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Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree

Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree!

Without a degree, you would have a difficult time finding a decent job in the present day. However, is this always the case? I have some excellent news for you. There are Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

No experience is required for these entry-level government positions, as you will be trained on how to perform the duties. You will be posted on the federal payment roll and will be paid alongside other federal employees.

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In this guide, I’ll reveal tried-and-true techniques for landing federal government jobs without a degree.

Are there jobs in the Federal Government Jobs Without Degree?

Yes! Numerous federal government positions can be obtained without a degree. In the following paragraphs, I will share a few of them with you. Please take your time while reading.

List of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree

The following is a list of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree:

1. Enumerator

Federal Government Jobs Without Degree

During the ongoing census, Census Takers are employed by the U.S. Census Bureau to assist individuals in completing their questionnaires at their residences. T

In essence, Census respondents aid in the collection of vital data and report back to the U.S. Census Bureau. The U.S. The Census Bureau uses this information to interpret the requirements of the population.

These positions require only a High School diploma to be filled by Census Takers. In 2020, during the most recent census, census takers earned approximately $18.55 per hour. It is one of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

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2. Assistant Librarian

Library assistants work in public libraries shelving books, assisting patrons, and directing students to the curriculum-related materials they need.

Typically, a High School diploma and a postsecondary certificate are sufficient requirements for employment as a Library Assistant. It is one of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

The average annual salary for Library Assistants in 2013 was $30,560.

3. Assistants in Social Service

Without a degree, social work is one of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

Social Service assistants are employed by government agencies and aid disadvantaged individuals in acquiring services such as housing, social workers, and mental/physical care.

Typically, a high school diploma is required to serve as a Social Services Assistant.

In 2019, the average income for Social Services Assistants was $35,960, and by 2022 it is expected to reach $50,000.

4. Accounting Professionals

Accounting Technicians perform administrative tasks to ensure that their company has access to the most recent tax and financial information.

They monitor the financial activities of their organization, handle payroll, generate invoices, prepare budget reports, and manage payroll. Although many Accounting Technicians possess a Bachelor’s degree, anyone with a High School diploma may operate in this field. It is regarded as one of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

In 2020, accounting technicians earned $41,230 per year and are projected to earn as much as $60,000 by 2022.

5. Clerks of Court

Federal Government Jobs Without Degree

Local and federal court clerks assist attorneys, judges, and court personnel in conducting effective and efficient trials. Court aides maintain records, appoint jurors, and monitor proceedings.

Court Clerks must possess a High School diploma, while other positions in the judicial system may require a Bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate credential.

A report indicates that the average annual salary for court clerks ranges between $60,130 and $65,000.

6. Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Clerk is one of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree right now.

In order to maintain government institutions operating smoothly and efficiently, a high level of organization is necessary. Here is where Data Entry Clerks are useful.

Experts in data entry organize and digitize vital files, update client accounts, and in some cases provide telephone or in-person customer service.

Data entry assistants are not required to have a four-year degree, but prior customer service experience and proficiency with Microsoft Office and Excel are typically required.

In 2019, the average salary for Data Entry Clerks was $34,820. By 2025, it is anticipated that data entry clerks will earn at least $70,000 annually.

7. Postcards

Regularly, mail carriers deliver mail and packages to people’s residences for the United States Postal Service. They are the pillars of their communities, cultivating relationships with locals and representing the United States Postal Service.

Postal carriers are not required to have a bachelor’s degree, but they must pass a written examination in order to be employed. It is one of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

In 2019, mailers earned approximately $52,150, and it is anticipated that their earnings will nearly double within the next five years.

8. Provision Agents

The United States Department of Defense is the most well-known federal employer of Supply Technicians. Supply Technicians are responsible for the delivery and storage of supplies for the organizations where they work. It is also among the list of Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

This work requires exceptional organizational, detail-oriented, and writing abilities.

The average Supply Technician salary in 2019 was $47,348 and is projected to increase significantly over the next year.

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9. Prison Officials

Correctional officer or prison guard is one of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

By enforcing regulations, a correctional officer is primarily responsible for maintaining order in jails and prisons.

Essentially, they search for contraband, supervise detainees, and record their actions. They aid inmates in regaining their independence and provide criminals with counseling. Officers inspect facilities to ensure that they conform to the required standard.

The annual salary of correctional officers was $36,483 at the time of our last review, and it is expected to increase by 5% over the next two years.

10. Assistant Administrative Manager

Administrative assistant is another position on our list of Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

Administrative assistants are employed in county, state, and federal government agencies, including legislators, courthouses, and the military.

Typically, they answer the phone, take notes, and maintain files. They may also be responsible for sending and receiving documents and greeting clients and consumers.

Administrative assistants develop spreadsheets and presentations and provide support to the executive team.

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11. Subway Employees

Federal Government Jobs Without Degree

This is another federal government employment in the United States that does not require a degree.

The primary responsibilities of subway operators include driving trains or streetcars along authorized above- or below-ground routes. Subway and streetcar operators use signals to determine when to halt, slow down, or proceed.

They primarily provide information regarding impending stops, destinations, and delays. Operators maintain vigilance for debris or individuals on the tracks and guarantee the safety of passengers. It is one of the Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree.

Subway Operators earned $43,790 this year.

Where To Find Federal Employment

On USAJOBS.GOV, you can locate federal government jobs requiring neither experience nor a degree if you reside in the United States. Visit if you are interested. It is the federal government’s employment website.

On USAJOBS, you are able to:

  • Find employment, including in occupations with high demand.
  • Find students government employment.
  • Discover non-American government positions.
  • Apply for Government Jobs

How to Apply for Jobs in the Federal Government

  • To enroll, you need a USAJOBS profile.
  • Therefore, register on the platform.
  • A account is necessary to access USAJOBS. Register at
  • Register on USAJOBS and submit your resume.
  • Find positions that pique your interest.
  • Check the job postings for qualifications.
  • Apply through USAJOBS.
  • Submit a USAJOBS application to the federal agency with the open position.

FAQs On Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree

Who makes the most money in government?

The largest government salary goes to the president of the U.S, who earns $400,000 a year. Interestingly, the vice president is not the second-highest paid government employee.

Who hires most federal employees?

Agencies related to the armed services, such as those under the Departments of Veteran Affairs, account for more than half of federal civilian employment. The other half of employment is spread throughout the remaining agencies, including the Departments of Justice and Agriculture.

What is lowest salary in us?

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. This rate applies to covered nonexempt workers. The minimum wage for employees who receive tips is $2.13 per hour.

Who pays the most in the world?

Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, USA, Iceland, Qatar, Denmark, UAE, Netherlands, and Australia take the lead, offering the highest average monthly salaries to their citizens.

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