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10 Forensic Science Online Courses Free With Certificate

Forensic Science Online Courses Free With Certificate!

Are you an inquisitive person who enjoys searching for minute details and resolving obscure puzzles? A forensic career is the best option for you, and you can study it and obtain a certificate from the comfort of your own home and at your own tempo by subscribing to the free online courses in forensic science that come with a Certificate.

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As a forensic scientist, you are bound to have a good time, as your services will aid law enforcement officers in answering the question “Exactly what has happened?” Moreover, “who is responsible?”

Free Forensic Science Online Courses with varying levels of difficulty are available online. Numerous free online courses may be of interest to aspiring forensic scientists, but the vast majority of these courses do not lead to coursework.

It provides a cost-effective option for students who are interested in online forensic courses, such as Criminal Justice and Chemistry, and who wish to earn genuine academic credit.

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List of the Forensic Science Online Courses Free With Certificate

The following is a list of the Forensic Science Online Courses Free With Certificate:

  1. Introduction to Forensic Science
  2. Identifying the Dead: Forensic Science and Human Identification
  3. Forensic Facial Reconstruction: Finding Mr. X
  4. Microbiology and Forensic Science
  5. Forensic Science and Criminal Justice
  6. Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation
  7. Survey of Forensics
  8. Computer Forensics
  9. Cybersecurity Risk Management
  10. Forensic Engineering: Learning from Failures

1 An Overview of Forensic Science 

Forensic Science Online Courses

Numerous case studies from Singapore and around the world are used to elucidate the scientific principles and techniques underlying the work of forensic scientists in this course.

As one of the Forensic Science Online Courses, The course examines and discusses four primary categories of evidence: drug abuse, DNA, firearms, and footprint evidence, through a case-based scenario presented in a six-week modular format.

On the murky shores of Loch Lomond, you learn forensics through a fictitious homicide. Each week, as the case develops, various categories of evidence and the forensic techniques that can be used to evaluate them are examined.


2 Human Identification and Forensic Science: Identifying the Dead

identifies the convicted criminal. This free online course will take you on a journey through forensic anthropology and introduce you to the tools that can be used to determine this individual’s identity.

Despite the fact that this course examines the demise of a fictional character, some of the material can be distressing for individuals, particularly younger students. However, this material is a representation of what forensic experts encounter. It is one of the Forensic Science Online Courses.


3. Finding Mr. X: Forensic Facial Reconstruction 

In this course at the University of Sheffield, you will study the forensic techniques used to identify the body and the circumstances surrounding her death, as well as the experts who worked to establish Mr. X’s identity.

This course examines how forensic anatomy and facial reconstruction can assist law enforcement investigations. No prior experience with forensics or other disciplines is necessary. It is also among the best Forensic Science Online Courses.


4 Microbiology and Criminalistics

Have you ever considered infectious diseases and their causes? What pathogen is it? You will be guided through four modules in this course, beginning with a detailed examination of the structure and functions of bacterial cells before moving on to viruses.

You will examine the differences between the various cell types in order to differentiate between the two major categories of bacteria and techniques. Next, concentrate on forensic microbiology, its history, and its development. It is one of the free Forensic Science Online Courses.


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5. Forensic Engineering: Failure-Based Learning

Forensic Science Online Courses

This course will teach you how to use TU Delft’s way of reasoning to investigate the causes of such occurrences in order to prevent them in the future.

For instance, when hundreds of hospital patients around the globe were infected after gallbladder surgery, forensic technology assisted in determining how the design and use of medical instruments can lead to such widespread infections.

As a result, hospital instrument design and procedure protocols have been modified. In this instance, learning from errors has improved the health and safety of patients around the globe. It is also regarded as one of the free Forensic Science Online Courses.


6 Forensic Psychology: Witness Interviewing Practices

This course is designed for those interested in forensic psychology and/or criminal investigations, and no prior knowledge of either subject is required.

Despite advancements in forensic science, eyewitness testimony continues to play a crucial role in criminal investigations. However, psychological studies have demonstrated the risks of relying on this testimony and the need for police to be cautious when interrogating witnesses.

This course examines the forensic psychology underlying witness statements using videos of actual witnesses behind the scenes of a police investigation. It is also on our list of free Forensic Science Online Courses.


7 Introduction to Forensics

This course will provide an introduction to three essential forensic disciplines: Forensic Science, Cyber Forensics, and Forensic Studies. After completing this course, participants will have a basic comprehension of some of the building blocks used by sought-after forensic experts.


8 Digital Forensics

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals and techniques of digital forensic research, as well as the range of computer forensic instruments currently available.

You will discover the most crucial forensic procedures for ensuring the admissibility of evidence in court, as well as their legal and ethical implications.

You will also learn how to conduct forensic investigations on Unix/Linux and Windows systems with various file systems. In addition, they are guided through forensic procedures and analyzed forensic reports.

This course is included in the RITx Cybersecurity MicroMasters program, which prepares students for careers in computer security. It is one of the free Forensic Science Online Courses.


9 Criminal Justice and Forensic Science

This free online course begins with an introduction to the historical context of forensics and how law enforcement agencies employ science in criminal investigations.

The criminal justice system has been profoundly impacted by technological advances in scientific contributions to the law over the past two decades.

The most significant developments have been in DNA profiling and its forensic applications, both to identify perpetrators and assuage the innocent.

There has been skepticism about the infallibility of some forensic science practices and the interpretation of physical evidence in the courtroom, despite the fact that forensic science has achieved some extraordinary victories in recent years.


10. Risk Management for Cybersecurity

Forensic Science Online Courses

IT decisions are increasingly governed by cybersecurity risk management. It continues to have a significant impact on the modeling, assessment, and mitigation of IT risk as a whole.

In this course, you will learn the general framework and practices of information security risk management, how to identify and model information security risks, and how to employ qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methods. It is one of the free Forensic Science Online Courses.

If you comprehend this framework, you will be able to articulate the business repercussions of identified information security dangers. These talents are crucial for an information security professional’s success.


FAQs On Forensic Science Online Courses

How long is a forensic science degree?

An undergraduate degree in forensic science will typically take three years to complete. During this time you will learn everything you need to know to become a forensic scientist. If you wish to develop your skills and knowledge further you can do so by studying a Masters in forensic science.

Which country is best for forensic science?

Answer- The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are the best countries for MSc in Forensic Science.

Is forensic medicine a course?

in Forensic Medicine is a research-based doctoral course that offers scientific and medical skills required for investigating legal issues.

What do forensic scientists do?

Forensic scientists examine and analyze evidence from crime scenes and elsewhere to develop objective findings that can assist in the investigation and prosecution of perpetrators of crime or absolve an innocent person from suspicion.

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