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10 Free boarding schools for troubled teens and youth

10 Free boarding schools for troubled teens and youth!

Free boarding schools for troubled teens. Youth inevitably encounter some difficulties at various points in their lives. Peer pressure, bullying, drug addiction, despair, anxiety, and many more issues are included in this list. While some young people can handle these issues correctly and overcome them, others might not. As a result, troubled youth boarding schools have been developed to assist parents in caring for these challenging kids once they are enrolled there. Some claim that as people become older, these difficulties vanish. This is true, but it might not be totally accurate. It is a better idea to enroll teenagers who are struggling in a school where they will receive training and counseling from professionals in the field.

Throughout this post, we will examine the numerous free boarding schools for problematic adolescents that are accessible. There are no fees associated with enrollment. As we travel together, I implore you to stay close to me

Free boarding schools for troubled teens and youth

The different free boarding schools for problematic adolescents are listed below. To assist adolescents and teens with various issues, these schools offer therapeutic programs, educational programs, behavioral treatment, counseling, and many more services.

For you to fully understand the schools, I will list and describe each one. It is also crucial to point out that our information was obtained after extensive investigation into the subject on websites like World Scholar Hub and those of various particular schools.

  • New Lifehouse Academy
  • The Seed School of Washington
  • Lakeland Grace Academy
  • Milton Hershey School
  • Eagle Rock School
  • The Seed School of Washington
  • Lakeland Grace Academy
  • Milton Hershey School
  • Eagle Rock School
  • Cal Farley’s Boys Branch
  1. Cookson Hills

The Cookson Hills is the first option on our list of free boarding schools for troubled teens. This Kansas, Oklahoma-based facility promises to offer counseling services for troubled adolescents using a traditional Christian curriculum.

Churches, people, and organizations that care about the youth’s future support the school. For entry into Cookson Hills, students must be between the ages of 5 and 17. It’s also vital to remember that although there is no tuition at the school, parents must pay $100 for security and $100 for counseling.

Free boarding schools for teens
Free boarding schools for teens

2. Future Men

Future Men is the next institution on our list. This school provides standard and high-quality educational programs, therapy sessions, and counseling for troubled youth using a Christian educational curriculum.

The school strives to both assist its students in achieving their life goals and mold them into better people who will contribute to the advancement of the nation and society at large. The entry age range for future guys is between 15-20 years.

It’s vital to remember that this institution only accepts guys and charges either very little or no tuition.

3. Vision Boys Academy

Another free boarding school for troubled youth is Vision Boys Academy. It is in the Missouri town of Sarcoxie. It is a Christian boarding school with the goal of helping kids who are struggling with depression, emotional problems, rebellion, etc. to get through these difficulties. The school teaches students about the detrimental effects of peer pressure, internet addiction, and other issues while also assisting them in developing effective communication skills.

4. Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch

One of the free tuition boarding institutions for troubled adolescents is Cal Farley’s Boys Branch. It gives students access to a comfortable setting for training, counseling, and therapy sessions. This American Christian boarding school is privately run and is situated in Texas.

The school’s mission is to assist teenagers and young adults who have endured difficult pasts in moving past them and building a better future. It is a tuition-free school, but parents are still responsible for paying for their children’s transportation and medical care.

5. Agape Boarding School

Agape Boarding School is another boarding school for troubled youth. It is located in Missouri, USA, and concentrates on assisting students in bettering their academic performance, spiritual development, way of life, and many other areas. Between the ages of nine and twelve, applicants are taken into consideration.

In addition to the excellent educational and grooming services provided by the school without charge, scholarships are also offered to deserving students.

Free boarding schools for teens
Free boarding schools for teens

6. New Lifehouse Academy

Oklahoma is where New Lifehouse Academy is situated. In addition to offering counseling, mentorships, religious instruction, educational programs, therapy sessions, and many other services, it was founded to lend a helping hand to troubled teen girls.

Admission to New Lifehouse Academy is open to students between the ages of 14 and 17, and while there is no tuition charge, parents are still expected to contribute around $2500.

7. The Seed School of Washington

Through traditional educational programs and top-notch coaching, The Seed School of Washington aims to prepare or assist the kids in improving their academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Since the school is in Washington, DC, all applicants must be citizens of the nation before submitting an application.

The Seed School of Washington operates on a five-day boarding schedule, allowing students to spend weekends with their families before returning on Sunday evenings.

8. Lakeland Grace Academy

One of the free boarding schools for troubled adolescents is Lakeland Grace Academy. As it attempts to assist them in overcoming problems including depression, drug misuse, rebellion, rage, low self-esteem, academic failures, and many others, the school is meant to cater to troubled teen ladies.

It is situated in Lakeland, Florida, and accepts students between the ages of 11 and 17 for admission. In comparison to other boarding institutions, the tuition is very affordable, and there are financial aid options including loans and scholarships available.

9. Milton Hershey School

A free residential school for at-risk adolescents, Milton Hershey School is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Students who have financial difficulties can attend the school for free. Counseling and mentoring troubled adolescents on how to deal with their problems is also helpful. More than 2,000 pupils attend the school, and they occasionally go on outings and engage in other relevant activities.

10. Eagle Rock School

Another free boarding school for young people with behavioral issues is Eagle Rock School. The American Honda Education Corporation is in charge of its management, and it is situated in Estes Park, Colorado, in the United States.

It is a nonprofit organization with the mission of assisting disturbed teenagers in overcoming obstacles and paving the way for a better future. Despite the fact that the school is free, students are nonetheless responsible for their travel costs.

FAQS on Free boarding schools for troubled teens and youth

Are there any free boarding schools in the US?

The SEED School of Washington, D.C. is the nation's first, public, college-preparatory, tuition-free boarding school. Their five-day boarding program requires that enrolled students arrive on Sunday evenings for check-in and check out on Friday afternoons for the weekend.

Do free schools still exist?

All state schools receive funding through their local authority or directly from the government. But there are different types of state school – these include free schools, which account for a significant number of the new schools being built and opened around the country.

What age is best for boarding school?

What age is best for boarding school? It all depends on when your child is ready, but here in the U.S., the most common entry points for boarding school are 9th and 10th grades, so students are between the ages of 14 and 16. Many schools offer the option of a post-graduate year for 18 or 19-year-olds.

What country has free school?

Germany: offers free tuition for citizens as well as international students. Greece: offers free tuition for citizens as well as international students; however, all classes are taught in Greek. Iceland: offers free tuition for citizens as well as international students. Kenya: offers free tuition for citizens.

Do students sleep at boarding school?

What is the morning schedule like for a boarding student? Like most teenagers, boarding students prize their sleep! Boarders usually wake up between 7:00 – 8:00 am, take a quick shower, eat breakfast in McCune Dining Hall if they wish, and then head off for their first period classes by 8:15 am.


Whether or whether a boarding school has a particular concentration, all students who enroll can take advantage of a number of advantages. Smaller class sizes enable professors to interact with students more personally, ensuring that each student is given challenges that will help them advance academically. Teachers and staff have the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom during teachable moments as they arise since they live with children. This gives them a chance for a more thorough development based on the immediate, practical application of what they are learning.

Boarding school kids are given a safe and secure setting that permits them a certain amount of restricted independence that fosters self-reliance. As students balance their social relationships, academic demands, and personal responsibilities—a development that is exclusive to the boarding school experience—they are laying the groundwork for a successful transition into adulthood. Eighty percent of boarding school students said they felt well-prepared for both the academic and extracurricular aspects of college life.

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