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Best Fashion Schools in New Jersey

View our rating for 2023 to see the top 15 fashion schools in New Jersey. Find the best fashion schools in New Jersey and the top-rated organizations providing top-notch fashion education and training. Let your imagination go wild and follow your fashion-related passion!

Are you prepared to make an impact on the fashion industry? You could begin by enrolling in one of the New Jersey fashion schools. Two of the six fashion schools in New Jersey also provide graduate degrees in addition to the undergraduate degrees they provide.

Finding your first fashion job is the exciting next step in your career after getting your degree.

The Dain Lingerie and Corset Shoppe, Bloomingdales, and Fashion to Figure are among the state’s major employers. The unemployment rate in New Jersey is 7.4%, and it is decreasing. Starting pay varies greatly from job to job and employer to employer. In general, you can earn more money as you get more relevant experience.

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How Long Does it Take to Earn a Fashion Degree in New Jersey?

To work in the fashion sector in New Jersey, you normally need a bachelor’s degree. As a result, it may take four years to become a fashionista in New Jersey. The majority of hiring managers in this field prefer candidates to have a bachelor’s degree or, at the very least, an associate’s, even though some fashion schools offer certificate and diploma programs.

Before you graduate from high school, you must begin developing a portfolio in addition to your formal education. In this portfolio, potential employers can see your abilities and originality. Additionally, it will show how you have developed through time. The majority of fashionistas started developing their portfolios in high school and haven’t stopped since.

Requirements for Fashion Schools in New Jersey

Due of its ongoing evolution and development, the fashion sector may be difficult to enter into. Fortunately, you can begin a career in fashion by enrolling in one of the many renowned fashion schools.

If you appreciate being creative and have exceptional taste, earning a fashion degree can be the ideal choice.

Additionally, it can be difficult to be admitted because many fashion schools have poor acceptance rates. Each fashion school is unique and has its own requirements for admittance.

If you decide that enrolling in a fashion school is the right course of action for you, you must get ready for the application process. You must gather all criteria, conduct an investigation, and compile them.

  • Send your G.E.D. or academic transcripts.
  • Complete the application.
  • Fees for applications must be paid.
  • Writing an admissions essay
  • Send the results of your S.A.T. or A.C.T.
  • Submit recommendation letters.
  • Showcase your work.

Fashion Schools in New Jersey

What Are the Fees for Fashion Schools in New Jersey?

Although New Jersey’s average tuition is $14,818, you might be eligible for grants and scholarships. For instance, scholarships of $12,447 are given out at Centenary College. Students at Centenary College have access to a variety of distinctive dress alternatives.

Every fashion student has the opportunity to create a line of clothes that is featured in the school’s annual fashion show.

Are there Fashion Schools in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, there aren’t many fashion institutes. As fashion schools in New Jersey, the following institutions provide their students with fashion courses:

  • Brookdale Community College
  • Centenary College
  • Montclair State University
  • Ocean County Vocational-Technical School
  • KSOF | Karen’s School of Fashion, Sewing & Camp Little Silver, NJ
  • House of Design
  • Bergen Community College
  • Rowan College at Burlington County
  • Mercer County Community College
  • Newark School of Fashion and Design

Best Fashion Schools in New Jersey

The top fashion schools in New Jersey are listed below:

1. KSOF | Karen’s School of Fashion, Sewing & Camp Little Silver, NJ

Excellent courses and camps on fashion design are offered by Karen’s School of Fashion.

They provide both live, in-person classes and virtual ones online.

The courses consist of:

  • textile design
  • photoshop
  • cad and a lot more.
  • sewing
  • pattern making
  • draping

KSOF provides college preparation classes to aid kids in getting ready for college applications and employment interviews. KSOF also offers job placement assistance in the NYC garment area.

2. House of Dezign

House of Design, a noteworthy fashion design school in New Jersey, offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced training for children, teenagers, and adults. Their fashion design courses have been thoughtfully designed to encourage creativity and provide each of our students a feeling of calm, focus, self-worth, and accomplishment.

They are considered as a reputable fashion institute in New Jersey.

In order to comprehend the foundations of fashion design, students are constantly upskilled during their professional sewing sessions.

The student’s skilled fashion design teacher exhorts them to pursue innovative pursuits in order to broaden their creative horizons.

3. Brookdale Community College

You can start a career in the fashion industry by enrolling in the fashion design and merchandising programs offered by this institution.

You will be prepared for transfer to a bachelor’s program or to start your sales, management, or buying work in the wholesale or retail fashion industry with this combination of fashion studies, business, and general education courses.

Your options include:

  • Display your real-world expertise in the fashion industry, from design to retail.
  • Compare and contrast the attire of the past with that of the present.
  • Use powerful graphic marketing and advertising techniques.
  • Showcase the techniques and materials required to make stitched things.
  • Describe the consumer interactions between the main, secondary, retailing, and auxiliary components of the fashion business.

4. Centenary College

If you love fashion, enjoy designing your own clothes, or both, Centenary University’s fashion design program is right for you.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Fashion Design concentration, you will be prepared for a career as a product developer, technical designer, fashion illustrator, patternmaker, or sample room manager.

The actions and methods required to create wearable apparel for the consumer-driven, global fashion industry are covered in the fashion design curriculum.

You will do trend research, examine consumer markets and purchase habits, and employ technology to design, develop, and manufacture fashion goods. This will help you learn in Centenary’s fashion design program. All students will learn how to use computer-aided design software from Gerber Technology, the acknowledged industry gold standard for intelligent pattern development.

Furthermore, you’ll find complex methods in:

  • Sketching/illustration
  • Pattern creation
  • Portfolio development
  • Construction of clothing

All fashion design students complete their academic work by creating a fashion collection that is showcased in a runway show after gaining these skills.

Fashion Schools in New Jersey

5. Montclair State University

The multibillion-dollar industry and vibrant subject of fashion studies are the main topics of this university’s BA in Fashion Studies program.

Learn about the many facets of the fashion industry as well as what consumers desire and how a thriving sector can provide it.

Additionally, students learn about clothing branding and industry forecasts to appeal to various groups. When you graduate from Montclair State’s fashion design program, get ready to carve out your own route in the industry.

Through coursework that focuses on how clothing is planned, drawn, produced, and assessed for quality, students gain practical experience and a grasp of the creative side of fashion design.

More coursework emphasizes the business component, which is essential for success. It includes marketing, branding for the fashion industry, accountancy, and related topics.

Explore the many facets of the fashion industry to better understand how to evaluate and discover consumer requirements and how a dynamic company could respond to them. Graduates find employment in management, merchandising, product and service marketing, and fashion production.

6. Ocean County Vocational-Technical School

Have you ever thought what it would be like to work in the fashion industry? At OCVTS, you can learn more.

The student’s studies will be centered on assessing and developing their skills in fashion design, merchandising, marketing, and retail.

They will also learn the principles of sewing, how clothing is manufactured, design concepts, fashion drawing, fashion vocabulary, trend research, etc.

Additionally, they will comprehend the dynamics of advertising and textile science through hands-on experiences with instruments from the actual world and extracurricular activities with professionals from the sector.

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge by taking part in conferences and competitions as FCCLA members, a national youth leadership organization.

Students will be introduced to numerous universities that offer fashion degrees throughout this two-year curriculum.

Additionally, they will compile a portfolio of their work that displays the abilities they have learned and will be a useful asset when applying to institutions.

7. Bergen Community College

Through this school’s Fashion Design program, students can get the qualifications, knowledge of the industry, and hands-on experience necessary to obtain their professional certification in fashion design.

Whether a student wants to learn about fashion details for personal interests, prepare for a job in the fashion industry, or build their portfolios for opportunities in further education, the fashion design classes have something to offer everyone.

Develop your fashion sense, garment design abilities, and sewing talents. Use your imagination and resourcefulness to create your designs.

These “hands-on” classes will teach you the essential ideas and intricate details. When you finish each course, the school will issue you a certificate of completion.

8. Rowan College at Burlington County

Learn everything there is to know about the apparel design industry. The focus is on sewing techniques, fashion technology, pattern-making, sketching, and business concerns in a worldwide marketplace.

Additionally, students will have the ability to consider careers in the field of apparel design.

The following program courses are available:

  • Fashion Drawing
  • Pattern Development
  • Fashion Technology
  • Apparel Construction

9. Mercer County Community College

The highly interdisciplinary MCCC Fashion/Apparel Design curriculum gives students a solid foundation in art, design, and technical studies and also gives them an understanding of both the creative and business aspects of the industry.

The A.A.S. in Design/Apparel Design prepares students for entry into the fast-paced fashion industry or for further study at a four-year institution.

The curriculum prepares students for advanced study at four-year institutions because it mirrors the first two years of course requirements at other schools.

The MCCC Fashion Merchandising curriculum is comparable to the first two years of study at most undergraduate universities and art schools since it has an emphasis on career preparation for gainful employment.

By selecting the Fashion Merchandising option for the Business Management A.A.S. degree, students can get ready for careers in fashion/apparel sales, marketing, buying, and merchandising.

People with this educational concentration are qualified for jobs such as retail merchandiser, planning and allocation specialist, fashion/apparel sourcing specialist, and wholesale or retail buying manager.

The subject also prepares students to pursue business or marketing coursework in a system that emphasizes clothes or fashion.

10. Newark School of Fashion and Design

A dynamic atmosphere where students may express their creative thoughts, develop ground-breaking new designs, and have an impact on the fashion industry is promised by the School of Fashion & Design.

Through a focus on fashion and design, the school hopes to empower and inspire students to realize their academic and creative potential.

They provide children the freedom to innovate, find answers, and collaborate in order to achieve in the future. They also integrate the design process throughout the curriculum.

Fashion Schools in New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age requirement in New Jersey for fashion design?

No, there isn't a cap on age.

How long does fashion school in New Jersey last?

In New Jersey, obtaining a fashion degree takes roughly four years.

Is New Jersey’s fashion design program profitable?

It is, indeed. One of the most lucrative occupations you can imagine is fashion design.

Is studying fashion design in New Jersey difficult?

The study of fashion design is challenging in New Jersey.


Making clothes is easier than you would imagine. If you gain the skills, you can accomplish your goal rapidly. Investing a month or two more on something that will benefit them for the rest of their lives is not a terrible investment for people who are in a rush to not only finish their studies but to accomplish chores as quickly as possible and start making money.

Working in fashion design is a wise career decision. If you want to understand fashion design concepts and craft, you must enroll in fashion institutions in New Jersey or pursue further education overseas.



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