by Neurological Makeup
  • The relationship between child care, education, and other programs and laws at the federal level and elsewhere
  • Case studies: How elements like forced migration affect the future of a child


Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care’s preschool learning standards:

The goal of this course is to provide early childhood education professionals with the knowledge and abilities to teach each subject area in accordance with the state requirements for preschool education or the preschool learning guidelines. The preschool learning experiences course includes a module that breaks down each component of the standard and provides examples of how to teach it as part of an integrated curriculum.

Students will learn about the elements of each subject area, including mathematics, English language arts, science and technology/engineering, the arts, health education, and history and social science, through presentations, online resources, readings, and assignments. The content of the Early Childhood Program Standards and how to apply them in everyday practice will be covered in the final module.

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care provided ARRA funding for the creation of this course.

Goals of the Course:

  • Give an explanation of each standard and how to teach it to preschoolers.
    Create units and lesson plans to teach different academic and social skills throughout the preschool day.
  • Identify each student’s unique learning experiences in relation to a certain curriculum area in a lesson plan, video, or classroom setting.
  • In a classroom, instruct the rules and assess the success of your instruction.

Specialization Areas:

  • The core competencies of observing and assessing as well as learning environments and curriculum implementation will be covered in this session.
  • Participants will also discover how math typically develops.


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